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Founded in Phoenix in 1959, Western Window Systems designs and manufactures door and window systems that bring indoor and outdoor spaces together. Inspired by modern living, our high-quality products are available in custom sizes, standardized sets, and massive dimensions for unlimited design possibilities in residential, prefab, retail, commercial, and multifamily projects. From superior craftsmanship and timeless design to exceptional customer service, Western Window Systems is a preferred choice of architects, builders, and homeowners throughout North America.


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Series 7600 Multi-Slide Door image

Series 7600 Multi-Slide Door

The Series 7600 is packed with innovations that address energy and structural requirements, all while retaining the design elements that have made it a favorite of architects.
  • Energy efficient in a variety of weather conditions
  • Infinitely customizable
  • Available in heights up to 15 feet in most markets
Series 7650 Sliding Glass Door image

Series 7650 Sliding Glass Door

Our strongest and most energy-efficient sliding glass door ever features a modern sill option that creates a cleaner and smoother transition from the indoors to the outside.
  • Available in heights up to 15 feet in most markets
  • Our signature Quad-Zilla roller is able to handle extreme panel sizes and heavy glass
  • Featuring Cardinal IG glass to deliver solar control and offer high visibility
Series 7950 Bi-Fold Door image

Series 7950 Bi-Fold Door

As durable as it is impeccably designed, the Series 7950 is built with premium-grade materials and a signature aluminum extrusion design utilizing proprietary Insulbar technology to further reduce energy consumption.
  • A single track minimizes wall depth
  • STC-rated for acoustic performance
  • Compliant with Californias rigorous Title 24 requirements
Series 7630 Window Wall image

Series 7630 Window Wall

For a glass wall that can span an entire faade the Series 7630 delivers a durable, energy-efficient solution that allows for a modern look and more glass in a variety of weather conditions.
  • Complete customization allows for sliding glass doors, ventilating windows, and hinged doors to directly mull to any combination of windows
  • A performance grade of CW-PG100 at sizes up to 5 feet by 10 feet - Available in heights up to 16 feet, depending on the application
Series 7670 Casement Window image

Series 7670 Casement Window

The Series 7670 hinges on the side, swings outward to the left or right, and provides excellent top-to- bottom closing.
  • Butt hinges and a roto operator make for effortless operability
  • Available in widths from 18 to 36 inches and heights from 18 to 95.5 inches
Series 7660 Awning Window image

Series 7660 Awning Window

The Series 7660 hinges on the top and opens outward from the bottom with a double-scissor arm. It is ideal for providing natural light and ventilation to small areas.
  • Available in widths from 20 to 60 inches and heights from 18 to 48 inches
  • Motorized operator available for awning windows in hard-to- reach areas
Series 7675 Fixed Window image

Series 7675 Fixed Window

This non-operational window is designed to maximize viewing areas and allow more natural light into a room. It is commonly used in conjunction with casement and awning windows. Matching sightlines create a clean, smooth appearance.

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Series 600 Multi-Slide Door image

Series 600 Multi-Slide Door

The Series 600 features large, unobstructed rolling glass panels that stack or slide into pockets for extra-wide openings that eliminate the barrier between the indoors and the outside. These moving walls of glass expand living spaces, frame beautiful views, and let in fresh air and natural light.
  • Panels up to 7 feet wide and 12 feet tall
  • Total flexibility. The Series 600 can be designed to go around curves, bypass obstacles, bi-part in the center, and create open corners
  • Available with thermally broken aluminum for colder climates
Series 2600 Aluminum-Clad Multi-Slide Wood Door image

Series 2600 Aluminum-Clad Multi-Slide Wood Door

With the Series 2600, the homeowner gets the beauty and warmth of wood, with panels that can be stained or painted to fit any style of project, on the inside and durable, low-maintenance aluminum on the outside.
  • Panels up to 7 feet wide and 12 feet tall.
  • Total flexibility. The Series 2600 can be designed to go around curves, bypass obstacles, bi-part in the center, and create open corners
Series 9500 Bi-Fold Door image

Series 9500 Bi-Fold Door

Designed to smoothly stack and fold against a side wall, the Series 9500 creates a huge opening from corner to corner. The Series 9500 also is available as a folding, stacking window.
  • Available with up to 16 panels (eight in each direction) that are up to 6 feet wide and 12 feet tall
  • Can be specified to swing inward or outward
  • Sealed stainless steel ball bearing rollers make the Series 9500 easy to operate
Series 600 Sliding Glass Door  image

Series 600 Sliding Glass Door

The Series 600's single-track sliding system allows for two, three, or four stackable panels for a wide variety of openings. The narrow, contemporary profile allows for more glass and natural light.
  • Available in nearly any configuration (including an option to bi-part in the center) with panels up to 6 feet wide and 12 feet tall
  • Options include thermally broken aluminum (for colder climates) and screen for optimal ventilation and protection against pests.
Series 980 Pivot Door image

Series 980 Pivot Door

The Series 980's bold, modern look features a unique distribution of weight perfect for large entryways and a huge single panel of glass. Its aluminum frame means its energy efficient and low-maintenance, and it's customizable for most any residential or commercial project.
  • Able to swing in or out
  • Ideal in environments where a screen is not necessary
  • Capable of meeting Americans with Disabilities Act requirements
  • Able to be partnered with any of Western Window Systems' window styles
Series 900 Hinged Door image

Series 900 Hinged Door

Combining durability, precision, and protection with a contemporary aesthetic and easy maintenance, the Series 900 is perfect for both residential and commercial projects. The Series 900 is suitable in a main entrance, interior passage, or patio, deck, or balcony.
  • Fully customizable, with single or double inswing or outswing configurations, handles, locks, sizes, and finishes
  • Energy efficient, built to last, and tested for durability by the NFRC and AAMA
Series 600 Window Wall image

Series 600 Window Wall

The completely customizable window wall replaces exterior barriers with expanses of glass that let in light and frame beautiful views. From single-panel to door-size to wall-size, the Series 600 comes in virtually limitless sizes and shapes of glass, and it can be integrated hinged doors, sliding doors, and operable window styles.
  • Available with thermally broken aluminum frames for optimum energy efficiency
  • Glass can be customized in a variety of types, colors, and thicknesses for improved privacy, protection, and thermal efficiency.
Series 670 Casement Window image

Series 670 Casement Window

The Series 670 hinges on the side, swings outward to the left or right, provides excellent ventilation. It also features a hidden, multi-point locking system.
  • Butt hinges and a roto operator make for effortless operability
  • Available in widths from 16 to 42 inches and heights from 16 to 120 inches
  • Screen is optional
Series 670 Push-Out Casement image

Series 670 Push-Out Casement

This low-maintenance aluminum window opens easily with the turn of a handle and a light push. Countless sizes and finishes allow for complete customization.
  • Features durable locking handles
  • Available in widths of 16 to 36 inches and heights of 16 to 72 inches
Series 670 Casement Awning image

Series 670 Casement Awning

This awning window hinges on the top and opens outward from the bottom with a double-scissor arm. It is ideal for providing natural light and ventilation to small areas.
  • Available in widths from 21 to 60 inches and heights from 16 to 48 inches
  • Motorized operator available for awning windows in hard-to- reach areas
  • Screen is optional
Series 670 Casement Hopper image

Series 670 Casement Hopper

The hopper, which hinges on the bottom and opens from the top, is ideal for places where space is limited for a window to extend to the exterior of the home. When used in basements, it helps prevent leaves, dust, and debris from blowing inside while still providing ventilation.
  • Available in widths from 16 to 60 inches and heights from 16 to 48 inches
  • Locks with a pawl handle or ring pull
  • Screen is optional
Series 610 Single-Hung Window image

Series 610 Single-Hung Window

The Series 610 features a fixed top sash and an operable bottom sash that slides up to open. It can be glazed on the inside, making for easier installation on commercial projects.
  • Screen is included
  • The single-hung window can be directly mulled to most of Western Window Systems' product lines, including hinged doors, sliding doors, and fixed window walls.
Series 620 Sliding Window image

Series 620 Sliding Window

With its two or three sashes aligned horizontally, the Series 620 can slide left or right. One sash slides open in a single slider. A double slider allows both sashes to open.
  • Countless sizes and finishes allow for complete customization
  • Screen included
  • Double sash option is available up to 96 inches in width and 72 inches in height.
  • Triple sash windows also are available.

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Serenity Now image

Serenity Now

Take a 1950s-era single-family home, add an architect known for eye-popping design, and throw in the nearly perfect weather found in Santa Barbara, California, and you get Glendessary Lane, a magnificent renovation that makes the most of large glass and year-round indoor-outdoor living.

The 2,300-square-foot home has four huge moving walls of glass that connect the interior of the open floor plan with a serene yard accented with water and fire elements.
Riverfront Tranquility image

Riverfront Tranquility

On a particularly picturesque piece of land on the Colorado River outside Austin, architect Sean Guess has created a beautiful single-level home providing residents with unfettered views of the river and a prime example of Texas-style indoor-outdoor living.
Pure Michigan image

Pure Michigan

In northern Michigan, the summer ™ with its blue skies, low humidity, and pleasant temperatures ™ is short but wonderful. Vacationers and residents alike know their window for a supreme indoor-outdoor living experience is small, so they don™t take it for granted.

On Glen Lake, just a few miles from Lake Michigan and nestled up next to Sleeping Bears Dunes National Lakeshore, is a Midcentury Modern renovation that makes the most of this summertime paradise.

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Space Saver image

Space Saver

On a quiet corner lot near Santa Monica™s Ocean Park neighborhood, just blocks from the Pacific Ocean, architect Jennifer Siegal made the most of her unique talent in utilizing prefabricated modules to create an eye-catching home.

Working with a lot measuring only 25 feet wide by 100 feet long, Siegal, owner of Venice, California-based architecture firm Office of Mobile Design, carefully fitted two stacking prefab modules to form the two-story 2,330-square-foot home.
The Toast of Napa Valley image

The Toast of Napa Valley

Sometimes we get the pleasure of being involved in projects that leave us salivating over the beauty of their locations. This Marmol Radziner Prefab, which overlooks a beautiful winery in Napa Valley, is one such project. Rolling hills, beautiful trees and, of course, amazing architecture are a sight for any eye to see. Marmol's use of Western's 600 Series Window Wall and multi-slide doors let natural light our in and allow for maximization of a perfect view.
Pining for Prefab image

Pining for Prefab

This beautiful prefab home was designed and built by the celebrated firm Marmol Radziner Prefab. The bold lines and simple style make this a popular home amongst the design community, highlighted by the placement of the project on the cover of Dwell magazine's December 2011 Prefab Perfected issue. Western is privileged to be the exclusive window and door supplier on Marmol's prefab projects (this one being one of our favorites).

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Location, Location, Location image

Location, Location, Location

Unspoiled Pacific views in a rehabbed midcentury La Jolla classic.

Longtime San Diego architect Doug Austin has more than a few prestige credits under his belt, not the least of which was his appointment by the city's mayor to oversee the design and construction of the San Diego Padres' home, Petco Park.

And Austin's latest high-profile undertaking? Designing a renovation project that recently went on the market at the highest-ever asking price for a condominium in San Diego County history $10.1 million.
Windows to Our World image

Windows to Our World

An eye-popping office and manufacturing facility as fun as it is functional.

To get down to the business of designing Western Window Systems™ new manufacturing and corporate headquarters, international architecture firm Ware Malcomb first had to get know the company, its employees, its culture.

Ware Malcomb™s takeaways? A sense of creativity, fun, high energy, and working hard. Oh, and awesomeness.

So awesomeness is what lead architect Kevin Evernham aimed for. And he nailed it.
Beautiful Music Together image

Beautiful Music Together

In the small town of Idyllwild, California, is an architecturally impressive new performing arts center befitting the beauty of the valley in which it sits, in the shadow of Mount Jacinto, west of Palm Springs.

Completed in the fall of 2016, the William M. Lowman Concert Hall is a 298-seat auditorium that serves as the heart of the campus of Idyllwild Arts, one of the country™s top music prep schools, from which students from around the world graduate to eventually perform in the nation™s major orchestras.
Maui Makeover image

Maui Makeover

After 30 years, it was time for an upgrade of the doors at Aston at The Whaler at Kaanapali Beach in Lahaina, Hawaii. Aston Hotels & Resorts turned to Western Window Systems to replace the sliding doors in all 410 units in two 12-floor towers of the resort. The new Series 600 Sliding Doors, each with a white painted finish, are insulated, low-E glass doors that allow for energy efficiency. The biggest doors (184 by 99 inches) were installed by Glass Products Hawaii in 215 units, while 120 units now benefit from 160-by-99-inch sliders.

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Energy Efficiency and Sustainability image

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

We promote sustainability initiatives throughout Western Window Systems and strive to develop luxury door systems and windows that are as energy efficient as possible. Our signature designs allow for more glass, light, and fresh air while still providing energy savings and long-term performance. When we manufacture our products, we utilize materials and resources as effectively as we can. And because we build our products to last, they stay out of landfills longer.

Best of all, because our products are completely customizable, you can select or combine options that meet your project's performance requirements.

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Western Window Systems™ aluminum windows were chosen as the favorite of Peninsula Publishing subscribers in the company™s 15th annual Building Materials Brand Preference Survey. Read more ..

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