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Located in Neenah, Wisconsin, Neenah Foundry is a domestic manufacturer of municipal castings including manhole frames, lids and grates, access hatch frame and covers, trench castings, decorative tree grates, airport rated castings, bollards, and stormwater management castings to name a few. Since 1872, Neenah Foundry has been a consistent leader in producing durable castings that are used across the country.

Neenah Foundry operates with a strict adherence to process standards, which assures consistent quality. At Neenah, we closely monitor each step of the operation during the manufacturing process. The quality you receive in Neenah castings is the result of painstaking control and attention to detail.

To ensure our products meet your standards, we offer a 200,000-pound compression-testing machine that can be made available to test the load-bearing capabilities of any of our covers and grates.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Bollards

Bollards image


Now that they're available in cast iron, steel, stainless steel and brushed aluminum, our bollards are fully compatible with your ideas.
  • Designs range from simple to decorative
  • 71 bollard configurations to choose from
  • Cast bollards are designed to fit over standard 4" pipe
  • Cast bollards are designed for pre-existing or new bollard installations
  • Cast bollards can be provided with or without chain attachments
  • Bollard options can be used to coordinate with a wide range of Neenah product offerings, from downspouts to grates and detectable warning plates
  • Bollards can be painted in a wide range of colors
  • 100% American Made
Bollards - Removable Steel Pipe image

Bollards - Removable Steel Pipe

Neenah Removable Steel Pipe Bollards guard against unwanted vehicular intrusion inot your partland, but allow easy access for maintenence. Our bollards combine the value of long lasting cast iron materials with innovative features not found in other commercially available products.
  • Available in 4-inch or 6-inch diameters
  • Schedule 40 steel pipe
  • Welded steel cap
  • Cast iron tube: no rust
  • Countersunk security bolts
  • No exposed locks or chains
  • Cast iron lid when bollard is removed
  • Open bottom allowing for drainage
  • Available with optional chains, hooks and lifting eyes
  • American Made

{{}} {{this.hide}} Downspouts

Downspout Shoes image

Downspout Shoes - R-4926-29 Series

Neenah Foundry offers a variety of cast iron downspouts. Select from the list below to find the downspouts that fit your needs.

Downspout Shoes (Rainwater Leaders)
Traffic may cause damage to light sheet metal rainwater leaders. Cast iron downspout shoes at lower levels provide protection. Table shows various standard types in straight, offset and angular shoes. Fastening lug slots are 5/8". R-4927 downspout adapters are used between the sheet metal downspout and the surface drainage pipe. Cast iron adapters are made to fit cast iron soil pipe; however, they can be fitted to PVC pipe with the use of a no-hub coupling (furnished by others).

Can be furnished with a powdercoat finish or with one coat of black primer if requested.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Trench Grates & Casting

Trench Castings image

Trench Castings

The team at Neenah Foundry manufactures miles upon miles of cast iron trench each and every year. Regardless of your needs - from airport to high capacity vane trench - we likely have a standard trench that will meet your needs. If, by chance, you don't find what you're looking for, our experienced pattern shop will make it for you.

NF Trench Products meet and exceed the requirements in ASME A112.6.3.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Detectable Warning Plates

Detectable Warning Plates image

Detectable Warning Plates

Regulatory-compliant cast iron Detectable Warning Plates from Neenah Foundry offer appealing aesthetics, exceptional longevity and freedom from maintenance. By using Neenah's Detectable Warning Plates, specifiers can be confident that the critical warning message will be delivered for the lifetime of the installation.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Tree Grate Castings

Distinctive Creations Tree Grates image

Distinctive Creations Tree Grates

These one-of-a-kind tree grate concepts may be the perfect solution to your unique project. Contact us with your own ideas, and let Neenah be a part of your grate artistry.
Extended Collection Tree Grates image

Extended Collection Tree Grates

Where space and design consideration permit, the Extended tree grate collection provides the opportunity to promote tree health through the use of larger tree pits. Many of our other collections can have extension grates created as well. Contact your Neenah representative with your needs.
Tree Grates image

Tree Grates

Neenah Foundry manufactures beautiful cast iron tree grates and guards in a variety of sizes and shapes. Protect your trees and add a touch of class and sophistication to your landscaping project - many of our designs even allow for the inclusion of your city, neighborhood or company logo. Whether for a downtown street, a quaint suburban neighborhood or a new stadium or amusement park, Neenah Foundry is certain to manufacture a line of tree grates or guards that meet your exacting specifications.
Adirondack Collection image

Adirondack Collection

The Adirondack collection is reminiscent of older traditional tree grate offerings and may be an excellent choice for a historical site. Contact us to help you with sizes or shapes - our Neenah sales staff is interested in your ideas.

Avenue Collection image

Avenue Collection

Looking for a clean, simplified radial pattern for your public areas? The Avenue tree grate collection has the sizes you need and the narrow slot openings your plans may require. Need a different tree grate size? Contact Neenah to discuss additional options.
Boulevard Collection image

Boulevard Collection

The radial pattern of the Boulevard tree grate collection combines a clean look with narrow slot openings to create a very versatile grate. Contact us for any special requirements and allow us to work with you in meeting your needs.
Capitol Collection image

Capitol Collection

One of the most popular designs of yesteryear, the Capitol tree grate collection brings us back to an intriguing, time-tested offering.
Greenwich Collection image

Greenwich Collection

If something a little different and very eye-catching is what you are after, consider the Greenwich collection. These tree grates have the narrow slot openings and the visual appeal that many architects now seek in their landscape designs. If you don't see the size you want, give us a call.

Majestic Collection image

Majestic Collection

The Majestic tree grate collection was put together to address situations concerning large diameter tree trunks. Larger tree openings, expandability and narrow slot openings make these a great choice for palms and other mature trees.
Metropolitan Collection image

Metropolitan Collection

Our most popular concept, the Metropolitan tree grate collection provides narrow slot openings, an eye-appealing pattern and is available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Don't see exactly what you want? Give us a call!
Parkway Collection image

Parkway Collection

Our Parkway collection of tree grates is our largest and most varied. The wide range of sizes and shapes allows for a great deal of options to incorporate into your design.
Retrofit Collection image

Retrofit Collection

Developed specifically for use in an existing paved area, the Retrofit tree grate collection is a popular alternative to poured-in-place grates. Level concrete can simply be cut to the necessary opening size. The overlapping edge covers any minor irregularities in the cut.
Installation Procedure image

Installation Procedure

Neenah's tree grate frames are designed to make the installation job easy and accurate. Our frames can be incorporated into your forms in just minutes. The seat of the frame should be cleaned prior to setting the grate. Grate halves are to be bolted together on the underside using the bolt slots provided.

Planting and Lighting

When planting trees in urban settings, one must provide enriched soil, proper drainage and a means of providing water and air to the roots for proper tree development.

Arborists encourage use of the largest tree pit possible, in response, Neenah offers our EXTENDED collection to meet this growing need.

Neenah Tree Grates can provide the means of getting the proper moisture and air to the roots for a healthy, long-lived specimen. No typical tree pit works for all situations. Urban designers must develop tree pits for each unique site. Soil scientists, arborists and urban foresters can provide valuable assistance when dealing with the following sub-surface conditions: aeration, drainage, irrigation and feeding, enriched soil, methods of flushing salts and/or avoiding their accumulation and methods of minimizing future soil compaction.

Trees are beautiful in daylight, yet in the darkness of the night they become shapeless and non-descript. Extend their natural beauty through the hours of darkness with tree grate illumination. Most Neenah Tree Grates can be made with removable light-opening sections so that sub-grade lighting units can be easily installed. All light-opening sections are secured with countersunk screws to prevent unauthorized removal.

