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EmJac Industries, our parent company, is legendary. For nearly 50 years, the company has engineered and manufactured beautiful yet functional stainless steel food service equipment for five-star restaurants – including custom refrigerators. Then in 1987, the company expanded its design and manufacturing horizons and Harmonic Environments® was created. Our company originated the concept of high-quality, custom indoor waterfalls and continues to evolve the natural design, beauty and functionality of these statement water art installations

Building on our unique ability to create custom-made beautiful and functional accessories for the hospitality industry providing the major components of design, manufacturing and installation, EmJac saw the opportunity to lend its expertise to the expanding area of restaurant, hotel and personal custom wine cellars, coolers, rooms, lockers and displays.


Harmonic Wine Displays  

Protecting your investment and interpreting your vision, Harmonic Wine Displays, a division of EmJac Industries,  creates functional wine cellars that hold the correct temperature and humidity with the correct lighting and racking while making the right bottle easy to find.

Traditionally, wine cellars were confined to basements.  But our expertise in refrigeration allows you to create the perfect environment anywhere in your restaurant, hotel, casino, entertainment venue or home. 

Our craftsmanship and ability to technically interpret and execute input from designers, owners and architects gives you a long-lasting solution to effective and beautiful wine storage.

Case Studies

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Heighten the experience of your guests before the first drop is poured - Harmonic Wine Displays, a division of EmJac Industries, creates wine rooms that can house up to thousands of bottles in the precise refrigerated environment with the proper humidity, lighting and racking.  An ideal space for preserving and tasting wines.  A space that invites both the experienced and novice wine connoisseur to enjoy your carefully curated selections. 

Every design is a collaboration with the designer, consultant or builder customized to realize their vision and requirements all executed down to the most demanding detail…delivering you and your guests endless glasses of memorable pours

Case Studies

Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews

Harmonic Wine Displays, a division of EmJac Industries,  fabricates all our own stainless steel elements from American sourced stainless steel. Our parent company has been fabricating stainless steel for 50 years.  Whether you are designing for a new space or are retro-fitting, or want to move your wine collection from back-of-the-house to front-of-the-house for more exposure and to increase revenue, we can design, fabricate and install either a reach-in or walk-in cooler that spotlights your wine.

Our expertise in fabrication, combined with our knowledge of refrigeration, is artfully combined to provide   a wine cooler that is stunning, functional, durable and backed by a team that delivers unsurpassed design, quality and service.

Case Studies

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For 20 years we have helped property stakeholders and their design teams achieve their vision of providing easy access and excellent storage for their guests' mini wine collections. This is a growing trend in both private clubs, restaurants and luxury condominiums.

Catering to your guests' needs is important.  Being able to offer amenities like private refrigerated wine lockers elevates your guests' experience and further distinguishes your brand in the marketplace.
Harmonic Wine Displays, a division of EmJac Industries, collaborates with designers, consultants and builders to design, fabricate and install custom wine lockers that will make a lasting impression for luxury properties offering beautiful and convenient touches for its discerning clietele.

Case Studies

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Whether you are designing for a restaurant, entertainment venue, casino, hotel or private residence, a wine display adds impact and value.  In a commercial space, it not only preserves your investment, but creates a focal point where guests can understand your commitment to their enhanced wine experience leading to increased revenue. It needs to be both beautiful and highly functional.
In a residential space, it adds value to your home while preserving and showcasing your private collection.

Harmonic Wine Displays, a division of EmJac Industries, creates museum-quality builds for bottles that must not only be protected but used to display the quality of your curation. Cabinetry and custom finishes, lighting, professional refrigeration, racking–we will work with you every step of the way to create and execute wine displays that heighten the experience of your property.

Case Studies

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Wine Display Design Questions  

What information do I need to know in order to receive a wine storage proposal?

The first step with any new client/project is to determine your specific needs when it comes to custom wine storage. We will need to know the location of the project, type of wine storage (dry or refrigerated), overall dimensions (height, width, and depth), and if there are any custom finishes you would like to add (color of metal, wood cabinets, lighting, etc.). With this information, we can provide an estimate and budget to get the project started.

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Harmonic Environments  

As water drifts through its Harmonic Mesh™ material, the extraordinary effect of luminous water suspended in air is created. The soothing sound of water gently traveling over this unique surface completes the experience. The Harmonic Cascade waterfall is like no other.

With its dazzling signature patterns, radiant illumination systems and custom designed water purification, this state-of-the-art, architectural water feature is sure to enhance any environment. Perfect for creating large-scale, breathtaking focal points or calming private spaces, the Harmonic CascadeA,A's seamless single panels can be crafted to complement any design.

Green Features
llumination Systems
Purification Systems

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The Translucence Series® waterfall allows the designer to define space as never before. These built-in architectural walls of water and glass display spectacular translucent patterns of cascading water while providing a little privacy in a very special way. The result is a splendid, bright and open environment, that is unparalleled in its richness of sight and sound.

Green Features

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Waterplace is a sleek built-in architectural water feature that promotes a feeling of well-being and relaxation. The sophisticated integrated design ebbs and flows with a gentle grace for any interior or exterior design. Blend many Waterplace built-ins for a feature wall that is sure to dazzle and heighten any design.

 Green Features

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The hallmark of Harmonic Panels™ is their design versatility. Perfect for interiors and exteriors, where dazzling patterns dance on their expertly crafted surfaces and gentle sounds of natural flowing water enliven their surroundings.

Finished with natural stone, glass, copper, or other materials, Harmonic Panels' can create tranquil and welcoming environments. Ideal for offices, residences, spas and showrooms, the selections of sizes, colors and textures allow you to customize these free-standing water features for any setting.

Green Features

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The beauty of a Harmonic Environments waterfall enhances the look and feel of any space.

Introducing light and color.

Pick a color. Any color.
Each illumination system is fully programmable, allowing you the flexibility to change the look & feel of the water feature and its environment. Using the optional Apple iPad® controller or wall-mounted contoller, you can easily create any ambiance, mood or effect with the touch of a finger. Bathe your surroundings with a soft glow, a brilliant sunset, or a breath-taking light show.

Designed to Perfection
Because every water feature is unique, the Harmonic Illumination System' is tailor-made for each application. Every component is planned and positioned to accentuate the signature Harmonic Environments® water pattern, adding incredible depth and dimension to the water feature. In addition to lighting the feature itself, complementary environmental lighting can convey the perfect atmosphere throughout any space.

Spectacular & Energy Efficient
It's hard to believe when you experience the vibrant color and deep saturation, but it's true! Working closely with the leaders in commercial architectural lighting, Harmonic Environments delivers the brightest, most energy efficient, and long lasting LED lighting available.

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Harmonic Environments has always been environmentally conscious, helping like-minded designers and architects by implementing eco-friendly materials, methods and best practices into all of our products.

Some of our ecological initiatives include the following

  • Energy efficient NEMA premium-rated dry pumps

  • High efficiency submersible pumps

  • Products require no harsh chemicals for sanitation 75% post-consumer recycled stainless steel

  • Environmentally safe

  • Agion anti-microbial coating

  • Green Seal certified maintenance supplies PVC & lead-free plumbing

  • Energy efficient LED lighting Harmonic Environments

  • Green CSI specifications

  • Excellent durability & reuse potential

We can also offer additional solutions to contribute LEED Points for your planned water feature.

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With literally hundreds of installations in the world's premier hotels, hospitals, restaurants and residences, Harmonic Environments waterfalls have proven to maintain the industry's highest level of water purification and cleanliness standards.

Included With Every Water Feature

Clean, safe water is absolutely essential. This is why Harmonic Environments includes its exclusive ZonePure® System in every water feature. Originally developed to meet the critical safety needs of healthcare facilities, the ZonePure system is guaranteed to provide and maintain safe, pure, and clean water in every water feature.

ZonePure® Systems are designed to:

  • Purify incoming water

  • Continuously sanitize the system

  • Reduce overall maintenance

Once we fully understand the scope of the project, we will provide an initial work estimate to help you plan. When you're ready, we will provide a comprehensive and detailed proposal that fits your needs.

Harmonic Environments® water features have been successfully operating in hospitals, cancer centers, and other healthcare facilities for 25 years with a 100% perfect safety record.

Because every installation is unique, each ZonePure System is custom engineered for optimal performance, meeting and generally exceeding the requirements of the healthcare facility in which it is installed. ZonePure can be even further enhanced to include any number or type of redundant components to assure failsafe infection control.

Technology & Care
The ZonePure System for your water feature will utilize a variety of proven technologies and methods to guarantee its complete safety. While the system will be designed to be as automated as possible, all water features do require some maintenance. The ZonePure System is designed specifically to simplify and minimize maintenance of your water feature.

Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews