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STEEL IT Paints Ward off Corrosion Worldwide
Our comprehensive, cost-effective solutions proof a great multitude of metallic and nonmetallic surfaces worldwide against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, chemicals, oils, alkalis, food acids, water immersion, abrasion, and high-pressure washdowns. STEEL-IT anti-rust and anti-corrosion paints and coatings have achieved global market success in the processing, packaging, food, pharmaceutical, equipment manufacture and other industries where strong requirements exist for preventing premature destruction of surfaces caused by exposure to water or corrosive elements.

Innovation, Diversity, Compliance
All our coatings are innovative chemical solutions based on proprietary formulas that include a unique leafing pigment. Our most popular coating products include epoxy and polyurethane systems. Additionally, our coatings can be made to order so as meet a range of special needs for industrial Custom Metallic Paint. We care a great deal about ecological issues and have recently created our High solids Paint system, which has no harmful effect on the natural environment and honors vigorous legislative regulations. Stainless Steel Coatings, Inc. is constantly working to ensure that every last gallon of stainless steel paint or each anti-corrosion coating that we produce meets or exceeds our customers\' highest expectations.


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Polyurethane Coating System

The STEEL-IT Polyurethane Coating System features a unique stainless steel leafing pigment, and provides optimum weather-, abrasion-, and corrosion-resistance in general maintenance applications. The easy to apply system yields a hard, non-toxic, metallic finish that protects a multitude of metallic and non-metallic surfaces from ultraviolet rays, chemicals, oils, alkalis, food acids, water immersion, abrasion, and high-pressure washdowns.

Comprised of STEEL-IT Polyurethane #1002 applied over STEEL-IT Weathering Primer #2203, the system adheres to surfaces aggressively, and is ideal for protecting structural steel and other metals. These single component coatings require no complicated mixing. Applied as they come from the can, they are air dried and require no baking or heating.USDA-approved for use in the food processing and handling industry where incidental food contact may occur, STEEL-IT Polyurethane #1002 blends polyurethane resin with Type 316L stainless steel leafing pigment to produce a rugged, non-toxic, satiny metallic finish. STEEL-IT Primer #2203 combines a modified alkyd resin, selected silicates, and iron oxides with Type 316L leafing pigment to produce a long-lasting primer for structural steel and other metals requiring good rust-inhibiting qualities.

STEEL-IT Polyurethane #1002 and Primer #2203 are packaged in quarts and gallons. The #1002 Polyurethane is also available in handy aerosols for easy touch-ups and small jobs. Conventional or airless spraying is the preferred application method, however, they may also be applied easily by brush or roller.

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Epoxy Coating System

The STEEL-IT Epoxy Coating System utilizes a unique stainless steel leafing pigment. This catalyzed system creates a hard, non-toxic, metallic finish that safeguards a wide variety of materials from the effects of ultraviolet rays, chemicals, oils, alkalis, food acids, water immersion, abrasion, and high-pressure washdowns.

Consisting of STEEL-IT Epoxy Coating #4907 applied over lead-free STEEL-IT Epoxy Primer #4210, the system adheres aggressively to metal surfaces. Although designed primarily for the protection of ferrous metals, the coating may be applied directly to non-metallics such as wood, tile, glass, masonry, porcelain, plaster, fiberglass, masonite, and many other non-porous surfaces.

USDA-approved for use in food processing and handling industry where incidental food contact may occur, STEEL-IT Epoxy Coating #4907 is a two-part polyamide epoxy composition that incorporates a #316L stainless steel leafing pigment to create a durable, non-toxic metallic finish. STEEL-IT Epoxy Primer #4210 is also a two-part polyamide epoxy featuring the stainless steel leafing pigment. The two parts of each coating mix in ratios of 1:1. Available in quart and gallon kits. May be applied by brush, roller, or spray gun. Conventional or airless spraying is the preferred method.

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High solids Stainless Steel Coatings

The STEEL-IT High Solids, High solids Epoxy System is a high-performance, two-coat barrier coating system that complies fully with the latest environmental regulations while maintaining the same high-performance profile and superior application characteristics associated with more traditional STEEL-IT compositions. Free of lead and chromium salt-based pigmentations, the system has VOC levels substantially less than all current regulated thresholds.

Both the primer and the finish afford optimal physical properties that improve adhesion and help the system withstand flexing and stretching. The cured film - pigmented with 316L stainless steel flakes for enhanced performance - is highly durable and resistant to the corrosive effects of oils, fats, spilled solvents, solvent fumes, alkalis and many dilute organic and inorganic acids. The system is suitable for use on ferrous and nonferrous substrates.

Engineered from the latest generation of low molecular weight epoxy, the system consists of a "high solids" barrier primer #4220 and a "high solids" stainless steel pigmented finish #4908. Available in a choice of two gallon or two quart kits, both the primer and finish are user-friendly coatings with excellent wetting characteristics and long pot life. They may be applied by a wide variety of techniques, including brush, roller, conventional airspray, airless and air-assisted airless applications. Spraying is the preferred method of application.

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High temperature Stainless Steel paints

High temperature stainless steel paints Please call us for info on high temperature product.

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Architectural Applications

Since 1974, Stainless Steel Coatings takes pride in serving the architectural industry with a coatings system that protects structural steel while still expressing its beauty.

Formulated with highly concentrated 316L stainless steel flake, the STEEL-IT brand of industry-leading coatings provides superior corrosion protection while showing a beautiful burnished stainless steel finish, allowing the architect's aesthetic to shine through where structural steel features are visible. STEEL-IT has been used extensively by architects and builders to protect exposed steel beams, doors, and other fixtures while maintaining the look and feel of the underlying steel.

STEEL-IT coatings system can be used to treat exposed steel in both interior and exterior settings to protect metal from corrosion while maintaining and highlighting the look of steel. STEEL-IT is commonly used to protect and underscore a variety of features, including:
  • Walls
  • Window mullions
  • Outer doors
  • Hand railings
  • Structural beams
  • Steel decking and walk ways

Automotive Application image

Automotive Application

STEEL-IT coatings systems with custom-engineered 316L stainless steel flake provide superior corrosion and wear protection to automotive parts and undercarriages, while adding a distinctive, attention-grabbing look. STEEL-IT paint has been used in a variety of automotive applications, and is valued among specialty car builders and auto body experts.

The attractive yet industrial look of STEEL-IT paint serves the dual purpose of adding a distinctive burnished-stainless-steel-like finish to vehicle parts while providing significant protection against wear, corrosion, salt, and the elements that will last for years and is easy to touch up.

In industrial environments where heavy duty vehicles are subjected to corrosive elements and harsh conditions, STEEL-IT coatings can extend the life of the vehicle undercarriage, wheel rims, snow plows, and other parts.

To learn more about how steel it can add a unique look and superior protection to your custom or industrial vehicle, please contact one of our specialists today.
Food Processing Surfaces and Equipment Applications image

Food Processing Surfaces and Equipment Applications

STEEL-IT coating systems are preferred the world over for use in food processing environments due to their high durability and corrosion resistance. STEEL-IT is formulated with custom-engineered 316L stainless steel flake to providesuperior protection against corrosion, high-pressure washdowns, and chemical wear when applied to ferrous metal surfaces.

USDA approved for incidental food contact, STEEL-IT coatings offer state-of-the-art chip and abrasion resistance. Our 40 year history of serving the food processing industry means you can count on us for safety, ease-of-use, in-house expert guidance, and the best overall protection for your machinery and surfaces.

Leading food and beverage companies specify STEEL-IT to protect theirequipment because STEEL-IT:
  • Maximizes equipment life, even under punishing conditions
  • Is faster than other corrosion-resistant coatings and enamels to apply and to cure
  • Lasts longer, 5 years or more in most environments.

Last Update: 2018-01-25