Reference Guide image

Reference Guide

Tree Grate Reference Guide by Size and Shape
Custom Logos image

Custom Logos

Does your company have a corporate insignia or municipal logo that you would like to incorporate into your architectural designs or construction project? Neenah Foundry has the ability to take your concepts and recreate them through Sidewalk Medallions, Tree Grate Logos and Custom Manhole Covers. This is a great opportunity to tie together a common municipal or corporate theme.
Tree Guards image

Tree Guards

Most tree grate units are furnished standard with four inconspicuous guard lugs on the underside to facilitate attachment of tree guards.

Neenah Tree Guards are manufactured from hot rolled, pickled and oiled mild steel in the five standard illustrated styles. Guards are designed to be attached in four places to bolting lugs which are integrally cast to the underside of the tree grate.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Bridge Scuppers

Bridge Scuppers image

Bridge Scuppers

Neenah Foundry offers a variety of cast iron bridge and drain scuppers. Select from the categories to the right to find the bridge or drain scupper that is a perfect fit for your needs.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Valves & Gates

Valves & Gates image

Valves & Gates

The design and engineering that goes into our valves and gates is second to none. Whether you're looking for flap gates, drainage gates, shear gates or pressure relief valves, it's likely we have the exact casting you need. And if not, our pattern shop can make it for you.

Flap Gates
Shear Gates
Pressure Relief Valves

{{}} {{this.hide}} Site Furnishings

Site Furnishings image

Site Furnishings

Neenah Foundry's new line of tough, durable site furnishings are just as strong as the municipal products you know us for, with a sustainable visual aesthetic befitting an artist. Our lineup of site furnishings includes park benches, picnic tables, bollards, tree grates and bike racks. And because they're from Neenah, you know they're built in the foundry America has trusted for over 144 years.
Benches image


Neenah Park Benches are durable, long-lasting, comfortable and add a touch of beauty to any environment.
  • Bench supports are made from solid cast iron
  • Feature White Oak wood slats (composite slats are available)
  • Cast iron powder coat paint finish
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Available with optional bolting for feet
  • Standard Color: Black supports with natural wood (Optional color options for supports and slats are available)
  • American Made
Picnic Tables image

Picnic Tables

Neenah picnic tables are sustainable, durable and the most cost effective solution in the marketplace.
  • Solid construction
  • Cast iron powder coat finish
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Anchoring systems discourage theft
  • Available as ADA compatable
  • Variety of colors available
  • American Made
Bike Racks image

Bike Racks

Neenah Bike Racks are designed to quickly and easily transform downtown parking kiosk and post locations into durable and long-lasting and user-friendly bike racks.
  • Fits over standard parking meter posts
  • Constructed from durable cast iron
  • Available in powder coat paint or galvanized finishes
  • Security bolt feature reduces risk of theft
  • Option to personalize with community/town/city name
  • Bollard Style racks available
  • Serpentine steel pipe racks available in 5, 7, and 9 bike configurations / ASTM A53 Type F or S
  • American Made

{{}} {{this.hide}} Construction / Municipal Castings

Manhole Frames & Covers image

Manhole Frames & Covers

If you happen to glance down as you're crossing the street in your neighborhood or town, it's likely you'll step across a Neenah Foundry manhole cover. There are literally millions of our flagship products in towns all across the country. We manufacture cast iron manhole frames and covers in a variety of sizes, shapes and cover designs. Our pattern shop can even create a custom "logo lid" for your city or neighborhood.

