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3M Science is enabling enterprise networks to put copper jacks in tight, tiny places and fiber cabling where ceilings canít be accessed. And our engineered fluids can chill Data Center servers and reduce energy costs by up to 90%. Of course, we donít just create, we collaborate. We are a trusted advisor to thousands of companies, worldwide. So no matter what the future brings, you can be sure weíll be there to help you make the most of it.


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Passive Optical LAN

Want to replace mountains of copper cablingand the associated energy, space and maintenance costswith a simple network of fiber? Thanks to 3M Science and our POL (Passive Optical LAN) solution, businesses can enjoy gigabit performance all the way to the desktop with more space to work in and lower electrical bills, plus five 9s reliability at a greater affordability than copper Ethernet.

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Structured Cabling

3M's Communications Markets Division helps networks achieve peak performance today while preparing them for the future. We offer a robust portfolio of structured cabling solutions for copper, fiber and hybrid networks that help our customers create some of the most reliable connectivity for the digital age.

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Data Centers

The demand for data is exploding. And it isnt going to stop. 3M Science is helping data centers, worldwide, with solutions that deliver higher performance and lower energy consumption to help ensure reliability now and in the future.

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