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ClarkDietrich is the leading manufacturer of cold-formed steel framing and finishing products for commercial and residential construction. ClarkDietrich has been growing to meet the continued needs of our customers and we bring with us a long and respected history in the steel framing industry. ClarkDietrich provides a wide selection of cold-formed steel framing and finishing products including drywall and structural framing, clips and connectors, floor joists, metal lath, fire-rated assemblies, shaftwall framing products, numerous deflection systems and an extensive line of metal, vinyl, veneer, paper-faced, plaster and stucco beads and trims. ClarkDietrich companies and divisions include ClarkDietrich Engineering Services [CDES], ClarkDietrich Clip Express, Vinyl Corp., and Strait-Flex. ClarkDietrich operates sixteen manufacturing and service locations throughout North America.

ClarkDietrich also provides total cold-formed steel design services. ClarkDietrich Engineering Services [CDES] is a full-service engineering consulting firm specializing in cold-formed steel. CDES offers services including sealed shop drawings and calculations for curtainwall (non-bearing) and full load-bearing designs; Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services; preliminary sizing; pre-bid engineering pricing; and technical assistance and LEED compliance with ClarkDietrich products. CDES is the largest group of design engineers devoted solely to cold-formed steel framing design and is licensed in 49 states and operates in four locations: McDonough, GA; Bristol, CT; Crown Point, IN; and Carlsbad, CA.

ClarkDietrich has grown to what we are today so that we can be closer to our customers while offering them the quality products and service they have come to expect from us over the years. ClarkDietrich works to bring its years of experience in the industry to our customers through knowledgeable sales people and a management team committed to the success of our customers. We recognize that our reputation rests upon quality products competitively delivered when they are needed. What's inside those walls not only counts, it is what we build our reputation on. But, this is only the beginning; we will continue to work to be our customers' preferred supplier by adding additional products so that we can be the industry's first choice from framing to finishing, coast to coast.


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Pony Wall (PW) image

Pony Wall (PW)

The ClarkDietrich Pony Wall is intended to support out-of-plane loading of cantilevered partial wall systems that are unsupported at the top track.  Out-of-plane loads are transferred to the floor system through the base-plate, which is welded to the Pony Wall stud member.

Drift FastClip™ Slide Clip (D-FCSC) image

Drift FastClip™ Slide Clip (D-FCSC)

ClarkDietrich Drift FastClip™ Slide Clip 68mils (14ga) is used to attach exterior curtain-wall studs to the building structure and provide for both vertical and lateral movement. Also available in 97mils (12ga). FastClip Deflection Screws are provided with each clip for attachment to the wall studs and allow for 2" vertical deflection (1" up and down) to ensure friction-free sliding. Step bushing are provided for the connection to the structure and allow for 2" lateral deflection (1" left and right).

ClarkDietrich iTools image

ClarkDietrich iTools

Innovative electronic tools and labor saving solutions from America's largest cold-formed steel manufacturer.

Contractors and architects now have access to a broad range of desktop and mobile solutions for evaluating purchasing decisions and assisting in product selection for cold-formed steel framing projects.

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Product Submittals image

Product Submittals - SubmittalPro®

Use SubmittalPro to create submittals or to view product technical data sheets.

Gathering the information you need for your technical submittal has never been easier. You can quickly view information about any of our products as individual PDFs, or you can select all the products you need and create the final submittal as a single PDF. You don't even need to login.

Access SubmittalPro on your desktop or smartphone.

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Drywall Framing System image

Drywall Framing System - TRAKLOC®

TRAKLOC® Steel Framing is a revolutionary development in cold-formed steel framing systems. Unlike traditional steel studs, which are cut to length for varying jobsite conditions, TRAKLOC® allows you to order one length member and "adjust" the length accordingly for variances in the slab. The stud consists of a traditional-style framing member combined with an interlocking adjustable component. The adjustable portion allows for telescopic length adjustments and can accommodate variances in the slab, minor wall heights per floor, etc.
Drywall Framing image

Drywall Framing - ProSTUD®

ProSTUD Drywall Framing System (ProSTUD® and ProTRAK®) is the innovative steel drywall stud that sets a new industry benchmark for high performance. Its design combines high-strength steel with additional stiffening enhancements for a drywall framing stud previously unimagined.
Resilient Channel image

Resilient Channel - RC Deluxe®

Made of 22mil steel, RC Deluxe is one of the most effective, low-cost methods of improving sound transmission loss through wood and steel frame partitions. RC Deluxe is the preferred resilient channel in many applications because of its extra-wide 1-1/2" screw flange.
Slotted Deflection Track  image

