New Millennium Building Systems

Steel Joists, Roof Deck and Long-Span Composite Floor Deck

1690 Broadway St.
Bldg. 19, Ste. 160
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Phone: 260-321-8080
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Joists and Girders  

Joists and Girders: Joists and Girders


DLH Series  

Joists: DLH Series: Bow String

Joists: DLH Series: Dbl Pitch

Joists: DLH Series: Parallel Chord

Joists: DLH Series: Sgl Pitch

K Series  

Joists: K Series: Bow String

Joists: K Series: Dbl Pitch

Joists: K Series: Parallel Chord

Joists: K Series: Sgl Pitch

LH Series  

Joists: LH Series: Bow String

Joists: LH Series: Dbl Pitch

Joists: LH Series: Parallel Chord

Joists: LH Series: Sgl Pitch

Structural Decks  

Structural Decks: Cellular-Deep-Dek

Structural Decks: Deep-Dek

Structural Decks: Super-Versa-Dek-5

Structural Decks: Super-Versa-Dek-6-5

Versa Dek  

Structural Decks: Versa Dek: 3 5 LS ES

Structural Decks: Versa Dek: LS ES

Structural Decks: Versa-Dek S-ES

Structural Roof Deck  

Structural Roof Deck: F-Dek

Structural Roof Deck: N-Dek

Structural Roof Decks  

Structural Roof Decks: 1-0

Structural Roof Decks: B

Structural Roof Decks: B-Dek

Structural Roof Decks: Cellular-B-Dek

Structural Roof Decks: Cellular-N-Dek