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Reinforced Vapor Barriers - Griffolyn®

Reef Industries' Griffolyn® vapor barriers and vapor retarders can prevent water vapor from causing poor insulation performance, structural damage and other moisture-related problems. The main reason for retarding the transmission of water vapor through the building envelope is to prevent water vapor from condensing within the building structure cavities. The Griffolyn® polyethylene vapor retarder system's low permanence keeps moisture from infiltrating the building envelope.

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Roof Vapor Retarders & Barriers

Made from durable and strong, internally reinforced polyethylene laminates, the Griffolyn® roof vapor retarder and barrier system withstands extreme temperatures and is highly resistant to punctures and tears. Griffolyn® roofing vapor retarders are available in stock sizes, which are available for immediate shipment and can be manufactured in sizes to meet project requirements up to 200' x 200' (61 m x 61 m), greatly reducing in-field seams and the potential for failure.

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Under Slab Vapor Retarders & Barriers

Griffolyn® under slab vapor retarders and barriers prevent moisture from migrating into habitable space and causing problems such as deterioration of flooring adhesive, delamination, bacteria growth and warping. Even if new concrete is allowed to dry to the point where flooring can safely be installed, the absence or improper installation of a vapor retarder can later lead to expensive failures.

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Wall Vapor Retarders & Barriers

Griffolyn® wall vapor retarders effectively control air and vapor diffusion to reduce the amount of moisture infiltration into the building envelope. It is estimated that air leakage through a hole of less than one square inch can allow passage of up to nearly eight gallons of water into the building envelope over the course of a single heating season resulting in mold and decay problems.

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Crawl Space Vapor Barriers & Retarders

Ventilated dirt crawl spaces provide a source of moisture that can lead to mold, mildew, fungus and even structural decay. A crawl space can foster environments that lead to severe health issues, environmental moisture problems and increased energy consumption. Therefore, a crawl space needs to be sealed with a crawl space vapor barrier or crawl space vapor retarder to help maintain humidity levels for occupant comfort, reduce heating and cooling costs and minimize other moisture-related problems.

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Antimicrobial Plastic Film & Covers

Antimicrobial Covers Features:


  • Non-migratory
  • Wash resistant
  • Stable in a wide range of environments across a broad temperature range
  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe
  • Durable and tear resistant
  • Odor controlling
  • Weather proof tarp


  • White


  • Fab Tape™
  • Pipe Boots
  • Sealant Tape
  • Griffolyn® Ultra VR Tape

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Concrete Pavement Rain Protection Sheets

Rainfall on freshly poured concrete pavement causes obvious problems and threatens to adversely impact the quality of the in place product. Protect newly poured concrete with Griffolyn® Type-55 rain protection covers. Griffolyn® products are internally reinforced laminates offering high strength and durable performance in demanding conditions. Type-55 is a 3-ply polyethylene laminate offering excellent tear and puncture resistance and is UV stabilized to provide superior weathering characteristics and service life.

Griffolyn® products are available in stock configurations for immediate availability or can be custom fabricated to the specific requirements of your project, including roll lengths up to 1,000' long for use with most paving equipment poly-roll attachments. When weather threatens, Griffolyn® Type-55 rain protection covers can protect your product and its quality. Specify Griffolyn® with confidence.

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Agriculture Covers, Curtains & Tarps

Reef Industries, Inc. manufactures high quality and high performance polyethylene laminates and composites ideally suited for a vast array of uses in the agricultural industry. Internally reinforced and/or cross laminated constructions provide versatile, long-lasting service in many applications. Use Griffolyn® for livestock curtains, poultry curtains, greenhouse covers, hay covers or even prairie dog barriers. Griffolyn® products can meet your needs.

Griffolyn® agriculture weather proof tarps are UV stabilized and provide extreme tear resistance for durability and strength. They are cold-crack and moisture resistant to help protect your livestock and poultry from the elements. Custom fabrication, including the addition of grommets, pipe loops or other features, is available to meet your exact requirements.

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Athletic Field Covers & Tarps

Griffolyn® is ideal to protect baseball fields, football fields and sidelines from adverse weather conditions. This lightweight athletic field cover is a reinforced polyethylene laminate designed to handle rigorous use, resist tears and punctures and abrasions.
When weather events threaten the condition of your athletic field, you need a cover that is quick and easy to install yet tough and reliable year after year. Griffolyn® athletic field covers retain their strength and flexibility in extreme temperatures and are UV stabilized to withstand sun exposure.

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Griffolyn® Contaminated Soil Covers

Maintain compliance with environmental regulations by using Reef Industries' high quality and high performance polyethylene laminates as contaminated soil covers or temporary containment liners. Sheets are available in sizes up to 200' x 200' or customized to your specifications. Permalon® and Griffolyn® weather proof tarps offer a total solution to contain sequestered materials.

Both Permalon® and Griffolyn® are specifically engineered to provide high-strength and durability in a lightweight material with custom configurations available to meet your project's specific demands. Whatever your environmental application requires, rely on Reef Industries' contaminated soil covers and liners to provide you with the protection you need.

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Contaminated Equipment Covers

Save time, labor and money with Griffolyn® contaminated equipment tarps. For nearly 50 years, Reef Industries has been providing the nuclear industry with construction, maintenance and outage protection with a variety of products for contamination control and reliable storage solutions. Reef Industries' patented Griffolyn® contaminated equipment tarps are tough and durable to provide a variety of options to improve your company's efficiency. Whether you're looking to reduce shipping costs, maximize facility use, comply with regulatory agencies or save time and money, the value and performance of Griffolyn® are unsurpassed.

These high-quality plastics can be produced with specialized properties including fire retardancy for safety applications, low contamination for critical equipment and are incinerable to reduce the volume of radwaste. Additional tie-down methods such as grommets, D-rings, webbing straps, pipe loops, and drawstring closures are also available to help secure contaminated equipment covers in place. Don't just cover your business, protect it with Griffolyn®.

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Water Diverter Tarps

Reroute roof leaks from expensive and sensitive equipment, products and personnel with Reef Industries' fire rated leak diversion tarps. These temporary tarps are durable yet lightweight and easy to install. Ideal for roof damage at office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants and construction sites, Reef Industries' leak diverter tarps can be custom fabricated to meet your specific needs.

Griffolyn® materials are performance engineered and can be produced with specialized properties such as fire retardancy, antistatic protection, as well as various other possibilities. Griffolyn® products have been providing high performance, low-cost solutions for more than 50 years.

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Custom Plant Dividers & Dust Partitions

Griffolyn® materials are ideal as a temporary solution to keep dust and debris contained in a specified area and away from workers and employees with our plant divider curtains and dust partitions. This product is specifically engineered to provide high strength and durability in a lightweight material ideal for various industries and applications.

Griffolyn® materials are also ideal as plant divider curtains. Our partitions and curtains are available in fire-retardant constructions and customized for any job. Rely on Griffolyn® partitions for plant modifications, security curtains or segregating operations. It is specifically engineered to provide high strength and durability in a lightweight material.

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Equipment Covers

Reef Industries, Inc. manufactures a wide range of high performance reinforced polyethylene laminates and composite materials for industrial equipment covers and military equipment covers. Reef Industries' products are engineered for performance, properties such as tear, puncture and abrasion resistance for rugged durability and formulated for excellent UV resistance, weathering properties and service life. These products are fabricated into protective covers for equipment and materials in a wide range of industries and businesses.

When outdoor storage of moisture sensitive materials or equipment is a must, you can rely on Griffolyn® materials to provide protection and value year after year. Industrial and military equipment covers are fire rated and available in stock configurations for immediate availability or can be custom fabricated in three dimensions to meet your specific requirements. Advanced formulations providing enhanced corrosion inhibition, fire retardancy or anti-static features are also available.

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Fire Retardant Covers

Reef Industries, Inc. offers numerous fire retardant materials to meet environmental compliance or safety requirements for critical equipment and work areas. From lightweight to heavy-duty products, Reef Industries can meet your requirements with a fire-retardant cover material specifically tailored to your application. All fire retardant covers are fire rated and pass NFPA 701 Large Scale "Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame-Resistant Textiles and Films" and most have Class I / Class A Flame Spread rating per UBC-42 and ASTM E-84.

Quality assurance testing is conducted by a certified independent laboratory in order to ensure all fire retardant covers meet the necessary safety requirements and that products are made of the finest quality materials. If required, covers can be labeled with fire retardant information such as the fire retardant specification and designation. Fire retardant grades are reinforced with a high strength cord grid to resist tearing and are readily available.

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Fumigation Tarps

Fumigation Tarps Features

  • Weather proof tarps
  • UV stabilized and weather resistant
  • Highly cold-crack-resistant
  • Highly resistant to tears and punctures
  • Lightweight for ease of handling
  • Large inventory of material thicknesses are available


  • Available in water resistant and water proof grades
  • Fire retardant grades available
  • Custom designed to your specifications

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Heat Shrinkable Covers

Griff-Shrink® is a patented multi-ply heat-shrinkable laminate that is heat shrinkable and combines the performance of polyethylene and specialty heat-shrinkable films supported with a reinforcement grid to create a highly tear resistant and durable product. The reinforcement grid provides a uniform tear resistance in all directions. Griff-Shrink® is ideal for transporting large over-the-road flatbed shipments while protecting machinery and equipment from damage and corrosiofn.