Slotted Deflection Track - MaxTrak®

For superior head-of-wall vertical deflection, and the added benefit of horizontal drift movement, ClarkDietrich introduces two solutions - MaxTrak® Slotted Deflection Track and MaxTrak® 2D Slotted Deflection & Drift Track. The MaxTrak System allows the top of the wall stud to float within the track legs. This connection allows for vertical live load movement of the primary structure without transferring axial loads to the wall studs. In addition, MaxTrak 2D also has slots in the web to allow for horizontal drift when seismic designs are required.
Flexible Wood Backing image

Flexible Wood Backing - Danback®

Danback® Flexible Wood Backing System, featuring Dricon® fire-retardant treated wood (FRT), has made wood backing installation easy and economical-eliminating cutting, notching, ripping and routing. Danback provides superior connection shear and pullout strength to support and meet even some of the heaviest loading conditions. Simply snap, flex and screw Danback into place. The patented hinge design actually flexes around the stud and snaps into place for a perfect fit-every time.
Rough Opening Frames image

Rough Opening Frames - RedHeader PRO™

ClarkDietrich is proud to bring you this innovative labor saving system that reduces the number of framing components required to frame a rough opening and significantly reduces the onsite labor to assemble multiple window or door structure.. up to 50%!

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Structural Studs & Tracks - C-Studs & Runner Track image

Structural Studs & Tracks - C-Studs & Runner Track

Structural Wall Studs used in Curtain Walls, Load Bearing Walls, Floor Joists and Roof Trusses. Available widths from 2-1/2" to 16" in 20 gauge to 10 gauge.
Support Clips image

Support Clips - SwiftClip™

SwiftClip™ features pre-punched 16, 14 and 12 gauge 50ksi G90 support clips . Used for multiple fixed construction attachments.
ClarkDietrich Holdown (CD Series) image

ClarkDietrich Holdown (CD Series)

ClarkDietrich holdowns provide cost-effective shearwall attachment and are used to transfer tension loads between floors or from structural members to the foundation.Two-piece welded construction comes in three sizes for optimal performance. Installation is made easy with prepunched holes.
ClarkDietrich Moment Clip (MC Series) image

ClarkDietrich Moment Clip (MC Series)

ClarkDietrich moment clips are high-performance, cost effective solutions for knee wall-to-foundation connections and shear wall-to-foundation connections. These multi-application clips feature a 1/4" thick A36 steel stiffening plate that provides superior design values for maximum performance. The moment clips are designed to resist horizontal, torsional and vertical (uplift) loads. These clips are prepunched with a series of attachment holes for steel framing connections and a 1/2" anchor bolt hole for foundation connections.
FastBridge™ Clip image

FastBridge™ Clip

The ClarkDietrich FastBridge™ clip is used to secure U-Channel or Cold Rolled Channel (CRC) to structural wall studs when used in load-bearing or curtain wall applications. The wall stud friction fit design allows for as little as one screw for the connection to the U-Channel. The FastBridge clip is a stiffened, G90 galvanized steel clip that's tested and designed to facilitate the rapid, efficient installation of 1-1/2" U-Channel lateral bracing for exterior curtain wall framing, loadbearing walls or high interior partitions constructed of structural studs.

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Mesh Lath & Trims image

Mesh Lath & Trims - Diamond Mesh Lath

A superior multi-purpose expanded steel base widely used for interior and exterior plaster and stucco reinforcement. The flat surface is easily cut and formed for use with flat or contoured surfaces. It is an excellent base for stone, spray on structural fireproofing, ornamental work, and under ceramic tile. Expanded metal lath is formed from sheet steel that has been slit and expanded to form thousands of plaster "keys" per square yard. Its time proven exceptional strength and flexibility makes it the preferred metal base requested by contractors and design professionals.

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ClarkDietrich Material Certification image

ClarkDietrich Material Certification

Material Certification for Structural and Non-Structural Steel Framing Systems.

ClarkDietrich SDS Report

ClarkDietrich SDS Report for Metal Framing.
ClarkDietrich Technical Support image

ClarkDietrich Technical Support - CDES

CDES offers services including sealed shop drawings and calculations, preliminary sizing, pre-bid engineering pricing, and technical assistance with ClarkDietrich's products.
ClarkDietrich Design image

ClarkDietrich Design - CDES

CDES offers services including sealed shop drawings and calculations, preliminary sizing, pre-bid engineering pricing, and technical assistance with ClarkDietrich's products.
ClarkDietrich Catalogs image

ClarkDietrich Catalogs

ClarkDietrich's Current Product Catalogs.

ClarkDietrich Support Docs

ClarkDietrich's Support Documents.

ClarkDietrich Cad Details

ClarkDietrich's Framing Details in DWG, DXF and PDF formats.
ClarkDietrich Plant Locations image

ClarkDietrich Plant Locations

ClarkDietrich's Offices and Manufacturing Locations.

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Press Release


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White Paper (EQ)

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EQ Resources


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