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CityPost was developed by three friends (Mike, Aleksi & Nate) from Spokane, WA. Over the course of three years as Mike and Nate took on the task of building their own custom homes they wrestled with the high-cost of cable railing and knew there must be a better way. After exhausting every alternative on the market they decided to create their own low cost cable railing solution to solve the problem of high-cost cable railing market.

Nate, a former weapons systems researcher for the U.S. Navy with a PhD in optimization theory, Mike, a sales manager for an international construction materials manufacturer, and Aleksi, a Cornell University grad mechanical engineer with years of design experience in the tech industry, realized they had a solution to disrupt the cable railing industry. By optimizing the design of a single post to fit with their patent pending bracket Mike, Nate, and Aleksi were able to create a cable rail system that can be installed on horizontal planes (balconies, decks, patios, etc) as well as stairs without ever cutting a post or using expensive hardware. In addition the optimized bracket allows for a wide variety of custom handrails (exotic wood millwork, composite etc.) to be incorporated and match a custom decor. Thus, with a goal of no fuss install and high-end custom look, CityPost was born.

CityPost is committed to offering high quality components and the popular high-end look of cable railing without the high-end cost. We believe that quality, beauty, and affordability can co-exist. We ship nationwide and have local staff available for questions in Spokane, Portland and Seattle.


How it Works  

With CityPost cable railing you only need to answer a few simple questions and provide a basic drawing/layout of your project to get exactly what you need for your brand new cable railing. All without breaking the bank. Keep scrolling for a breakdown of the simple questions you'll need to answer to get your perfect cable railing kit.

We offer 36" cable railing kits for $80/foot and 42" kits for $90/foot. Our pricing model is really just that simple. Our system accommodates any configuration under the sun all with consistent pricing based on your total lineal footage.

We offer you the choice of either zinc plated posts at no additional cost per lineal foot, or stainless steel posts at $30 extra per lineal foot. It's worth noting that, if you're within five miles of salt water, stainless steel posts are required.

There are four colors available to choose from: bronze, silver, white and black. Choose whatever color works best for your unique setting.

Whether your kit will be base-mounted or fascia mounted, mounted to concrete or mounted to wood, CityPost has you covered. We've worked hard to ensure our kits are assembled to the exact needs of each individual customer.

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Buy Now  

Simply order by foot
We will put together your kit for you, and you don't have to design anything! Just tell us the material, mounting type, the total lineal feet you need and give us a reference drawing or photo to go off of and we'll take it from there.

Use CAD designer program
Draft you kit with our easy-to-use railing designer. You don't have to be an experienced CAD designer to use our system, and when you're done you'll be able to see your cable railing design fully rendered in 3D!

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Where does CityPost ship to?
We ship to all 50 states, and our rate is based on the number of lineal feet ordered and the distance from our warehouse (in Washington state) to your state.

How do I order a CityPost railing system?
Simply input your segments into our easy online ordering system OR send us a sketch of your project to "" and one of our salesmen will reach back out to you within 24 hours with your quote. You can always reach us by phone as well at 855-GET-CITY and we'll be happy to chat with you about your project and make sure you have full confidence to take this project on!

Does the system come with everything I need?
Yes, the CityPost cable railing system comes with 100% of everything you'll need for your job. From posts & fasteners, to cable and cable hardware, we've got you covered. In addition, the CityPost system comes with a powder coated aluminum top rail to match the posts along with transition pieces for corners to hide your cuts and join the top rail together. We even include the tools with every order when ordered from CityPost directly or one of our lumber store partners.

What tools do I need to install the system?
To install CityPost cable railing you'll need a stainless steel cable cutter and a hand swaging tool to crimp the end-fittings to the cable. These tools are provided by CityPost for a $100 charge that you'll see at check out. In addition to the tools provided by CityPost, you'll also need a hand drill and several drill bits (see installation instructions for sizes based on the type of post that you're installing). 

What are the color options?
We offer 4 stock colors at no extra cost: Black, White, Gray, and Bronze. For custom colors, please reach out to us at "" and we'll be happy to discuss your project in detail.

How tall are the posts?
CityPost offers both 36" and 42" post options. You can order either height in base mounted (top down) or fascia mounted (around the front) to ensure that we've got everything you need to maximize your space and view.

Do you have any solutions face mounted or angled mounts?
Yes we can provide face/fascia mounted solutions most easily but we also have solutions for mounting to the top of stair stringers. Our fabrication team can work with almost any situation.

How far apart are the posts?
Posts are designed to be placed on 6' centers to maximize support for the top-rail.

Do you leave extra length on the cable?
Yes, every order comes with 10% additional cable to ensure you've got plenty of materials to make any potential adjustments in the field during install.

Does the CityPost cable railing system come with top rail?
Yes! The CityPost system comes with 1"x3" powder coated aluminum top rail. Please send a drawing/layout of your projects to "" once you place your order and we will make sure you get all of the right top rail components based on that drawing! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our customer support team at 855-GET-CITY and we will be happy to help!

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You've probably seen them at some of the resorts and popular restaurants downtown. They're sleek, stylish and really help to “open up" outdoor spaces. We're talking about cable deck railing, one of the hottest exterior design trends of the year. Cable deck railing integrates seamlessly with any existing lanai, patio or deck, and despite it's luxurious appearance, it won't break your budget!

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Our home renovation experts have put together the top trending styles in Georgia to help you get inspired. Spoiler: cable deck railing is in, in a big way.

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Have you ever found yourself relaxing on a restaurant patio, sipping a cool drink and chatting with friends, when your eye suddenly catches the deck railing and you think, “Wait a minute, that looks really cool!"

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Once a luxury that only resorts and high end businesses could afford, cable deck railing has quickly become a must-have for homeowners looking to add a modern design element to the exterior of their home. Cable railing systems provide maximum visibility from your deck or porch, and they do an excellent job of making a space feel larger.

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Whether you're looking to go green, carve out a special place for R&R, or want to upgrade the look of your outdoor space, there's a budget friendly project for every home.

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Cable railing has seen a huge surge in popularity in the last few years due its sleek and modern design elements that maximize visibility and improve the aesthetics of stairways and decks. Sadly, cable railing has been largely out of reach for many homeowners because of its sky-high material cost. In the past, cable railing needed to be installed by a skilled contractor or deck builder because of the intricacies and difficulty of piecing together the cable railing and posts.

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So, you've decided to embark on a DIY cable railing project? Congratulations! Cable railing is sure to add a luxurious finishing touch to your deck and stairs. Cable railing kit technology has greatly improved over the last few years, and it's now easier than ever for homeowners to roll up their sleeves and install cable railing without the need for a contractor.

Before you get too far into planning your project, there are a few key points to consider so that you stay within your budget and timeline.

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We frequently get asked what is the best material for a cable railing system at CityPost. The answer is that it depends on climate, budget and aesthetics. There are essentially 4 materials that have been traditionally used for cable railing posts: wood, aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel.

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