Several grades of Griff-Shrink® are available to provide the optimum in cost/benefit for an extensive range of packaging applications. Griff-Shrink® 3-ply VCI consists of layers of UV stabilized polyethylene, cord reinforcement and high-strength shrinkable film. Our 5-ply VCI product combines alternating layers of reinforcing between three layers of specialty shrink films and polyethylene for a heavy-duty cover. Griff-Shrink® TX-1600FR UVS is ultraviolet light stabilized, heat shrinkable, reinforced and fire retardant to meet safety requirements around critical materials or work areas.

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Interim Landfill Covers

The use of landfill covers and tarps protects prepared disposal cells prior to their commission and allows for rainwater management and control in and around such sites.
Griffolyn® products are a proven and effective means of managing storm water runoff and providing weathering protection for prepared containment systems. Available in stock configurations up to 200' x 200' for immediate availability or custom fabricated to your specific site requirements.

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Outdoor Storage Covers

Griffolyn® outdoor storage covers and
stockpile covers are performance engineered for the most difficult applications while providing an exceptional ability to withstand extended exposure to the toughest weather conditions. Griffolyn® reinforced polyethylene materials are reinforced with a high-strength polyester scrim to resist punctures and tears.

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Griffolyn® Pallet Covers

Use Reef Industries' patented Griffolyn® pallet covers to reduce packaging, shipping or storage costs of valuable goods. Griffolyn® products are lightweight, flexible, cold-crack and moisture resistant and provide continuous protection all year round. Manufactured using a UV stabilizing process, Griffolyn® helps to protect your investments from sun degradation commonly associated with long-range outdoor storage and shipping. Custom-fitted Griffolyn® pallet covers are reusable and also available in fire-retardant and anti-static grades allowing you to make the most of your warehouse space and to store pallets, drums, cable reels and various machines outdoors, freeing up valuable warehouse space.

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Custom Plant Dividers & Dust Partitions

Griffolyn® materials are ideal as a temporary solution to keep dust and debris contained in a specified area and away from workers and employees with our
plant divider curtains and dust partitions. This product is specifically engineered to provide high strength and durability in a lightweight material ideal for various industries and applications.

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Griffolyn® reinforced laminate tubing offers excellent service as pre-lining during CIPP operations for water and sewer pipe rehabilitation. Formulated and constructed for high strength and performance, Griffolyn® pre-liners provide outstanding tear, puncture and abrasion resistance. Pre-liners are available in a wide range of diameters and lengths to meet your specific project requirements.

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Custom Shipping Covers

For more than 50 years, Reef Industries, Inc. has manufactured high-performance polyethylene laminates and composites of unmatched quality and value, like the Griffolyn® plastic shipping covers. They provide exceptional protection during transit or long-term storage. They are crafted from high-strength materials that have long provided the rugged durability necessary to effectively protect your investments during shipping and storage and are manufactured to handle the most demanding service and harshest environments,

Our shipping covers offer outstanding value and will save time, money and the aggravations associated with failure. No job is too big or too small. Reef Industries can fabricate custom shipping covers to your specific requirements that will precisely meet your unique needs. Griffolyn® offer the toughest protection your money can buy, ensuring your products will be factory fresh and in perfect condition.

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Plastic Packaging Tubing

Reef Industries' Griffolyn®, Permalon® and Armorlon® divisions manufacture and fabricate plastic packaging tubing to fit your needs. We can fabricate layflat tubing or other configurations to meet your dimensions and requirements.

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UV Black Wall Partitions

Reef Industries supplies black TX-1200 FR UV polyethylene film laminates that are fire retardant and cost-effective for use as an indoor dust barrier, partition curtains, equipment protection, and more. Our distinctive product is a reinforced 3-ply laminate that offers UV stabilized for outdoor applications.

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Griffolyn® Aerial Marking Targets

Griffolyn® aerial targets are manufactured of quality, internally reinforced polyethylene designed for durability and dependability. We offer reversible black/white material that can be custom fabricated to your exact requirements.

Aerial targets manufactured by Reef Industries are UV stabilized to protect against UV degradation and have excellent outdoor life expectancy. Griffolyn® materials are also cold-crack resistant to eliminate failures in extremely cold weather.

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Industrial Clips - Heavy Duty Adhesive Tape

A wide range of adhesive tape items are available for use with our products to match the project or application. Whether the application is a short-term light duty need or a long-term buried application, our adhesive backed tape products can be matched to your specific need.

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