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Terra Cotta for Precast

Architectural Polymers, with manufacturing partners, has created a tile system for precast and tilt-up concrete panels. The tiles fully comply with all PCI standards for absorption rates, pull out tests, and dimensional tolerances. The tiles are HT-coated, creating a light-activated surface that allows for a self-washing effect and the decomposition of pollutants. Titanium dioxide is burned insolubly and permanently into the ceramic surface at a high temperature. As a permanent catalyst, it triggers a life-long reaction activated by light with oxygen and humidity, producing activated oxygen and a hydrophilic, water-friendly ceramic surface for keeping facades clean.


Design (glazed)

Design (unglazed)

Natura (unglazed)


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Single Use - Versa-Brix® S

The Versa-brix® S single use thin brick inlay system is designed for tilt up and precast concrete projects.  With 20+ brick patterns, the newest generation of this product will tightly fit your thin brick choice and reduce the clean-up time associated with plastic usage.  It is also available in a 2-4 use version.  Versa-brix S is available in a variety of family versions including the Versa-brix® Antique Classic and can also be combined with the Versa-brix® Versa-Block.  Versa-brix® S is recyclable and environmentally friendly for LEED® green building point acquisition.

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Single Use - Versa-Brix® Antique

Designed for antique aesthetics or historically sensitive projects, Architectural Polymers Versa-brix® Antique Classic thin brick inlay systems solve the problem of 2-dimensional precast concrete wall systems with unrealistic mortar joints.  Versa-brix® Antique Classic feature varied mortar width, textured mortar joints and varied pocket depths to create the look of antique brick.  Versa-brix® Antique Classic thin brick inlay systems are available in single and multi use options serving the Tilt-up and Precast Industries.

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Single Use - Versa-Brix®-Block

Available in Multi-use and Single use versions, the Versa-block form liner will assist with thin block inlay  accenting in any precast or tilt-up project.  Architects, Owners, and users have a multitude of choices with this green building product.  Please consider its use on your next project.

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Single Use - Versa-Brix® Grapevine

Architectural Polymers® Versa-Brix® Grapevine thin brick inlay system features uneven/varied groove depth and snug fitting brick pockets. Designed to replicate historic masonry style architecture, Versa-Brix®Grapevine is an easy-to-use, green building product available with fast delivery serving the tilt-up and precast industries.

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Thin Brick and Tile

Architectural Polymers supplies architects, owners, general contractors and precast concrete producers with the highest quality thin brick from the top manufacturers. Summitville Tile®, Endicott Clay®, Metrobrick®, Roben and General Shale offer precision thin brick in an array of sizes, colors and textures for use with the Versa-brix® family of products. The single source system of thin brick, single and multi-use thin brick formliner, service and accessories reduces the time and cost to the customer.

Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews