Cast Metal Letters & Logos: image

Cast Metal Letters & Logos:

Since the mid-1980s, we've been producing the highest quality, hand-finished cast aluminum and bronze letters in our letter foundries, with all-electric, pollution-free furnaces. Today we have the broadest offering of type face styles, including exclusive styles from world-renown type face designer, Chank Diesel. And don't forget we can produce your custom font or logo economically in a cast bronze or aluminum, with a variety of finish options, including polished, oxidized and anodized, all done in-house, produced and shipped in as little as 10 days from art approval.Request a Printed Catalog
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Fabricated Metal Letters & Logos: image

Fabricated Metal Letters & Logos:

Fabricated Metal Letters & Logos: We've expanded our metal fabrication capabilities to include structurally robust gauges of aluminum. In fact, our new our line of aluminum fabricated letters presents a solution for larger letter applications where our fabricated stainless steel letter line leaves off, extending custom letter height possibilities from 16" up to an impressive scale of 120" high. Choose from a wide variety of finish options in stainless steel or aluminum, from brushed or polished stainless steel to titanium coatings or custom paint. Check out our new Illuminated section so view various LED lighting configuration options available to pair up with our metal fabrication capabilities.Request a Printed Catalog
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Flat Cut Metal Letters & Logos: image

Flat Cut Metal Letters & Logos:

Flat Cut Metal Letters & Logos: With decades of experience under our belts, Gemini produces the finest flat cut metal letters available today. Using water jets, lasers and CNC machines to precisely cut letters and logos from customer-supplied art files, our flat cut metal products provide superior detail to the router-cut alternative. And we make your life easier by taking care of finishing, trim recycling and hardware for you, all within 7 business days. Durable enough for outdoors, yet stylish enough for any boardroom, Gemini flat cut metal is an excellent choice for a variety of signage projects.Request a Printed Catalog
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Laser Cut Acrylic Letters image

Laser Cut Acrylic Letters

Laser cut Gemini acrylic surpasses other acrylic letters and logos by a mile. Gemini starts with its own impact modified, extruded acrylic, in gauges up to 1/2" thick in over 32 different colors.Request a Printed Catalog
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Formed Plastic Letters image

Formed Plastic Letters

Formed plastic letters are the original "Gemini Letters". Made since 1963 out of C.A.B. (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate); these letters are the utmost in versatility.Request a Printed Catalog
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Injection Molded Letters image

Injection Molded Letters

Minnesota Letters combine the attributes of several other letter types. They are made from C.A.B. (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate), a renewable resource (non-petroleum) plastic for incredible durability.Request a Printed Catalog
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GemLite® Formed Channel Letters image

GemLite® Formed Channel Letters

GemLite dimensional letters and logos offer cost-effective creative possibilities to help maximize your creativity and your image. Made from UV-stable, non-petroleum based, renewable CAB plastic and UL-certified for LED lighting, this line offers affordable, long-lasting quality and a host of standard or customizable options.Now, with the introduction of Mini GemLites, you can go down to 6" in letter size to add a tagline or sub-line to the main signage. Like all Gemini products, GemLite formed plastic letters are backed by a lifetime warranty. UL-certified LED lights and power supplies come with a four-year manufacturer's warranty.Request a Printed Catalog
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