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Wine Guardian is a world-renowned leader in wine cellar cooling. An Air Innovations company, we combine the resources of a global leader in environmental control systems with a passion and expertise in wine preservation to deliver wine cellar cooling units to meet every need, from the largest commercial cellars to small cellars for wine storage at home.


Through-the-Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Units  

It's time to get serious about your fine wine collection. Wine Guardian patented Through-the-Wall (TTW) wine cellar cooling units bring exceptional airflow and optimal temperature control to ensure you enjoy 100% of the flavors of your wine.

TTW units match maximum efficiency with quiet operation to create peak wine storage conditions for your small- to mid-sized wine room or wine wall.

The EasyMount™ one-piece wall bracket makes installation possible for any wine aficionado. Just insert the TTW into your cellar wall, make your drain connection, and plug it in. It's really that simple to get set up and start enjoying your wine.

The TTW's stylized air vents, bold silver faceplate, curved edges, and sleek touchscreen controls were designed to seamlessly integrate into the unique style of the modern wine cellar. These systems are engineered to look beautiful – and stay beautiful. Commercial-grade, corrosion resistant components and an all-aluminum frame keep the TTW unit looking good as it ages alongside your wine collection.

With a built-in thermostat, Wine Guardian lets you monitor temperature and humidity and control temperature right at the face of the TTW unit. Want to control and monitor the conditions while in your kitchen or den? Not a problem. Thanks to Wireless2Base™ technology, an additional controller and sensors can connect to your TTW anywhere in your home — so you can control your wine cellar wherever is most convenient to you.

A properly humidified wine space ensures the ultimate preservation and enjoyment of wine. As with improper temperature conditions, uncontrolled humidity can have devastating effects on wine like mold, loss of liquid, and dried out corks — just to name a few. Wine Guardian TTW units can be paired alongside a Wine Guardian Humidifier to create an environment perfectly curated for wine storage.

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Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Units  

Versatile and self-contained. Wine Guardian ducted wine cellar cooling systems have been engineered for maximum flexibility in design and installation. Advanced wine cellar cooling technology creates optimal environmental conditions for any sized wine collection in any sized space - whether that is a residential, a restaurant, or commercial wine cellar.

With ducted wine cellar conditioning systems, a grille on the inside cellar wall is connected by insulated flexible ductwork to the self-contained unit outside the wine cellar. These complete systems house the evaporator, fans, compressor, condenser, and controls in just a single unit.

Relish in the quietness of your wine room with no obtrusive equipment taking up valuable wine racking space. Ducted wine cellar cooling systems are designed to be installed in a space outside the wine cellar, keeping your wine cool and your cellar quiet, beautiful, and efficient.

We've made ducted wine cellar cooling units easy for contractors to install. Just connect the ductwork, make the drain connection, and plug it in. That's it. No cutting copper and no licensed contractor needed on site.

Need to install the system against a wall or ceiling? No problem. Multiple duct configurations can be made without having to remove the fan motor or any other internal component.

Like knights of the olden days, Wine Guardian watches over your wine room's conditions 24/7. Equipped with air sensing technology, Wine Guardian's modern remote interface controller constantly monitors the temperature and humidity of your cellar. If conditions leave the optimal range, the system will take action and steer the cellar back to ideal temperatures – before your wine collection is affected.

The ducted system's remote interface controller allows you to control temperature and measure humidity. With Wine Guardian-designed Wireless2Base™ technology, the controller can be placed inside the cellar, a kitchen, den or wherever is most convenient for you. An additional controller and remote sensors can be remotely connected for accurate measurements when the controller is placed outside the cellar.

Crucial yet almost always overlooked, proper cellar humidification ensures you can enjoy 100% of the flavors of your wine. Mold, loss of liquid, and dried out corks are just some of the ways improper humidity can degrade wine quality. Wine Guardian humidifiers attach directly to your ducted system and introduce humidity back into your cellar.

