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AS Hanging Display Systems has been active in the area of art and display and interior specialty fittings since 1964, and a manufacturer and distributor of hanging systems for more than two decades, having completed over 30,000 installations in North America.

The breadth of product lines, quality of solutions, and professional service enables the company to continue leadership in providing unique hardware support for art, display materials and signage to a vast variety of business categories and institutions including museums and art galleries, custom framing enterprises, universities, libraries, commercial office buildings, hospitality and health care markets.

After all, we honestly believe that when you call you are choosing to do business with us, the people that collectively make AS Hanging Display Systems.

We believe you choose to do business with people and not a company. Hang with the Best®"


{{}} {{this.hide}} Casso® Display Rail

Casso® Display Rail image

Casso® Display Rail

In general business Casso™ Rail makes an excellent bulletin bar near the water cooler. Staff can post 'For Sale™ notices, ride share offers and sport team schedules in an orderly manner. Architects, artists and other creatives routinely employ it to review concepts. Healthcare centers use it to organize Get Well cards in patient rooms or post patient care notices.

At home your little Picasso can set up their own gallery in their room, which takes the pressure off your refrigerator.

Use it in school classrooms and corridors to display youth art and schoolwork. It is end-to-end mountable and compatible with 2 and 4-ply matte board. Best of all there are no thumb tacks, staples or other sharps. It is a 'corkless corkrail™ with all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks. 

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Tensioned Cable System

Tensioned Cable System image

Tensioned Cable System

For sleek, architectural impact, the Tensioned Cable System offers an engineered appearance that allows displayed items to ™float™ in front of a wall surface, tensioned between the ceiling and the floor. Using specialized picture hanging hardware, the cable is attached from an upper track down to a lower track, or alternately, between pairs of standoffs, allowing the cable to be tensioned between the upper and lower points. The result is a sophisticated, modern look that features parallel cables running from above to below the hanging object and the cables.

Tensioned Cable Hanging System hardware can be used to add tension to any of AS Hanging cable systems. Alternatively, you can use our standoff components, or point-to-point piers, in place of tracks to create a clean, organized, and aesthetically pleasing display. The display cable system is recommended if you are looking to create a permanently mounted display. Ideal uses include window merchandising, visual space dividers, directional signage, art, municipal announcements or even caf™ menus. If you plan to reposition your cables and rods frequently, a track system is your best bet. 

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Workplace Solutions

Workplace Solutions image

Workplace Solutions

Our collection of pre-packaged business hanging products include novel bulletin boards, easels that have no footprint, solutions for menu displays, and products for hanging objects from office panels. Business folks will be delighted with the Office Panel, Art Hanging Kit. This specialized display system is designed to hang from the top of a wall divider, commonly found among open office panel systems. It uses specialized fittings to display a bulletin board, calendar, photograph, or a small white board within a cubicle.

Another clever idea is the Menu Display Kit. This display system is designed to fit nicely in a front window or alcove, which provides prospective customers the opportunity to review food service menus, daily specials or upcoming events. The functionality of the display system is specifically designed for easy usage; it can easily be changed to include new items on a daily basis. How about an art rail that can be used to display school projects? Whether at home or at school, the intuitive design of the Casso' Display Rail will help the student in your life put their best work forward. Browse through AS Hanging's business hanging products to find a display system that meets the demands of any workplace or business. 

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Cable System

Cable System image

Cable System

A cable-based solution deployed from commercial strength open-faced track. Use either transparent nylon, or stronger steel cables. The hanging cable system is the perfect picture hanging solution for art displays, and particularly in galleries and museums, since these rails can support 300 lbs per track length. The use of cables for hanging pictures is less obtrusive than rods, which are also compatible with these tracks. The open face track design makes this system more convenient than our more discreet systems when used in rapidly changing decors. Either nylon or steel cables may be used with this system of wire hanging pictures. 

