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Thin Film Floor Systems - WearCOAT

This system offers basic protection for a variety of floors. Ideal for applications with light to moderate foot traffic with the occasional push cart. Available color combinations allow for safety contrast designs and striping. Available in high gloss or satin. Film thickness ranges from 8 mills to 20 mils.

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Flake Broadcast Floor Systems - WearCOAT

A wide variety of flake colors and sizes provides endless design possibilities, making this versatile floor coating system very popular. The flakes provide a varied appearance that not only offers a distinctive look, but can also hide many pre-existing imperfections in the floor. Most Flake Broadcast floors offer moderate slip resistance, and can be ordered in formulations to meet the specific needs of the application. The flake is ordered separately, per specification.  Film thickness averages 50 mils.


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MicroTech Flake Floor Systems - WearCOAT

Combining durability with aesthetics, this system is ideal for light-use applications where an attractive finish is desired. The small speckle design offers a clean, understated look that works well in office, retail, commercial and institutional settings. It's typically applied with a satin finish, though gloss finishes are offered in some system formulations. Film thickness ranges from 15 to 25 mils.


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Sand Broadcast Floor Systems - WearCOAT

Some concrete floors have to take serious punishment, while providing durability and performance. WearCOAT Sand Broadcast and Double Sand Broadcast floor systems are designed for those environments. These systems are formulated to protect concrete from blunt-force impact like dropped tools and heavy wheeled traffic, while providing a slip-resistant finish. The heavy aggregate loading of these systems allows impact loads to distribute laterally instead of directly to the concrete, reducing chips and spalls.  Sand and pigment are specified separately, per the application requirements.


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Broadcast Quartz Floor Systems - WearCOAT

When it comes to protecting concrete floors, WearCOAT® Broadcast Quartz is the complete package: long-lasting durability, impact resistance, anti-slip textured surface, and a variety of unique color options. The coating systems are formulated for environments where trucks, aircraft and other heavy wheeled traffic is common, and where tools and other equipment are dropped or dragged on the floor. The heavy aggregate loading of these systems allows impact loads to distribute laterally instead of directly to the concrete, reducing chips and spalls.  Certain formulations are also made to withstand oils, chemicals and cleaning agents.  Nominal thickness of 1/8″


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Metallic Floor Systems - WearCOAT

For floors that need a truly distinctive, architectural finish, WearCOAT® Metallic Floor Systems are the perfect coating. Offering a unique, variegated/marbled look, these systems provide an exciting metallic luster to most any concrete floor. With proper application, these systems can even work well with concrete that's not in optimum condition, or that are unable to accept stain or polishing evenly.  Thickness ranges from 25-30 mils.


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WearCOAT 3020

  • A creates a polished, natural-concrete look that's durable and attractive
  • Proven water-based lithium silicate product Ideal for polished floor applications in pedestrian walk areas
  • Permanently bonds with concrete, preventing “dusting" while improving resistance to water, chemicals, and abrasion
  • Zero-VOC, environmentally friendly

WearCOAT 3030 Natural Sealer

  • Water-based concrete surface sealer with Natural Look
  • Helps keep out water, salts, stains
  • Fast cure, low-odor for use indoors or out
  • Works on concrete, rock, or slate-based surfaces

WearCOAT 3045

  • Water-based concrete surface sealer for Wet Look
  • New CFI formula is low VOC, non-solvent-based
  • Provides desirable dark gray “Wet Look" appearance
  • Helps keep out water, salts, stains
  • For use indoors or out
  • Works on concrete, rock, or slate-based surfaces


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Mid / Top Coats

The midcoats and topcoats are where the rubber meets the road. Or more accurately, where the rubber, foot traffic, chemicals, dropped tools and UV light meet the concrete.


Coatings for Industry offers a variety of midcoat and topcoat formulations to meet a variety of application needs. Including low odor and quick return to service, resistance to abrasion, chemicals and UV exposure, and gloss or satin finishes. And multiple combinations of each. Coatings For Industry offers midcoats and topcoats for every application and every need. For help choosing the right primer, contact us.


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Surface Repair Systems

Before applying a coating on existing concrete, it is often necessary to repair it. WearCOAT® Surface Repair systems are formulated to repair everything from light damage to thermal shock to heavily damaged floors. Depending on the needs of the project, the surface repair systems result in floors that withstand impact, moisture and even heavy loads.  Thickness ranges from 1/16″ to 3/8″


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Every concrete coating system starts with the primer. The right primer is crucial to ensure the coating system's performance and durability. Which primer is right depends on the application environment, the condition of the concrete, and several other factors.

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Epoxy Novolacs

Best suited to applications subject to spills and splashes of acids and bases, epoxy novolacs offer enhanced resistance to chemicals. Offered in a high performance 100% solids formulation with zero V.O.C., low odor, and a high-build finish, as well as a polyamide epoxy formulation for general industrial use in aggressive environments.


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Urethane Topcoats

CFI U-Series™ urethane finishes are proven products over decades of use. Highly resistant to harsh chemicals, solvents, abrasion and marking. All are highly UV-resistant. CFI offers an array of characteristics in its urethane products. An example is U-111, an ideal coating that resists virtually all harsh solvents when cleaning graffiti on either concrete or steel without affecting the original gloss or color. Explore these topcoats to find the one that meets your needs.


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