With easy access quarter-turn fasteners, we've made self-contained wine cellar cooling units simple for servicepersons to get into the ducted unit, make repairs, and move onto the next job. And unlike our competitors, all Wine Guardian units are fully serviceable in field without needing to be returned to factory.

A wide variety of option bundles and accessories are available to better control the device and meet your application needs.

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Ducted Split Wine Cellar Cooling Systems  

Outstanding wine preservation in our most flexible system. The Wine Guardian Ducted Split wine cellar cooling system protects your wine collection by providing superb air distribution and temperature control. With multiple models with different capacities – the Ducted Split system can suit any sized residential, restaurant, or commercial wine space.

To enable maximum installation flexibility, Wine Guardian designed the split wine cellar cooling system evaporator and condenser sections to be two individual units, giving installers versatility regardless of application constraints. By separating the units, the condenser can be placed outside the home, creating a wine cellar that is quiet and vibration-free.

Enjoy the beautiful craftwork of your wine cellar without any equipment obstructing valuable wine storage space. Tucked away in a mechanical room and outside the home – the Ducted Split system works fulltime to ensure your wine collection remains at optimal long term-storage conditions while also preserving the sophistication of the space by staying hidden away from your cellar.

We engineered the Ducted Split system to be our most flexible unit – permitting installation no matter the system location or design of the wine cellar. The system can be easy applied to projects with the following restrictions:

  • Mechanical rooms with limited space

  • Condenser air is difficult to exhaust

  • Long duct runs

The Ducted Split system is comprised two separate units: an evaporator and a condenser. Both units were designed and manufactured by Wine Guardian to work together.

The Ducted Split system was designed with licensed contractors in mind. Like standard residential ducted mini split systems - the Ducted Split's evaporator and condenser sections are connected through refrigerant copper tubing – helping to create a familiar installation process.

We've engineered the evaporator section for installation quickness and efficiency. If the unit needs to be mounted against a wall or ceiling - multiple duct configurations are possible without having to remove the fan motor or any other internal component.

Feel secure knowing Wine Guardian's split system for wine cellars is regulating your fine wine collection 24/7. Using advanced air sensing technology, the Ducted Split system's remote controller constantly monitors the temperature and humidity of your wine room. If conditions leave the optimal range, the system will take action and steer the cellar back to ideal temperatures - before your wine collection is affected.

Wine Guardian's split-wine-cooling-system remote interface controller allows you to control the temperature and measure humidity to conditions best suited for the types of wine in your collection. Using Wireless2Base™ technology, the wine cellar split system's controller can be placed wherever is most convenient for you – in a dining room, den, or even your kitchen. An extra controller and remote air sensors can be remotely connected for precise measurements when the controller is installed outside the wine space.

Easy access removable panels, front facing controls, and the condenser's refrigerant sight glass make it simple for servicepersons to get into the Ducted Split system, make their repairs, and move onto the next job. And unlike competing brands – all Wine Guardian systems are fully serviceable in field without needing to be returned to factory.

Wine Guardian Humidifiers can attach directly to your system to introduce humidity back into your cellar allowing you to enjoy the full potential of your wine collection. Mold, loss of liquid, and becoming spoiled are just a few ways improper humidity can impact wine. Take the risk away; trust Wine Guardian Humidifiers to maintain your wine's quality.

Humidification, heating, and even serving temperature – a wide variety of option bundles and accessories can be added to your Ducted Split system to better control wine room conditions to meet the unique needs of your wine.

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Ductless Split Wine Cooling Systems  

Superior wine preservation for when ductwork isn't an option. The Ductless Split wine display cooling systems provide high quality cooling and airflow to keep your wine collection at the finest storage conditions while also giving installers maximum flexibility when working with limited space.

Available in three styles: Wine Wall, Ceiling Mounted, and Through-the-wall. These systems are the right choice for almost any small- to mid-sized wine wall, wine display, or wine room.

Wine Guardian offers three types of Ductless Split systems to best suit the needs of your space.

A ductless wine cooling system made for wine walls. The Wine Wall Cooling System mounts completely flush with a wine wall's ceiling – creating a seamless integration with no bulky equipment visible. Supply and return slot diffusers along the length provide optimum distribution of conditioned air by directing air down into the wine wall and then returning it back into the cooling system.

Introducing the finest cooling solution for your wine wall, wine display, or all-glass room. The Ceiling Mounted system seamlessly integrates into the wine display's ceiling without cutting joists – great for projects with limited wall space. Adaptable to any aesthetic – the system's grille can easily be painted to match the look and feel of the space.

The Through-the-Wall Ductless Split system combines the installation simplicity of a traditional Through-the-Wall system with the cooling abilities and flexibility of a split system. With a sleek and attractive design made of commercial grade material, the Through-the-Wall is a stylish addition to your cellar that will also last the test of time.

Two separate units and zero ductwork make the Ductless Split system the perfect solution for wine room projects with the following restrictions:

  • No room for ductwork

  • Mechanical rooms with limited to no space

  • Condenser air is difficult to exhaust

The Wine Wall Cooling System and the Ceiling Mounted system feature our patented ceiling mount system with hinge design that acts as a second hand while installing, making one person installations are simple.

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Wine Cabinet Cooling Units  

Guarantee guests you're serving wine at its best. The Wine Guardian Wine Cabinet Cooling Unit is our only system specifically designed to be integrated into wine cabinets to provide optimal temperature conditions for long-term wine preservation. Equipped with serving temperature abilities, the unit can also be adjusted to temperatures that are best for wine consumption.

Store your valuable wine collection with confidence. The Cabinet Unit provides elite wine cabinet cooling ensuring that your fine wine's flavors are preserved as it ages over time.

Serve your guests wine with the taste and noise it was meant to have. All Wine Guardian Cabinet units come standard with the ability to cool the cabinet to temperatures best for drinking – ensuring your wine's complex flavor elements remain balanced when served to guests.

It also allows you to rotate the wine and change the temperature from season to season making it perfect for restaurants, wine bars, or clubs.

Compact and fully self-contained. Having no ductwork or drain line connection makes the wine cabinet cooling unit straightforward to integrate into either the top or bottom of a wine cabinet.

Wine Guardian gives you full control over your cabinet. The Cabinet Unit's remote controller allows you to accurately measure and control the temperature of your space. This makes it extremely convenient to change the cellar's temperature to match the serving temperature of wine during seasonal stock rotations.

The Wine Cabinet Unit is fully serviceable system unlike competitors whose products need to be returned to factory to be serviced.

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Wine Cellar Humidifiers  

Take the next step in ultimate wine quality preservation with a wine cellar humidifier! Wine Guardian humidifiers create perfect long-term wine storage conditions by introducing humidity back into your wine room or wine cellar.

Wine Guardian Humidifiers combine a tough exterior with well-engineered internals to deliver superior performance and reliability to ensure your fine wine collection ages at its finest.

If you're looking for the best way to store your wine, look no further than Wine Guardian. This is a device that will ensure your wines are stored at their optimum humidity level in order to prevent damage and to preserve the best flavor.

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Wine Guardian Pro Series  

Become a Pro in wine cellar cooling. The Wine Guardian Pro Series are all-in-one systems containing a variety of unique features needed to store wine – no matter the project. It's secure enough to protect itself from both extreme weather conditions and mechanical glitches. And thanks to 24-volt electronics, the Pro Series can be wirelessly connected to a smart thermostat to join your smart home.

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Wine Guardian Sentinel Series  

Get ready for the next big thing in wine cellar cooling technology. Wine Guardian's Sentinel Series systems are the strongest and most energy-efficient wine cellar cooling systems available. Enjoy all the cooling and humidity control you come to expect from Wine Guardian – with an all-new design that's stronger, more efficient, and more stunning than ever before. Patent Pending.

