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Tie Down

Tie Down's 10 ft. Universal Guardrail is designed with the needs of professionals in mind, providing a better alternative to active fall protection systems. With its powder coat painted safety yellow finish, the Universal Guardrail stands out as a highly visible safety measure on any job site. Its vibrant color enhances visibility, ensuring that workers can easily identify and navigate around the guardrail. One of the key features of the Universal Guardrail is its versatility. It is specifically engineered to fit over 95% of competitor bases available in the market. The multi-pin slot feature allows for easy adjustment and compatibility with a variety of bases from different manufacturers. This eliminates the need for specific or proprietary bases, making it a flexible and cost-effective solution. The Universal Guardrail provides exceptional freedom of movement, allowing workers to perform their tasks without hindrance. Unlike active fall protection systems that require harnesses and lanyards, this guardrail system doesn't restrict movement or interfere with the job at hand. Workers can work with ease and efficiency, maximizing productivity and minimizing disruptions.

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Tie Down

The Guardrail Toe Board Kit by Tie Down offers an affordable solution for keeping tools and other objects from rolling off to lower levels. When people work in the vicinity of an unprotected or leading edge, the risk of kicking items off of the roof or elevated platform is heightened. The OSHA toeboard requirements include incorporating them when employees on lower levels could be exposed to falling objects. This Toe Board Kit fits the OSHA toeboard height requirements of 3.5 inches and withstanding 50 pounds of force. The out-of-the-box solutions offers compliance, quick installation, and maintenance-free application. Choose this product to complete your safety guardrail system. Tie Down maintains high standards and quality controls using quality raw materials and component parts made in the USA.

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Tie Down

The Tie Down Guardrail Stack Pallet Kit provides a convenient and efficient solution for storing and transporting guardrails and universal bases. The kit includes a sturdy pallet with a metal frame that is designed to securely hold up to 11 guardrails and 12 universal bases. The guardrails are designed to stack, allowing for easy loading from either the side or the end of the pallet. The Stack Rack, featuring a durable metal frame, enables multiple pallets to be stacked up to three racks high, optimizing storage space. With this kit, organizing and moving guardrails and bases is a breeze, ensuring easy accessibility and reducing clutter on job sites.

Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews