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CAST CONNEX is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of cast steel structural components used in buildings and bridge construction.

We simplify the design and enhance the performance of structures by enabling Architects and Engineers to use cast steel connections. We take pride in collaborating in the creation of safer, innovative, and beautiful built environments.

We also offer design and design-build services for custom cast steel nodes and components.


CAST CONNEX® Universal Pin Connectors™  

CAST CONNEX® Universal Pin Connectors™ are sleek, clevis-type standardized fittings designed to connect to hollow structural section (HSS) elements for use in architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) applications. The connectors have been carefully sculpted to provide smooth transitional geometry that is otherwise unachievable using standard fabrication practices.

As fabrication of true-pin connections to hollow structural section (HSS) members is difficult, particularly when aesthetics are a concern, the use of Universal Pin Connectors vastly simplifies the design, detailing, and fabrication of critical architecturally exposed structural connections and significantly improves the aesthetic value of the finished assembly.

Universal Pin Connectors are a complete connection solution, as they are supplied with the associated carbon steel pins and electropolished stainless steel washers, cap plates, and cap screws.

  • Smooth, curving transitions from every viewpoint
  • Eye-catching end connections for compression struts, column bases, truss web members, or anywhere a load bearing true-pin connection is desired
  • Elegance with a known cost, unlike traditional AESS connections which tend to escalate in cost after the bid is awarded
  • Connection details provided with tabulated connection capacities
  • Dramatically simplified fabrication and a fraction of the grinding that typically accompanies AESS
  • Consistent and reliable architectural appearance

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CAST CONNEX® Architectural Tapers™  

CAST CONNEX® Architectural Tapers™ are hollowed, cast structural steel conical tapers designed to connect to hollow structural section (HSS) elements for use in architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) applications.

Fabrication of hollow conical steel tapers is difficult, and often times steel contractors will shy away from projects calling for such details. The specification of CAST CONNEX Architectural Tapers will ensure availability, cost effectiveness, and consistency in appearance and quality.

Also consider specifying Architectural Tapers in conjunction with CAST CONNEX® Universal Pin Connectors™ in AESS applications that may benefit from clean, pin-type connections.

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New - CAST CONNEX® Diablo™ Bolted Splices  

CAST CONNEX® Diablo™ Bolted Splices are cast steel fittings that enable unobtrusive field bolted splices between circular hollow sections. The fittings are designed such that the bolted connection is inboard of the outer diameter of the connected elements. Splices made with Diablo Bolted Splices can be sheathed in thin-gauge plate to completely conceal the splice or can be left uncovered for a sleek, technical connection aesthetic.

Diablo Bolted Splices are supplied including drilled bolt holes. All of the fittings can accommodate four fasteners, though our fittings for 12.75-inch (324 mm) outer diameter HSS can also be supplied to accommodate 8 fasteners. Hand wrenches must be used for bolt tensioning in the field. Fasteners and cover plates (if required) are not included.

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New - CAST CONNEX® Timber End Connectors™  

CAST CONNEX® Timber End Connectors™ are clevis-type fittings designed to connect to the ends of heavy timber or glue-laminated structural elements loaded in predominately tension or compression for use in architecturally exposed applications.
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CAST CONNEX Custom Components  

CAST CONNEX provides design and design-build services for custom cast steel components. We specialize in the structural engineering of cast steel components for building and bridge structures. Our experience with steel castings for structural and architectural uses is unparalleled. Our areas of expertise include industrial design and 3-dimensional modeling, finite element stress analysis, steel connection design, casting detailing, steel casting manufacturing and technologies, destructive structural testing of full-scale cast steel components and structural assemblages, performance-based casting and non-destructive examination specification writing.

We leverage steel casting manufacturing to offer our clients unparalleled opportunities for optimization and beauty in structural form. We'll work with you to design your custom cast steel components to ensure that they provide the desired aesthetic, carry loads safely and efficiently, integrate with your structural steel framing, and are castable and economical.

We've been engaged by and provided our services to owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, and steel fabricators in both public and private projects and have provided both design only as well as design-build solutions.

Consider custom castings for:

  • Architecturally exposed connections; particularly for connecting HSS elements or to mate between various materials (i.e. steel to timber)
  • Complex connections subjected to arduous loading or where increased connection stiffness is required
  • Fatigue critical connections
  • Advanced components providing specific performance or function (i.e. rockers, couplers, dissipaters, etc.)

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CAST CONNEX® High Strength Connectors™  

CAST CONNEX® High Strength Connectors™ simplify and improve connections to round hollow structural section (HSS) brace members in seismic-resistant concentrically braced frames.

High Strength Connectors are standardized, capacity-designed brace end connectors that accommodate bolted double-shear connection between round HSS braces and a typical corner gusset plate. By eliminating shear lag in the brace connection and standardizing connection details, use of the connectors vastly simplifies connection design. As the connectors eliminate the need to field weld braces to the frame, they significantly speed erection and reduce the cost of special inspection.

  • Pre-designed and detailed connections dramatically reduce engineering time and effort
  • Modular design minimizes detailing and accelerates fabrication
  • Elimination of field welding reduces the cost of erection and special inspection
  • Rest assured using standardized, code-listed connections (ICC-ES ESR-3031) that meet all of the SCBF / OCBF connection requirements of AISC 341 and the Type MD / LD connection requirements of CSA S16

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New - CAST CONNEX Cast Bolted Brackets™ (CBB)  

CAST CONNEX® Cast Bolted Brackets- (CBB) are a prequalified connection for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames per AISC 358 and can be used in the retrofit of seismically deficient steel moment framed buildings or in new construction. The CBB moment connection is designed to eliminate field welding and, when used in new construction, to facilitate frame erection.

There are two types of CBB available - those accommodating bolted connection to the beam flange (B-series) and those accommodating welded connection to the beam flange (W-series). Both types are designed to enable field bolting of the beam to the column, thus eliminating field welding. The B-series CBB are particularly well-suited to retrofit, as they offer a weld-free option for addressing seismically deficient steel moment frames.

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CAST CONNEX® Scorpion™ Yielding Connectors  

CAST CONNEX® Scorpion™ Yielding Connectors are modular, replaceable, standardized hysteretic fuses that provide enhanced ductility and improved performance in the retrofit of seismically deficient structures or for use in the Seismic Force Resisting System of new structures.

Each Scorpion Yielding Connector (SYC) consists of specially designed cast steel and fabricated elements which connect to and transmit forces between the end of a traditional brace member and the beam-column intersection of a concentrically braced frame. The SYC remains elastic during ordinary building service loading and provides energy dissipation during a sizable earthquake through the cyclic inelastic flexural deformation of the SYC's cast steel yielding fingers. The system exhibits a full, symmetric hysteresis characterized by an increase in stiffness at brace elongations greater than the design level. This increase in stiffness is a result of the second-order change in geometry of the yielding fingers, each of which is shaped to promote the spread of plasticity along its entire length.

  • As SYC devices are standardized, the cost and delay associated with additional project-specific testing is typically eliminated.
  • SYCs exhibit a stable and reliable post-yield stiffness which increases at large deformations. This behavior results in a better distribution of yielding over a building's height and decreases the likelihood of the formation of a "soft story," which is a significant concern with bracing elements that provide little or no post-yield stiffness like traditional Buckling Restrained Braces and friction damping systems.
  • Due to the high elastic stiffness of the SYC devices, the brace member selected by the engineer of record has a significant contribution to the elastic stiffness of the assembly. This uncouples the elastic stiffness from the yield load of the brace. With SYCs, engineers can design the system to have a low yield force and a high elastic stiffness, thereby minimizing expected story drifts while simultaneously reducing the seismic forces that develop in the lateral force resisting system during a design-level earthquake.
  • Unlike traditional Buckling Restrained Braces where the core of the brace is not accessible, the yielding fingers of the SYC device can be inspected for signs of significant damage after an earthquake event, offering building owners a way to gauge whether replacement of the brace is necessary. SYC devices can also be more readily replaced following a sizable earthquake.
  • Because all inelastic behavior is confined within the SYCs, engineers are provided with the flexibility to use the devices in several structural configurations, including a single bay, single storey X configuration - a configuration that reduces the number of frames which are obstructed by the lateral force resisting system and, in the case of retrofit, can reduce the costs of replacing building envelope and finishes after installation.
  • SYCs dissipate seismic energy through yielding of specially designed, triangular shaped steel yielding fingers. Unlike friction damping systems, the long-term behaviour of a hysteretic yielding system is well understood and the seismic properties of the device are not dependant on the long-term characteristics of normal force generating elements or frictional surfaces.

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