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Classic Gallery System

{{}} {{this.hide}} Contempo® System

Contempo® System image

Contempo® System

The Contempo® System is our most versatile wall hanging solution, with a specially designed wall track that can adapt to curved walls and straight walls equally well. Unlike other art display systems hardware, the sleek standoff mounted Contempo Track and thin design can overcome the challenges of hanging objects on 'difficult™ curved walls such as concave, convex and serpentine surfaces. You will also find this hanging system is compatible with both cables and rods, again emphasizing its versatility.

Perhaps equally compelling is that the Contempo art display system track is mounted from small standoffs. These, combined with geometric cable hangers and track profile, give this display system a smart and engineered appearance where interior fittings enhance an overall vision and design. This system may also be deployed with tensioned cables, allowing the displayed items to 'float™ in front of a wall surface.

Walls that may otherwise go bare can now be utilized to showcase artwork, photography, corporate branding and other wall displays - beautifully and securely.

Like all our hanging systems, the Contempo System can greatly reduce recurring wall patching and painting on display surfaces in commercial spaces. This sustainable solution is good for corporate budgets and for Mother Earth. Displays can be easily changed repeatedly, while avoiding damaging nails. 

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Click Rail System

Click Rail System image

Click Rail System

Ideal for highly designed spaces, small businesses and residential use, our Click Rail System is our most discreet hanging rail system. What makes it so unobtrusive is the unique design of the track, which can be mounted behind finish carpentry, moldings, trim, or even within a soffit so the track becomes completely hidden among interior architectural details.

The Click Rail System uses a special gallery rail that is mounted on the wall via patented clips. This hides all the mounting hardware from view. This clever picture rail design is then paired with equally clever, and exclusive, cables. Pick from transparent Nylon cords or very strong stainless steel cables. Either are inserted from below the track and incorporate a patented design. Simply, insert and twist. They may be inserted, or removed, along the entire length of the wall track. These inconspicuous cords and cables also work to minimize visual interference.

The Click Rail Systems may be used with a single overhead track and suspended cables, or in conjunction with a matched lower track to hold the cables in tension. This later approach offers a sharp, engineered or designed appearance that compliments most any display cable system. 

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Acrylic Pocket Display

Acrylic Pocket Display image

Acrylic Pocket Display

The Pocket Display System is endlessly versatile and is ideal for displaying a series of themed items. You can deploy standoffs or art tracks to suspend the acrylic pocket displays. Then, transform your wall into an engaging visual display. There are an abundant number of ways you can make use of pocket displays. Our customers have employed them to create brag walls, show real estate listings, display children's art, display public notices, showcase photography and more. This system is smartly designed so you can update your hanging items as frequently as desired.

The pocket display picture hanging track uses pockets and clamps to display your visuals and may be configured from any of our cable-based systems including the AS Hanging Cable System, Click Rail System, Contempo™ System as well as Point-to-Point Piers/Standoffs.

Pair your pocket display with our new series of Cable tensioners, which can handle significantly more tension than other tensioning springs. The result is a sleek high design presentation that will minimize cable movement within your display. Feel free to call Customer Support line to receive personalized design assistance. 

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Specialty Hangers

Specialty Hangers image

Specialty Hangers

A collection of specialty fittings and hardware items used to achieve various compatibilities. Alternate cables and mounting hardware are found here. If your structure includes original wooden art rails that were commonly found in homes and businesses built between the 1880s and the 1920s, on this page you will find what you need to once more put that picture rail to use. That rail was the earliest of all art hanging systems. AS Hanging offers a variety of special picture hanging supplies that have been designed to fit various settings. These include specialty picture rail hooks, cables, cable hooks and other products. 

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Reveal System

Reveal System image

Reveal System

This is our ultra-discreet solution. The track is imbedded in the wall and finishes flush with the surrounding gypsum board. It may be used with both suspended cables and/or rods. The system is capable of supporting 110 lbs. per linear foot and so it is also our strongest. The name conveys it is a reveal, which it is, first and foremost. Yet, this reveal can double as a track from which to mount displays, art, signage, what have you. What can be more sustainable than a reveal that serves double-duty, providing a completely new function in addition to the original purpose?

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Getting Started

Getting Started image

Getting Started

Our products, while simple in concept, may be confusing to those who have no prior experience with this type of hardware. Our products have been designed to allow the user to change locations or objects hanging from the system with great ease. The systems all work on the same principle: 

 1- Start with a track placed horizontally on the wall or ceiling. Alternately, select from fixed point "piers" or "hangers". 

 2- Select a cable or rod that hangs from one of the above. 

 3- Choose hook to connect your art or object to the above cable/rod. 

 There are many other variations to further customize your ultimate solution. More on these can be found on product pages for each system. 

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Architectural / Design Sample Kit

Architectural / Design Sample Kit image

Architectural / Design Sample Kit

The kit contains short samples of actual track sections that you can interact with. Also included are color samples of the various finishes that are available for your consideration. Additionally you receive a selection of shortened cables and rods and a few of our most popular hooks. For a complete list, see below. We have kept the cost low so you can experience all. 

 AS Hanging Display Systems Sample Kit includes: 


Wall Track (A1004 Series) 

One sample length of between 2 - 4 inches. Color: Will be random from anodized Silver or Champagne; or Painted White, semi-gloss (Warm) or Black. 

Product Line: Classic Gallery System, Cable System


Ceiling Track (A1008 Series) 

One sample length of between 2 - 4 inches. \

Color: Will be random from anodized Silver or Champagne; or Painted White, semi-gloss (Warm) or Black. 

Product Line: Classic Gallery System, Cable System.


Click Rail Track (E4001 Series) 

One sample length of between 2 - 4 inches. Also includes one Click & Connect connector. 

Color: Will be random from anodized Silver Satin, Champagne; or Painted White, semi-gloss (Warm), White, flat-finish (Cool), Black. 

Product Line: Click Rail System.


Contempo® Track (U5600 Series) 

 One sample length of between 2 - 4 inches. Also includes one spacer. 

 Color: Will be random from Natural; anodized Silver Satin, Champagne, Black. 

 Product Line: Contempo System.


Casso® Display Rail (K3000 Series) 

One sample length of between 2 - 4 inches. Also includes one Click and Connect Connector. 

Color: Will be random from anodized Silver Satin; or Painted White, flat-finish (Cool). Compatibility: Casso Display System


Color Samples 

Extruded aluminum color samples from which you may compare for tracks and rods. Colors: Silver Satin, Champagne, Black Anodized, White Painted semi-gloss (Warm).

Vertical Components 

 P-End Cable (C2004 Series) 

One sample length of stainless steel cable, 6 - 8 inches. 

Compatibility: Wall Track, Ceiling Track, Contempo Track, Display Reveal


 J-End Rod (B1005 Series)  

One sample length of aluminum rod between 6 - 8 inches.  

Color: Silver Satin 

Compatibility: Wall Track, Ceiling Track, Contempo® Track


P-End Rod (B1010 Series) 

One sample length of aluminum rod between 6 - 8 inches.  

Color: Silver Satin Compatibility: Wall Track, Ceiling Track, Contempo® Track, Display Reveal


J-End Cable/Cord (C2001 Series) 

One sample length of stainless cable, 6 - 8 inches long.

Compatibility: Wall Track, Ceiling Track, Contempo® Track


Twist-End Cable/Cord (E4030 Series) 

One sample of Nylon cord, 48" long. 

 Compatibility: Click Rail System


Ball-End Cable/Cord (C2006 Series) 

 One sample length randomly selected of stainless cable or Nylon cord, 6 - 8" long, packaged with C-Hook. 

 Compatibility: Contempo Track, Wall Track, Ceiling Track.


 Heavy-Classic Hook (B1015AK) 

Compatibility: Classic Gallery System Rods 

Secure Gripper Hook 

Compatibility: All AS Hanging Display Systems Stainless Cables and Nylon Cords. 


 Compatibility: All AS Hanging Display Systems Stainless Cables and Nylon Cords.

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