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States Industries LLC is a privately held, hardwood panel producer located in Eugene, Oregon, in the heart of America's wood products manufacturing region. We have established a reputation for innovation by consistently introducing products and processes targeted to improve our customer's capabilities and the value of their products.

Each workday at States, more than three hundred individuals bring their skill, ingenuity and dedication to the task of creating and supplying quality, hardwood panel products to North American woodworkers. Millwrights, electricians, press operators, finish line technicians and all of States' employees create a culture that supports and encourages the fullfillment of our customer's requests. States maintains bills-of-material for more than 400,000 constructions and typically adds 10 new ones daily, each to meet a customer's very specific application. No other manufacturer in our industry is more responsive to the specialized needs of woodworking.


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Soystrong Adhesives - SoyStrong™

SoyStrong™ is your mark of assurance that hardwood plywood from States Industries meets the most rigorous standards for indoor air quality. States' total commitment to soy-based adhesives means that all veneer-core panels are free from formaldehyde resins and are designated NAF for No-Added-Formaldehyde.

NAF/NAUF SoyStrong Specification Sheet

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Panel Manufacturing Process

Every part of the States panel can be created to match your precise specifications. Whether you need a small quantity suitable for custom remodel or large quantities for use in commercial applications. Our proprietary manufacturing process allows you to customize every detail about your panel form substrate to the veneer species to the color and unique properties of its NOVA finish. Choose your Substrate, Choose your Veneer, Choose finished or unfinished. Contact us for help select the right combination.
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Hardwood Panels - ApplePly®

ApplePly® is a uniquely designed States hardwood panel product. Constructed from uniform laminations of solid grade 1/16" birch, this all hardwood core panel is strong and lightweight with a minimum number of voids and a naturally attractive edge.
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Hardwood Panels - ArmorCore®

Lighter, tougher, flatter, harder, and stronger are the key attributes of States ArmorCore® substrates. For applications demanding superior performance, ArmorCore® is just what you're looking for. ArmorCore® combines the low weight and high strength advantages of veneer cored panels with the superior flatness and higher density of MDF.
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Veneer Cores  image

Veneer Cores

1 Step Veneer, or Conventional Construction is the least expensive way to manufacture a veneer core panel because all laminations including the face and back veneers are assembled and pressed at one time. The drawback to this method is that imperfections in the core veneers can transfer to the surface as high or low spots on the face and back.
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Composite Cores  image

Composite Cores

Particleboard is perhaps the least expensive core for hardwood plywood because its particles are less refined than MDF, yet it is perfect for many applications. It is smoother and more uniform than veneer cores and available in Class A fire ratings as well as no-added-urea-formaldehyde constructions. Particleboard is generally available 1/2" or thicker. While some hardwood plywood producers manufacture their own particleboard, most outsource this core material.
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Rotory  image


The entire log is peeled. This method can yield full sheets of veneer. The grain pattern is broad with no plain or quarter-sliced appearance.
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Rift Cut

An angle of 15 degrees to the radius of the flitch is used to minimize the ray flake effect in oak.
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Plain Sliced

The method produces grain pattern. Most logs will also yield some quarter appearance.
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Quarter Sliced

This method produces a series of stripes ' straight in some woods, varied in others. A flake pattern is produced when slicing through medullary rays in some species, principally oak.
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Unfinished Hardwood Panels

NOVA finishes are available in a wide range of options and can be combined as needed for specific applications or can be specified "UNFINISHED"

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Prefinished: Hardwood Panels image

Prefinished: Hardwood Panels - Nova®

High quality and beautiful finishes bring out the natural warmth of real wood-grain surfaces. States NOVA® prefinished hardwood panels are custom tailored to bring out that radiance in every application.

NOVA® offers unsurpassed prefinish options with clear, translucent, opaque and printed finishes. Select from satin, medium, and high gloss, or a custom gloss level with precise color matching for your specific application.
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Prefinished: Hardwood Panels image

Prefinished: Hardwood Panels - Nova Peak

NOVA PEAK panels allow shops to produce high quality case goods without extensive finishing capabilities. Pre-finished NOVA panels are used primarily on interior vertical surfaces such as cabinets, closets, fixtures and architectural interiors.

NOVA PEAK panels are a stock version of States' custom color capabilities. Since they are produced to stock and not to order, options are limited to the standard offering, ten colors on four species. There are two options on Oak, three on Maple, three on Cherry and two on Mahogany. Thicknesses include 1/4" MDF core and 3/4" ArmorCore. Face grades are A Cherry and Mahogany and B Maple and Oak. NOVA PEAK panels are finished on both sides.

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Prefinished: Hardwood Panels image

Prefinished: Hardwood Panels - Nova Lab

Nova Lab finishes have been formulated and applied to meet Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA) standards for chemical resistance. They are appropriate to use anywhere interior vertical surfaces are exposed to harsh chemicals, including laboratories, commercial kitchens, work rooms and testing centers.
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Wall Paneling image

Wall Paneling

Interior Wood Wall Coverings.

Wood wall paneling provides a natural, beautiful and durable surface for any interior. Large format panels (4' x 8') provide a fast and relatively inexpensive decorating solution.

Primarily designed for residential applications, wood wall paneling is also popular in cabins and recreational vehicles, as well as in commercial buildings like offices, churches, restaurants and retail stores.

Paneling is 48" wide by 96" high. In application, paneling is frequently cut to 32" or 48" high wainscoting. Thickness is 5/32", 1/4" or 3/8" depending on the species and pattern selected.

States currently offers forty individual wall paneling products. Selected panels may be flat, but most have a decorative pattern grooved or beaded into the surface. The most traditional pattern is called Orangeburg. It consists of vertical grooves at 4-8-4-7-9-6-4-6 inches across the panel's face. The Mark V groove pattern is 7-9-7-5-4-7-9. Beaded surfaces on 1-1/2" or 3" centers are also very popular.

Available species include Bamboo, Birch, Cedar, Cherry, Kaudamu, Oak and Pecan and stain colors run the gamut from light to dark. Certain paneling products use individual veneer components between each vertical groove to achieve a more authentic "plank" effect called random matching.

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Versa Hardwood Veneered Panel with a Melamine Back image

Versa Hardwood Veneered Panel with a Melamine Back

Provide opaque colors and wipe-down interiors, matched to natural wood veneer exteriors.

Versa is used to construct case goods with natural wood veneered exteriors and melamine-impregnated, paper interiors. Melamine interiors guarantee a mar and moisture resistant finish as well as offering opaque colors.

Versa panels pair one of six popular melamine colors and patterns with the full range of decorative hardwood veneers. Panels are typically produced on particleboard or MDF cores, but they are also available on ArmorCore®. Any of States' NOVA finishes may be applied to the veneered side.

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UpFront Cross Grained Panels image

UpFront Cross Grained Panels

To provide longer, joint free surfaces of vertical wood grains.

Counter fronts, cash wraps, kitchen islands and wainscoting are just a few of the places where UpFront cross grained panels are specified. They are appropriate anywhere a vertical grained span of more than 48" is indicated.

Available cores include lauan (for thin panels), Particleboard, MDF, ArmorCore® and Veneer Core. The availability of certain species and grades of cross grained face veneers must be determined at the time of the order. NOVA Clear finishes are also available.

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XTRA Atypical Sized Panels image

XTRA Atypical Sized Panels

Unique applications, requiring unusual thickness or lengths.

Thicker panels are used as shelving, countertops and in furniture and fixtures. Thinner panels are used as cabinet door inserts, drawer bottoms and panel skins. Ten foot panels may optimize yield or simply provide a longer, un-jointed span. Six and seven foot panels are typically for optimizing yields.

Composites, ArmorCore® and veneer cored panels, and many domestic face and back veneers are available in 120" lengths. Composite-cored, 120" panels are limited to 1-1/8" or less in thickness, while veneer or ArmorCore panels can be up to 1-1/4". Thin panels may be ordered in thickness sizes of 1/8", 5/32", 5.2mm, 5.3mm, 5.4mm, 5.5mm, 7/32" and 1/4". Panels thicker than 1" include ApplePly® at 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" and veneer core at 1-1/8", 1-1/4", 1-3/8" and 1-1/2". Composite panels are limited to 1-1/4".

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Componability Wood Components image

Componability Wood Components

Wood Components that are prefinished and edge banded

Components can speed production, eliminate labor and insure consistent quality.

Standard components are used in drawer boxes, closet standards, shelving and case good assemblies. Custom components can be used in any application that requires flat panel processing.

Componability includes drawer sides, shelving and Closet/Case Good panels in eight foot lengths, 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" thickness and widths from 3-1/2" through 24". Most components are sold in ten piece units.

Drawer sides are offered edge banded or bullnosed and with or without a kerf for a drawer bottom. Cores include veneer, ApplePly® and Baltic birch. Maple, Oak, Cherry and Birch veneers may be selected, as well as a combination of Maple and Aromatic Cedar. Closet/Case Good standards are available in the same species with one or both edges banded. Thirty-two millimeter drilling is also an option. All components are prefinished with the exception of the Aromatic Cedar veneers.

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Images & Patterns



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Architectural Sample Binder

Request a complimentary Architectural Sample Binder for your firm's library.

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