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WhiteWall® steel panels turn your room or wall into a creative hot spot. Dry erase wall panels are perfect for team, break, conference or meeting rooms, executive or home office walls and even busy hallways. Use white wall paneling wherever you meet to plan, develop, brainstorm or create. These whiteboard walls give you and your team an unlimited blank slate that encourages original ideas and fosters out-of-the-box solutions.
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Top quality whiteboards with porcelain-like dry erase magnetic surface that will not stain, crack or fade over a lifetime of daily use. We have a large array of whiteboards in different sizes and configurations. We also have printed whiteboards with grids columns and rows. All of our whiteboards use our proprietary porcelain-like steel writing surface.

Select from over 2300 magnetic dry-erase all-purpose or task/job specific whiteboard kits in almost unlimited sizes, styles, and applications.

Top quality with carefully selected magnets, supplies and dry-erase tools plus board wall mounting hardware. Designed to stay like new.
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PlanView® SlidePanel' systems give you fast visual access to schedules, white board systems, maps and graphic presentations using minimum wall space. Confidential charts, boards and data are concealed until you slide them into view. Used worldwide by business, industry, government, military and institutions! Handsome, functional, factory-direct low cost, top quality, flexible design and available immediately.
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Ideal where wall space is inadequate to exhibit all your graphics or where you want to show selected panels, keeping the others concealed, but ready to slide out for viewing.

Quick and easy to Order and Install: It sits on the floor and attaches to the wall. Leveler glide feet adjust for uneven floors. It should take about 3 to 4 hours (with a coffee break), 2 workers, a screwdriver, drill (for wall bracket attachment), framing square and carpenter's level.
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Seven feet tall, they fit any room below ceiling level and come with two built-in counterbalanced 3x4' or 3x6' plain or printed magnetic steel framed whiteboards, one each in the front and rear slide tracks. Easy to raise or lower each counterbalanced board to or from the view-work position with the guide handle. Includes adjustable floor leveling feet and cleat attachment for wall anchoring.
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No wall space for a bulletin or white board, or worse yet, nobody stops to read your wall bulletin board? Displaying important information so everyone will see it when the nearest wall may be yards away is a challenge. You can try large free-standing boards on rolling stands, but they can block critical lines of sight and can only be viewed from one side at a time. The answer is take it OFF THE WALL and display it on one of these patented hands-on RotoCube® free- standing rotating kiosk bulletin display towers where it attracts attention and intrigues everyone passing by. Place it right in the middle of the traffic stream. The display kiosk tower can be viewed from 4 sides without crowding, does not block the view and turns silently in either direction with just a finger-touch. Optional floor anchors and Roll-Around' wheels are available. Ships secured to a pallet, boxed, assembled and ready-to use.
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Display as many as 12 panels (6 two-sided swing panels). Create your own special system from the price charts below. Each 2-sided hinged panel will lift out of the wall bracket and reinsert at any point. Open it to a full 180 degrees flat to the wall. All the panels will pivot flat to the wall on either side to close it.
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Our framed office bulletin boards deliver an immediate view of an organization's character before anyone can show their welcome-visitor smile. The visual image of announcements, notices and documents neatly displayed against handsomely-framed FabricTack™ bulletin board background colors validates what is being said about the efficiency and quality of the organization.
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Not enough wall space where you want your Whiteboard? No problem. We offer lots of whiteboard standing display options.

Whiteboard Stands let you display your information in exactly the right position to command the most attention. People will often ignore or pass by displayed information that is not easily accessible. Putting your white board in the middle of the traffic stream or placing your whiteboard right in the work-space, commands the greatest attention. Whiteboard roll around stands are ideal for factory floors or large open offices.
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MagnaMaps® with their unique Map-Magnets™ let you flexibly display, instantly update and share your map activity.

MagnaMaps™ flexibly display your map related activities with the instantly movable Map-Magnets™ and cartographic charting materials in each kit and are designed to stay like new for a lifetime of daily use.

Select and order here online, factory-direct, maps in many sizes, styles and display options. Order them customized as specific and detailed as you want, any size, any style, from full wall to portable, with options to fit any of your needs. If you have special map requirements, please contact us or call 800 624 4154 and tell our cartographers what you have in mind. We can custom print your steel map and ship it to you in 3 business days or less.
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