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Retrofitting of existing exterior building maintenance equipment is one of Lynn Safety''s specialties. We conduct testing and inspections, then make necessary improvements and/or additional installations in order to comply with State and Federal standards. Understanding and complying with the many regulations can be complicated. Lynn Safety helps interpret the various applicable codes, resolves compliance issues and makes your systems compliant.

Equipment has morphed with modern day technology and regulations have changed over the years together with the beautiful architectural designs of buildings starting in the 1970''s'™ The innovations of equipment are numerous, the equipment is aging, regular maintenance is needed and sometimes the equipment which has withstood the elements for 20 years or more needs to be replaced.
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Lynn Safety has the industry experience and expertise to design and engineer complete exterior building maintenance systems that meet your specific needs while ensuring safety and compliance, so building owners, property managers, building engineers and contractors can rest assured that they are depending on safe, state of the art, equipment.

Powered Platforms - powered, suspended work platforms designed and engineered for versatility and safety, for use by exterior building maintenance personnel.

Stabilization Systems - designed to keep equipment such as a platform, cage, or bosun''s chair in contact with the building''s faCade and to prevent movement from winds, keeping workers safe and preventing damage to the building face.

Davit Systems - a permanently fixed base, with a mobile or fixed socket and a davit mast and boom that can be raised, lowered and removed; used to rig a powered platform or other suspended equipment such as a cage or bosun''s chair.

Outrigger Systems - when the building requires custom access or the building has architectural features that prevent the use of typical davits; outrigger beam systems can be custom designed to satisfy most other access requirement. This equipment accommodates ground rigging of the powered platform, cage or powered bosun''s chair.

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Lynn Safety will design, fabricate, and install your complete exterior building maintenance system, including: stabilization systems, outrigger systems, and davit systems (see Design & Engineering), as well as all safety equipment necessary to meet OSHA regulations and keep workers safe.
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Safety Anchors & Lifelines - Can be used for the tie-back of Controlled descent equipment (CDA or CDE) and must be designed to support up to a 5,000 lb. load. Safety anchors and lifelines are professionally engineered, by an engineer familiar in the design and installation of the equipment, based on the intended use of the anchors and/or lifelines. Anchors are specialty equipment and are essential parts of a fall protection system.

Guardrails - Roofs must have a 42' high parapet or guardrail for passive fall protection of any persons on the roof. Other areas which require installation of guardrails is around skylights, floor openings, roof hatches and other sunken areas on the roof, to prevents falls that can result in serious injury or even death

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Powered, suspended work platforms are custom order items, modular by nature and designed to match your building's needs. We provide this equipment with versatility built-in and safety always in mind.

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Understanding and complying with regulations can be confusing and guidelines may be up for interpretation depending on the equipment, the building, and the job. Building owners are required to keep a certification record of each inspection and test required, to be readily available for review by CA DOSH / Fed OSHA upon request.

Lynn Safety can help keep testing of your equipment up-to-date, and make sure you have the certifications required to meet all relevant OSHA, State, and Federal safety standards. Doing so will reduce legal exposure to building owners, managers, and Contract employers in the event of an occurrence.
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Lynn Safety is actively involved in multiple associations providing safety training courses and demonstrations. In addition, we offer a Competent Person Training Program to meet standards set forth by OSHA. Our program will provide workers with an in-depth knowledge of safety procedures in the use of exterior building maintenance equipment, the many facets of safety involved with the operation of the equipment and protecting themselves during an emergency.

For Window Cleaning Companies Completion of the course can be used to provide your insurance company with proof of ongoing safety training and can also help you to demonstrate to clients that you are complying with CA OSHA / Fed OSHA safety codes.
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An OPOS, or Operating Procedure Outline Sheet, verifies the equipment on the building to be used for window cleaning and exterior building maintenance procedures. Per California code, it must include a number of elements in pictorial and written form to instruct employees about safe use of roof supported building maintenance equipment and/or procedures for window cleaning. It has become a major part of our industry and, while it can be appear to be a complicated document, it is essential that employees can easily read and understand it. In addition, the document must be written by a person with a California Scaffold Inspection and Testing Certification. Lynn Safety is the industry-leader in providing OPOS documents and we develop the building specific document, as required by CA OSHA, as well as the Work Plan, a Fed OSHA required document, for exterior building maintenance equipment.
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Designed and engineered an outrigger system to allow access over a barrel roof. We then provided the building with a permanent powered platform to complete the existing davit system.
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Lynn Safety designed a four-wire permanent powered platform and stabilization system for an existing davit system to bring the building into compliance with OSHA Safety Standards.

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Installed rods into the parapet wall and performed pull testing of rods, according to engineered protocol. Anchors were then installed over the rods to be used for the tie-back of safety lines and working lines for window cleaners, using Controlled Descent Equipment. The anchors, after installation, were tested and certified for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance use.
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Lynn Safety provides load testing, according to an engineered protocol, to certify the existing davit system for exterior building maintenance, which includes the industries of window cleaning, painting, caulking, and glazing.
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Lynn Safety installed a required guardrail on the roof to prevent workers and building personnel from falling over the edge. As always, all guardrails were powder-coated for long lasting protection and aesthetics.

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Building personnel received fall protection training'™ Lynn Safety also offers Competent Person Training in a classroom, using a power point presentation, discussion, and written test, for workers that use suspended access equipment. Workers are issued a certificate of participation and a wallet card.

Site specific or Onsite Training of Equipment on the building is also offered. This benefits the workers using the equipment on the building as they have clarity of the building owner expectations with the equipment, are informed of the methods and procedures contained in the OPOS and the fall protection requirements while working on the building.
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Lynn Safety designed, engineered, fabricated, installed, inspected, tested, and certified an outrigger system for exterior building maintenance use. Safety tieback anchors were installed into the roof while the building was under construction. Lynn Safety provided our client a 3D view of their building to show different options for access to bring the building into OSHA compliance.

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