Camlift Manhole Covers

Neenah Foundry now brings you the next generation in manhole covers, the Camlift. This means no more dead lifting covers that are too heavy, and helps reduced the time lost to job injuries. Camlift utilizes ductile iron to meet the load bearing capabilities required for airport and port conditions.
  • No dead lifting
  • Easy open and close feature
  • Helps reduce job injuries
  • No need for a pick-axe
  • Readily used in elevated manhole applications
  • One man operable
  • Ductile iron for heavy loading conditions
  • Superior stability and security
  • Controlled operation
Perforated Lids image

Perforated Lids

These perforated lids are ideal for areas with restricted water flow. The light-duty lids will vent the area and are best used in a low-volume application.
Liftmate Hinge System image

Liftmate Hinge System

The patent-pending LiftMate™ Hinge System eases operation and access while virtually eliminating many of the traditional hazards of working with manhole and grate covers. The LiftMate Hinge System uses a controlled motion pivot to help protect against excess strain and on-the-job injuries.
Manhole Adjusting Rings image

Manhole Adjusting Rings

For raising manhole covers when pavement is resurfaced.

Adjusting rings (or extension rings, as they are sometimes called) eliminate the necessity of raising or replacing existing manhole frames on resurfacing projects. The cover recess is the same depth and diameter as the existing manhole frame. Amount of raise coincides with thickness of resurfacing material, thereby bringing the manhole lid to new position flush with refinished roadway surfaces.
Manhole Steps image

Manhole Steps

Manhole Steps shown in this series are for use in conical shaped sanitary sewer manholes equipped with standard cast iron frames and covers.
Inlet Frames & Grates image

Inlet Frames & Grates

Neenah Foundry engineers a full line of high quality inlet frames and grates. Available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles, you're sure to find an inlet perfect for your needs. Use the drop down menus below to find the inlet frames and grates that fit your needs.
Combination Inlets image

Combination Inlets

Neenah Foundry engineers and manufactures a full line of combination inlets for a variety of uses. These inlets are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations to fit your unique specifications. Begin your search of our full line of combination inlets by selecting from the categories on the right.
Sedcatch Inlet Protection image

Sedcatch Inlet Protection

On a jobsite you need erosion control products that are reliable, products that stand up against the conditions and ensure that you are within the guidelines set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency when it comes to sediment collection. SedCatch Inlet Protection Products are your solution to managing sediment. Whether your jobsite is large or small, the SedCatch family of products is designed to get the job done thoroughly.
Roll & Gutter Inlets image

Roll & Gutter Inlets

Neenah Foundry engineers and manufactures a full line of cast iron roll and gutter inlets. These products are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations, so you're certain to find what you're looking for. In the off chance you don't, our experienced pattern shop can build the necessary patterns to your exact specifications. Select from the categories on the right to begin your search of our roll and gutter inlets.
Drainage Grates image

Drainage Grates

Neenah Foundry engineers and manufactures a full line of drainage grates for a variety of uses. Our beehive, inlet and ditch grates are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your unique specifications. Select from the categories on the right to begin your search of our full line of drainage grates.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Miscellaneous Products

Miscellaneous Products image

Miscellaneous Products

Neenah Foundry carries a wide variety of products to meet your every need.

Miscellaneous Products:

Areaway Grates Cleanout Frames Doors
Concrete Floor Protectors
Low Pressure water resistant frames
Curb Opening image

Curb Opening

Neenah Foundry offers a variety of heavy duty cast iron curb openings.
Ballast Screens image

Ballast Screens

Neenah Foundry offers a variety of round or rectangular cast iron ballast screens.
Catch Basin Traps image

Catch Basin Traps

Cast iron catch basin traps are used extensively on sewer catch basins or manholes to prevent clogging on sanitary systems. They provide a waterseal against escaping gases. Traps with drop type catch basins provide effective means of keeping pipe lines entirely clean. The drop portion of inlet retains all solid material, and the trap prevents all floating debris from entering outlet pipe.
Fastening Devices Pickholes image

Fastening Devices Pickholes

Neenah Foundry offers a variety of heavy duty cast iron fastening devices and pickholes.
Guards image


Neenah Foundry engineers and manufactures a full line of cast iron guards for a variety of uses. Our curb, sidewalk and wheel guards are available in a variety of configurations to fit your specs. Select from the categories on the right to begin your search of our full line of guards.

