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For over 30 years, Syntec has been building exceptional products and lasting relationships. From covering to flooring, wheels to weaves, we have worked with countless manufacturers to enhance their creations with quality innovations. With Syntec, manufacturers can bring more beauty to boats; add a layer of refinement to golf carts, RVs, ATVs, UTVs; and transform houses into homes.
Syntec got its start by selling to Original Equipment Manufacturers in the marine industry, and quickly expanded into the recreational vehicle market. But home is where the heart is, so it wasn't long before our groundbreaking flooring options caught the attention of the manufactured and multifamily housing market.
Today, our products include include Sensations, state-of-the-art woven PVC textiles beautifully created on Jacquard looms; Gussi Italia®, the finest handcrafted steering wheels in the world; Power Wings, unique wheel extensions giving drivers and captains complete control; Elage™, durable upholstery coverings free from plasticizers; ReFlex, premier foam flooring offering padding perfection; Needlepunch, lightweight fabrics that deliver a knockout performance; CoolTouch™, temperature controlled vinyl technologies; Beauflor®,luxury resilient flooring that captures natural wood, tile, and slate textures; and Madera®,vhigh-quality yet low-maintenance vinyl tiling.
But great products aren't all we're known for. Another secret to Syntec's success is our unwavering commitment to customers. We build strong working relationships by bringing our specialists, product partners, and customers together. This unique collaborative technique has resulted in cutting-edge industry developments and designs that consistently exceed customer expectations.
Syntec. Water and Land Innovations Since 1986.


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Carpet - Enhancetec Series

Recently, Syntec Industries invested in and installed the most innovative fiber extrusion equipment available anywhere in the world. These extruders begin with a bulked continues filament polyester, which is solution dyed, the fiber is then twisted, heatset and tufted into our Static and Diversion Interior Carpet.

Collections providing an inherently colorfast and stain resistant product. For the value, polyester has one of the best hands and appearance of any carpet on the market today. With general maintenance and proper cleaning polyester will not lose its color even when chloride based products, common in cleaning products is spilled on it. It has certainly become a prominent floor covering in the Multi-Family Housing Industry and will remain that way for many years to come.
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Carpet - Static Collection

Static RV Carpet Collection
Static is available in weights of 14, 16, 20, 25, 32 and 40 ounces per square yard.
Features Syntec's Exclusive Enhancetec' BCF polyester fiber.
Solid Color, solution dyed, plied, heat-set and finished with ActionBac'
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Carpet - Diversion Collection

Syntec's Enhancetec BCF Polyester Fiber solid color, solution dyed/space dyed, plied, heat-set and finished with ActionBac. (Available in 14, 16, 20, 22, 25, 32 and 40 ounces per square yard.)
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Resilient Flooring - Beauflor® - Nubac

Beauflor® Resilient Flooring is one of the most extraordinary and fastest growing flooring products available. When you consider its ability to blend authentic beauty, unlimited patterns and unparalleled durability you begin to understand it's not just another flooring product Beauflor® captures the natural essence and textures of wood flooring, ceramic tiles and slate with advanced photographic technology that replicates natural materials. It's natural looking beauty, performance and value has made it a favored flooring product in the Multifamily Housing and Manufactured Housing Industries.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) - Madera

Syntec's Madera™ luxury vinyl tile & plank captures the essence of earth's woods and stones in cost-efficient laminate flooring. Madera™ LVT is a great choice for those who want the premium look of hardwood or stone with all the easy maintenance advantages of laminate. Madera™ LVT is soft, quiet and warm underfoot and is exceptionally tough to stand the test of time and active families.

Madera™ LVT is a great flooring choice for manufactured and multi-family housing If you are looking for incredible aesthetics while still keeping within a set budget. Madera™ LVT is waterproof, easy to maintain and requires minimal subfloor prep. You will be amazed at how elegant and expensive Madera™ LVT will look in your home utilizing the hardwood and stone designs.

Syntec offers a wide variety of LVT flooring styles to compliment your interior designs:

Verde Slate (MDR 101)
Sunset Tombstone (MDR 102)
Tuscan Stone (MDR 103)
Gunstock Oak (MDR 104)
Toffee Roughcut (MDR 105)
Forest Gold (MDR 106)
Cinnamon Oak (MDR 107)
Expresso Walnut (MDR 108)

Syntec also offers the finest LVT adhesives for pain free installation.
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Syntec Industries is committed to providing a total program that includes adhesive. We offer many types of adhesives for flooring and upholstery that will suit all types of applications. This allows Syntec to certify and support our partners with a comprehensive warranty.

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Design Center

From the initial inspiration to the final product, Syntec is committed to serving our OEM customers in extraordinary ways. Our expert designers offer their talents to you whether in creating traditional designs, introducing contemporary themes or choosing a delicate French toile. We will be there to walk you through and supply your needs from design, to production and on to the sales floor. Whether you need assistance with sophisticated interior designs or functional and durable accessories you can relax knowing Syntec delivers. We provide each customer the personal assurance that not only will everything arrive looking great but more importantly, that you will look great to your customer!

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