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At Guardiar we understand the ever-evolving threat landscape and that every security situation is unique. We design, engineer and manage integrated solutions that solve complex perimeter security challenges throughout the world.

Our security solutions protect high-risk industries such as critical infrastructure, oil & gas, energy, borders and data centers.

Applying market-leading security systems and technologies, Guardiar delivers total perimeter security solutions.


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Physical Perimeter Protection image

Physical Perimeter Protection

Protection from harm
Physical security designed to give you peace of mind by preventing unauthorized access to your facility and resources and protecting your people and property from harm or damage.
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Temporary Perimeter Protection

Rapidly deployed protection
Designed for ease of installation and suitable for use on all types of surfaces. Surface-mounted crash-rated solutions provide the same extreme level of security of other similar in-situ solutions.
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Access Control

Authorized, restricted access
An essential part of any physical security system is ensuring that only authorized persons, vehicles and materials are allowed to enter, move within, and exit a facility. Our range of impact-tested solutions provide extreme countermeasures to unwanted access.

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Oil & Gas image

Oil & Gas

With an increase in criminally and politically motivated targeted attacks, this industry is faced with real concerns including employee safety, disruption to operations and severe damage to facilities. To operate safely in these often high-risk or remote areas, effective security has become a prerequisite for sustaining operations and welfare. Guardiar specializes in the design, engineering and management of total perimeter security solutions that have helped numerous oil and gas operators across the globe protect their site perimeters.
Energy & Utilities image

Energy & Utilities

Electric power is indispensable to critical infrastructure functions such as data storage, transportation, telecommunications and emergency services and general wellbeing of people. The protection of energy sites is therefore vital. With the growing threat of sabotage, criminal activity and terrorism, energy facilities are becoming increasingly vulnerable. Guardiar understands the risks faced by the energy industry and specializes in total perimeter security solutions that protect against physical attacks.
Data Centers image

Data Centers

With the exponential growth of data usage across various industries, data centers are responsible for safeguarding highly sensitive and confidential data. Protecting these important facilities and their reputations from targeted sabotage or criminally motivated attacks is paramount. Guardiar specializes in the design, engineering and management of total perimeter security solutions that protect data centers against physical breach attempts. With the successful design and integration of perimeter solutions around the world, Guardiar has positioned itself as the trusted partner of choice.
Critical Infrastructure image

Critical Infrastructure

The security of critical infrastructure such as airports, harbors, diplomatic facilities and water plants is vital to our existence. Damage to critical infrastructure, including its destruction or disruption by terrorism, criminal activity or malicious behavior threatens to have far-reaching political and economic consequences. Guardiar understands these multifaceted critical infrastructure environments and offers total perimeter security solutions specifically configured to meet each requirement.
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With the increase in global conflict and political instability, international borders are becoming increasingly vulnerable to organized crime and the ever-present threat of terrorist activities. Our high-security, wide-area and remote location border protection systems support border protection agencies across the globe and ensure the safe and secure passage of legal travelers, while protecting against illegal crossings.

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Bollards - Decorative image

Bollards - Decorative

SecureUSA's bollard finishes and decorative sleeves are available in a wide range of aesthetically-pleasing designs and materials and can be custom designed to match the dA1/2cor of the existing building. Get A Quote.
Bollards - Fixed image

Bollards - Fixed - SENTRY

Fixed bollards are typically used to create a "stand-off" zone around critical buildings and assets that are vulnerable to vehicular intrusion. The Fixed Bollard series creates a secure but unobtrusive pedestrian-friendly environement. The SENTRY fixed bollard series has a wide range of crash ratings to meet your site's specific security needs. A range of decorative options can compliment your facility's architecture and blend in with the surrounding decor. The SENTRY fixed bollard series also meets ADA requirements and LEEDS manufacturing guidelines. SENTRY fixed bollards offer great flexibility due to varying depth options.
Bollards - Retractable image

Bollards - Retractable - SENTRY

This pollution-free range of bollards have no equal in the industry. The all electric design with a wide range of crash ratings and aesthetic options is the number one choice for architects in designing first class buildings and gaining LEED certification by contributing up to six categories. Security and system integration are easily tackled with the robust PLC and VFD output capabilities of the SENTRY Electric Bollard solution. The manual version has similar features and is unique in the fact that it can be upgraded to electric operation at any future time if required.
Bollards - Shallow Mount image

Bollards - Shallow Mount - SideWALK'

These bollards carry an ASTM-PU40 to M50 crash rating giving your facility the security it needs while also having decorative options to enhance your perimeter aesthetics. The SideWALK' shallow mount bollards were developed to overcome the installation challenges commonly found in urban environments where underground infrastructure and utilities prevent deeper excavation.
Canopies and Guard Booths image

Canopies and Guard Booths

SecureUSA offers an extensive selection of canopies, guard booths, traffic and bus shelters, press boxes, and walkway covers. All are built to last using high quality aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. Our pre-manufactured shelters are durable, attractive, and can be equipped with budget-conscious features such as state-of-the-art LED solar lighting for pedestrian safety. Because our products are factory fabricated, ready for shipping and on-site installation, we boast the fastest project turnaround time of anyone in the business. The advantage to you is easier field construction with more than competitive overall project pricing.
Crash Gates image

Crash Gates - SecureGATE

The SecureGATE Range comprises three basic types: High Speed Vertical Lift Crash Arm, High Security Crash Beam, and Cantilever Sliding Gate Styles. The SecureGATE Series utilizes SecureUSA's proprietary all eletric technology and control systems to create comprehensive integration capabilities. Backed by industry crash certification, the SecureGATE series have been designed and certified to meet ASTM crash standards with multiple crash rating options to meet your site's specific security needs. SecureUSA's SecureGATE range has been developed in cooperation with product partners providing the very best options available market space.
Electric Vehicle Barrier image

Electric Vehicle Barrier - FutureWEDGE™ 2400

The FutureWEDGE™ 2400 electric vehicle barrier is a single buttress bolt down design, offering effective traffic control with crash rated protection. It is an ideal solution for parking garages, colleges, business and educational campuses, and stadium access points requiring crash rated protection at an affordable price. The FutureWEDGE™ 2400 has a plate height of 24 inches in the fully armed position and is capable of stopping and immobilizing a 10,000 lb vehicle traveling at 30 mph, commonly referred to as a K2/PU40 crash rating. Single entrances up to 15 feet in width can be secured with this barrier. It is standard with LED stop/go lights and can be ordered with a fully-integrated gate arm assembly.
Electric Vehicle Barriers image

Electric Vehicle Barriers - FutureWEDGE™ 3100

The FutureWEDGE™ 3100 is a versatile, environmentally-friendly, all electric vehicle barrier designed to meet a variety of perimeter security demands. Depending on your site's crash rating requirements, the FutureWEDGE™ 3100 comes in four practical versions, with the highest rating capable of stopping and immobilizing a 15,000 lb vehicle traveling up to 50 mph. The FutureWEDGE™ 3100 vehicle barrier is a pollution-free solution utilizing an electric actuator designed to meet or exceed the operating speeds of hydraulic systems . There are no hydraulic hoses or polluting oil, which are common causes of barrier failure and costly maintenance. This patented, precision-built, new generation barrier reduces installation and maintenance costs while improving reliability at an overall lower life cycle cost.
Electric Vehicle Barrier image

Electric Vehicle Barrier - FutureWEDGE™ 3600

The FutureWEDGE® 3600 is an all electric, final denial, flush surface vehicle barrier. With a super shallow sub-frame (depth of only 12″) combined with the wedge plate design, this barrier is the logical choice when looking for an electric active vehicle barrier. The all electric, precision design is environmentally preferable and provides smooth operation, increased traffic flow, and reduced maintenance. The FutureWEDGE® 3600 qualifies for up to six LEED categories, has lower life cycle costs, is easy to install, and we offer extended warranty options. The flush surface design does not inhibit any aspect of the roadway (including snowplows) when in the down position.
Electric Vehicle Barriers image

Electric Vehicle Barriers - FutureWEDGE™ RAC

The FutureWEDGE® RAC vehicle barrier is an all electric, surface-mounted, active barrier that features easy setup and installation. The barrier controls and EPU are all self contained within the barrier buttress making the FutureWEDGE® RAC a true "plug and activate" vehicle access control system. The FutureWEDGE® RAC barrier is designed to stop and immobolize light trucks and passenger vehicles. This innovative vehicle barrier includes an onboard gate arm and signal lights that increases safety and lowers cost.
Fencing Series image

Fencing Series

SecureUSA's wide range of fencing options and direct integration with intrusion detection allows for a unique set of features to meet your site's specific needs and meet your over all security objectives.

SecureUSA Fencing Series includes all types of standard fencing options plus additional security features such as anti-ram, anti-climb, decorative options, and SMART detection. Each security fencing application is different in security needs and objectives because of the wide variance in need. SecureUSA offers multiple configuration options allowing you to select fence type in conjunction with decorative appearance and additional features that may be needed.
Intrusion Detection image

Intrusion Detection

The purpose of a standoff zone utilizing vehicle barriers, crash rated fences, and intrusion detection technologies is to prevent entry and determine at a safe distance, if a human subject or an approaching vehicle is carrying concealed explosives or weapons. Standoff defense and intrusion detection is perceived as the greatest challenge facing the "at-risk" communities today. The threat posed by suicide bombers is the key to the emergence of transformational counter-terror solutions, technologies, and tactics for implementation of integrated Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions (IPDS).

The maturity and deployment of advanced, standoff technologies for creating a fully-integrated intelligent perimeter standoff, includes both passive and active imaging, capable of detecting and preventing entry of suicide activists and other terrorists at a safe distance. These solutions are changing the landscape of homeland security and asymmetric warfare. SecureUSA is a global leader in the design engineering, integration, and implementation of Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions (IPDS).

Last Update: 2019-03-12