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Madico®, Inc. > PRODUCT > Nova 70 Protects English Wine Shop's Fine Wines from Damage Due to Overheating

The Whalley Wine Shop is a wine merchant located in the picturesque village of Whalley in Lancashire, England. Established in 2010, this award-winning family-owned business offers over 1,000 different wines as well as a wide range of ports, sherries, malt whiskeys and other spirits. Since opening, the wine shop faced the challenge of the sun's heat coming through the large storefront windows resulting in overheated and spoiled wines. In some cases the wines heated up so much that the corks actually popped out! The cost of damaged stock meant that the Whalley Wine Shop needed to find a solution.

“We'd looked at a number of ways to try and solve this problem," explained Mr. Jones, owner of the Whalley Wine Shop. Initially we'd thought about blinds, but the last thing I wanted to do was stop customers from looking into the shop and seeing the products we offer. Another option was an awning; however, with the village's strict codes we would have to get planning permission which is very expensive and involves a lot of work." Mr. Jones finally decided to contact ARC Window Films in search of a more aesthetically pleasing and cost effective solution.

After completing a site survey and overall assessment of the Whalley Wine Shop's unique needs, ARC Window Films recommended that Madico Nova 70, a spectrally selective window film, be applied to the large windows at the front of the store. This specialized product rejects high levels of solar heat, yet also allows a lot of visible light through the windows, keeping the interior bright.

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Nova 70 Protects English Wine Shop's Fine Wines from Damage Due to Overheating