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Remote Sensors and Controls  

Consistent monitoring ensures an optimal environment for your valuable wine collection. Wine Guardian systems monitor the temperature and display humidity of your cellar conditions and is the only major manufacturer that offers this feature. With large, backlit data displays and menu selections our systems make it easy to setup and control functions.

Optional Remote Sensors can be placed anywhere within the wine cellar for optimal temperature control and humidity readout, as shown in the wine cellar image below. Up to three remote sensors can be connected to one Wine Guardian system. The sensors can continuously display these variables to another location outside the wine cellar, and alarms will notify you if your cellar is out of optimal range.

The Remote Sensor and Interface Remote Controller are available for purchase on our website only to customers with a United States shipping address. International customers can purchase any Wine Guardian system through our authorized international distributor network.

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Calculation Tools  

Use this tool to help select the proper wine cellar cooling system for your needs.

Use this tool to help determine if your ductwork configuration will result in acceptable performance.

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NEW Customizable Wine Cabinets  

Wine Guardian Custom Wine Cabinets are perfect for wine collectors who are looking for the best solution for extra wine storage in a kitchen, living room, or other convenient location. Produced in partnership with expert French manufacturer, La SommeliEre, Wine Guardian custom wine cabinets are fully self-contained systems designed to store wine at either long-term preservation or serving temperatures.

Available in two sizes, Wine Guardian is the only wine cabinet manufacturer that allows for customization of the type of shelving and their placement in the wine cabinet. Start customizing your dream wine cabinet today:

Wine Cabinet Customizer

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Using the Wine Guardian designed cabinet customizer tool, simply select a cabinet, then mix-and-match six (6) different mahogany wood shelves and their placement within the wine cabinet.

There are thousands of possible cabinet configurations – making these wine cabinets truly unique to you and your collection. Wine Guardian custom wine cabinets are fully assembled in our factory and are ready to use out of the box. Try out the customization tool now:

Wine Cabinet Customizer

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Our team searched extensively to find the best partner to introduce a high-end customizable wine cabinet to the US market. Our wine cabinets are handcrafted by the skilled artisans at La SommeliErethe #1 selling wine cabinet brand in France. They are then shipped to our US factory to be tested and assembled to your custom configurations. All of our cabinets are shipped with White Glove Delivery Service, directly to your door.

Wine Cabinet Customizer

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The Single-Zone Cabinet can preserve wine at ideal temperatures between 55° – 64°F (13° – 18°C) or serving temperatures between 46° – 54°F (8° – 12°C).

The Multi-Zone cabinet is unique as it features polyvalent technology that allows it to create three separate temperature zones within the cabinet, optimal for storing different types of wine that have different ideal preservation temperatures. It also makes it possible to store some wine at serving temperatures others at ageing temperatures at the same time.

Wine Cabinet Customizer

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Want to skip the customization process? We have developed a few pre-customized cabinets you can add right to your cart or customize further.

Additional Features:

  • Ideal humidity conditions – the cabinet automatically maintains humidity conditions between 55 and 65% relative humidity for optimal long-term storage of fine wines.

  • Strong magnetic sealed door – the door contains a strong magnetic seal, ensuring no air leakage.

  • UV light protection – the glass door was treated to filter up to 70% of harmful UV rays.

  • LED Lights – white LED lights to show off the finer details of your collection.

  • Door lock – simple to use lock keeps your wine out of the reach of children.

  • Vibration free design – shock absorbers and thick insulation foam help absorb the vibrations from the internal mechanical equipment, protecting your wine.

  • Charcoal filter – to keep the cabinet odor free, these systems are equipped with an air refreshing system with an activated charcoal filter.

  • Automatic defrost – when the cooling cycle is finished, the refrigerated parts of the cabinet are defrosted automatically.

  • Caster wheels – for easy relocation of the cabinet.

Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews