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Structurally designed for the most demanding applications with easy push button convenience for smooth, consistent operation plus outstanding toughness and dependability in your most challenging dock operations. McGuire offers a hydraulic dock leveler to meet any of your dock equipment needs while providing low lifetime ownership costs and years of trouble free service with the industry's best built in safety.
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Designed with dependability and toughness in mind for your medium to lighter duty applications. They offer the same easy push button smooth, consistent operation as the heavy duty H series and the same built in safety, durability and toughness. Easy clean out and servicing are features of all McGuire levelers. Your budget, your safety and trouble free service are always number one with McGuire.
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This vertical storing leveler has a smooth hydraulic operation and offers unique benefits, such as unmatched environmental control for temperature sensitive applications. The VSH provides the ability for the dock door to seal along the concrete floor, creating a cleaner and more energy-efficient environment in the warehouse. The VSH can be installed in either a single pre-formed pit or a longer shelf style pit for multiple units.
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The CentraAir® Series is designed to incorporate the use of common plant air combined with an industrial automotive grade air bellows system to raise and lower the platform. The CentraAir offers a practical alternative to achieve easy push button smooth, consistent operation, it can also be manually activated via a lanyard control located at the back of the leveler. Ease of clean out and servicing are features of all McGuire levelers.
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Finger tip release pull chain activation with smooth reliable operation via a cam and roller counterbalance to assure smooth dependable walk down to trailer bed with below dock capability included. The hold down design floats with air ride trailers and the full width rear compression hinge is designed for superior strength. Designed to meet your budget plus offer years of trouble free service.
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The TPR UniLock™ is the only trailer-postioned vehicle restraint that can automatically remove "RIG Wedge" pressure. RIG Wedge is caused when the trailer is pushed forward during loading/unloading and the trailer's Rear Impact Guard (RIG) applies so much pressure to the restraint's hook that the truck driver must reverse the trailer in order to release the restraint. The UniLock has an advanced cam design that first rotates the hook away from the RIG to remove the pressure, and then rotates down to a stored position.
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The TPR® truck positioned vehicle restraint is designed to automatically position itself and secure a trailer's rear impact guard (RIG) to reduce the likelihood of premature trailer separation during the loading/ unloading process. The TPR is designed to withstand a pulling force in excess of 35,000 lbs, and has a service range of 4" to 10" horizontally from the face of the dock bumpers and 9" to 27" vertically above drive approach. The integral motor, gear and brake assembly is specifically designed for the TPR. The TPR vehicle restraint is highly adaptable to new or existing loading docks.
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The Stop-Tite® M, MML & MAL are all manually activated vehicle restraints via an operate handle.  They have a low profile, non-impact design for wall and driveway mount. All three (3) types have a protective debris guard and a Zinc dichromate finish.


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