Steel Framing and Metal Lath Systems

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City of Industry, CA 91746
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Phone: 626-369-3564
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LEED data

Framing Channel  

Framing Channel: S-NonStructural

Framing Channel: S-Structural

Framing Channel: SSCJ

Framing Channel: T

Framing Channel: T-Horizontal

Framing Channel: T-Structural

Framing Column  

Framing Column: S-Column

Framing Column: S-NonStructural-Column

Framing Column: S-Structural-Column

Framing Column: T-Column

Framing Column: T-Column-Structural

Framing Joist  

Framing Joist: S-Joist-Holes

Framing Sheathing  

Framing Sheathing: SURE-BOARD-SERIES200

Framing Sheathing: SURE-BOARD-SERIES200B

Framing Sheathing: SURE-BOARD-SERIES200S-F

Framing Sheathing: SURE-BOARD-SERIES200S-P

Framing Sheathing: SURE-BOARD-SERIES200W

Framing Stud  

Framing Stud: S

Framing Stud: VIPER-VS

Framing Stud: VIPER-VT

Framing Support  

Framing Support: DeflectionDriftAngle-DDA

Framing Support: DeflectionDriftAngle-DDA-1

Framing Support: FAS-STRAP

Framing Support: HOTROD-TYPE-X

Framing Track  

Framing Track: CST

Framing Track: DL1

Framing Track: DL2

Framing Track: EST

Framing Track: FAS-JTrack

Framing Track: FAS-Track-1000

Framing Track: FAS-Track-1000DL

Framing Track: FAS-Track-BT1000

Framing Track: SLP-TRK

Framing Track: TAB-Track