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Operable and accordion partitions are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years, excluding abuse. In addition, accordion track and trolleys are guaranteed for 10 years. Glasswall partitions are guaranteed for one year against defects in material and workmanship. The glass is not included in this warranty.


Hufcor Operable Partitions - 600 Series

Hufcor operable partitions - also known as Airwalls', movable panels or flat panels - are recognized worldwide for their unparalleled quality, design flexibility, acoustic performance and lasting durability. Proudly manufactured in the USA and under license throughout the world, Hufcor operable partitions are constructed of welded, heavy-duty 16-gauge steel and can be designed with the industry's most comprehensive range of dimensions, performance options, and decorative finishes.


600 Series Overview Brochure

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Acoustic Slide - GFS Series

Select for Special Needs: Use in areas that you wish to divide with a physical but not visual barrier and where medium sound control is a requirement.

Standard Features: The perimeter frame is of aluminum with single panel tempered, laminated glass or acrylic resin. Sliding Acoustic aluminum-framed glass-panel partition system, operating in a sequential manner, top supported and with bi-parting option.


Acoustic Slide Technical Sheet

Acoustic Slide Owners Manual


Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews

Low Profile Acoustical Glass Wall - GF Series

It's time to let the outside in with our GF Series Low Profile Acoustical Glass Wall. With its sleek appearance and no floor tracks, you'll barely notice a difference when the system is open or closed. Now you'll be able to get more daylight and better visual aesthetics without compromising visual space.


GF Series Glass Wall Product Brochure


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High Acoustic Glass Wall - GU Series

GU Series High Acoustic Glass Wall is the next generation of the movable glass wall systems offering unparalleled sound control with sound ratings up to 46 STC. The system combines the welded steel frame design of Hufcor's world class 600 Series operable partitions with heavy-duty insulated glass to achieve optimal acoustic performance while allowing natural light to enter a space. Ideal for convention centers, offices, and educational facilities, our acoustic glass walls bring transparency and quietness into a space to ensure a pleasant, light-infused experience.


GU Series Glass Wall Product Brochure

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Frameless Glass Wall - GL Series's GL Designer Series operable glass wall combines a frameless, single-glaze glass with designer low-profile rails to deliver industry leading clear-view,

maximum daylighting, visual aesthetics, and ultimate flexibility in managing your space.


GL Series Glass Wall Product Brochure


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Timber-Framed Glass Wall - GT Series

The richness and beauty of wood paired with glass brings not only natural light, but added elegance into your space. Our Timberframe' glass walls are built to last, constructed of triple laminated solid wood, custom-made veneers and an engineered wood core for maximum durability. Our wide range of glass and stain finishes make it easy to compliment and enhance the design of any interior space.


GT Series Glass Wall Product Brochure

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Vertical Lift Walls - Summit®

Summit® vertical lift walls take flexible space in a completely different direction - up. Unlike traditional operable panels that move horizontally through a large, exposed cavity in the ceiling, Hufcor's patented vertical lift system moves acoustic operable panels through a narrow slot in the ceiling and stacks them neatly hidden out of sight. All this with a simple push of a button! This space-saving and attractive design maximizes an interior's available floor space and makes Summit® vertical lift walls a great choice for convention centers, hotel ballrooms, learning institutions and training centers - anywhere that superior and attractive space and sound management must exist in harmony with maximizing free floor space.




Often, clear floor space is critical, and Summit® offers more clear floor space utilization than any horizontal movable wall can offer. No partition stacks to get in the way (or the need to build pocket doors to hide). No floor tracks eating into your clear floor space creating trip hazards and places for debris to accumulate.


Summit® 645V Vertical Lift Partition Brochure

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Accordion Doors

Get More from Your Space - Manufactured in the USA, Hufcor's Accordion Doors are the fastest, easiest way to shape space. Also known as room dividers, accordion walls and concertina doors, accordion doors are an ideal sight and sound barrier for interiors that require frequent flexibility in space division. Available in a wide range of fabrics and acoustical ratings, Hufcor accordion doors can be custom designed manufactured to suit the specific needs of your space.



Accordion doors are a fast and economical way to divide space. Accordion doors are suspended from an overhead track and provide instant space division whenever it's needed. No floor tracks intruding on your spaces, creating tripping hazards or collecting debris.


Accordion Wall Product Brochure

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Tactical Training Wall Systems - FlexTact®

When it comes to dangerous field situations, the safety and success of your force depends on their preparation and training. FlexTact® is an innovative wall system that creates a flexible situational training environment for police officers, military, and fire and rescue departments. With an unlimited range of floor to ceiling room configurations, FlexTact® is designed to provide scenarios of multiple building layouts in a single public safety training center to optimize training effectiveness and prepare departments for a range of situations.




Situational training facilities are found throughout North America. Many facilities offer a concrete or stud wall constructed layout to provide situational training scenarios. Some systems use demountable wall panels to change room layouts. In either case, it can take 4-8 hours to reconfigure the layout of the training scenario. The Hufcor FlexTact® system is designed to provide scenarios of multiple building layouts in a single facility with quick change of layouts. FlexTact® uses time-tested overhead partition track and trolleys systems to allow panels to be easily moved into new positions, which in turn, allows for room changes in minutes, not hours.


FlexTact® Product Brochure

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