Curb Sidewalk Guards
Wheel Guards
Pipe Grates Lids image

Pipe Grates Lids

Neenah Foundry produces a series of heavy-duty and light-duty pipe grates and lids. These durable, gray, cast-iron grates and lids are designed to work with concrete pipe and withstand the toughest jobsite.
Sign Bases image

Sign Bases

Sign and Marker Bases
Heavy Duty Bases only furnished in cast iron. Special lettering available at additional cost. Cored hole for sign post is standard. Pipe tap is available if specified.
Stop Plates Grooves image

Stop Plates Grooves

Sewage Disposal Castings
Groove supplied in standard three-foot maximum lengths, with slot dimensions as shown in table. Fractional sections may be obtained to give any overall length required.
Vane Drain image

Vane Drain

Neenah's Cast Iron Slotted Vane Drain offers ease of installation along with the superior vaned configuration to capture previously unexpected quantities of water when placed perpendicular to the flow. Installation is accomplished by sawing a slot in the top of conventional PVC pipe, placing the pipe on grade, installing the Cast Iron Slotted Vane Drain in place and pouring the concrete. When used in conjunction with a vane grate inlet, virtually all of the water in the street, which would normally bypass the catch basin, can be captured. This permits the spacing between inlets to be increased. An additional benefit is the added safety factor obtained should the catch basin be plugged or covered with snow. The unit may also be installed wherever sheet flow capture is required.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Airport Castings

Airport Castings image

Airport Castings

Neenah is the leading North American supplier of trusted and durable airport castings. Through our position as the leader, in both specifications and sales, we at Neenah know what the industry and its conditions demand. We produce by specific product or we will create a specialty design to meet your needs. All of our products have been tested to meet industry standards and we have engineering data to support those tests. Call your local sales representative for further assistance.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Access & Hatch Covers

Access & Hatch Covers image

Access & Hatch Covers

Neenah Foundry engineers and manufactures a full line of cast iron access and hatch covers for a variety of uses. These access and hatch covers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your unique specifications. Select from the categories on the right to begin your search of our full line of access and hatch covers.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Resources

Manning Equation Calculator

The Modified Manning Equation is used to calculate flow velocities and volume (in cubic feet per second or cfs). This information is vitally important when selecting a grate type and size for a given project.

Weir & Orifice Calculator

The Weir and Orifice Calculator is used to determine the inlet capacity in sag (ponding) conditions by use of the Weir and Orifice equations. Knowing this information will allow you to select the proper grate type and size for your specific job or project.

Radius Calculator

To determine the number of plates needed, an arc length and a radius are needed. If the arc length is unknown, use the calculator to determine it by entering the radius and chord.

Inlet Spacing Calculator

For additional information regarding Neenah Inlet Grate Capacities, please contact Ryan Bonell P.E., at 920-729-3463 or email at, or Joe Falle P.E., at 920-729-3653 or email at

Curb Opening Hydraulics Calculator

The curb opening calculation is a program that will calculate the capacity of a curb opening on grade conditions, and will determine the length to capture a percentage of flow. This calculation is not to be used in conjunction with the modified Manning calculations for inlet grates.

Neenah Grate Information

The following table lists the Neenah catalog designs furnished with grates. In addition to the free opening areas which are necessary to determine the discharge, the tables also show the grate type or style which are shown below for easy identification.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Sales & Distribution

Sales & Distribution

We pride ourselves on providing timely service and delivery. Our sales staff is made up of experienced, knowledgeable and professional individuals ready to assist you with any of your requests. And to get you your product, we have 19 regional distribution centers located across the country. There's a Neenah Foundry sales representative and/or distribution center near you.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Buy American

Buy American

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 was enacted to stimulate the American economy by supporting American jobs. A "Buy American" provision in the Act mandates that "none of the funds ... made available by this Act may be used for a ... public building or public work unless all of the iron, steel, and manufactured goods used in the project are produced in the United States." Millions of Americans, such as those working at Neenah Foundry's seven manufacturing plants, rely upon this stimulus funding to protect their jobs and their families.

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