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Harvey Industries was founded in 1946 primarily as a supplier of carbon monoxide exhaust hose, tubing, adapters and accessories for the automotive aftermarket. The demand for complete, custom designed exhaust systems for the rapidly growing number of car dealerships and service garages being constructed, prompted Harvey Industries to research, develop and manufacture various products for both underground and overhead carbon monoxide exhaust systems.

Currently, Harvey Industries is represented in all fifty states and Canada. Our expanded product line includes systems for all possible applications of carbon monoxide and fume removal, as well as all accessories necessary to fill every need. Custom designing is a daily occurrence for our engineering department and we are proud that all Harvey products and components are manufactured "In the U.S.A.".

Harvey systems have been installed throughout the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Korea.

We take pride in providing personalized service and assistance to engineers, architects and customers. Our engineering and customer service departments are ready to assist you with product application questions, design and installation inquiries, or matters related to shipment.

Strict quality control standards are maintained and we stand behind every product sold. Most products are inventoried and can be shipped from stock.

Thank you for considering Harvey Industries in your specifications, and please feel free to contact us for assistance.


{{}} {{this.hide}} In-ground Systems

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In-ground Systems

The premier method of fume extraction. Efficient, cost effective, trouble-free and very un-obtrusive.

The polymer under-floor fitting, exclusive to Harvey Industries gives you a lifetime of trouble free performance. No more cave-in's when the fitting rusts thru!

Cost? Floor systems are less expensive than overhead systems and perform 20% better!

Available in 3", 4", 5" and 6" sizes. From the smallest passenger car to High-output diesel engines, Harvey does them all.
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Suspended Systems

Ideal for retro-fits, the suspended systems are available from 3" Neoprene hose thru 6" Hi-temperature Silicon Fiberglass reinforced hose.

Systems include hose, Adapter fitting to vehicle and adapter fitting to ductwork stub.

Accessories include pull-up systems, additional hose and fittings.
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Telescoping Systems

Harvey telescoping drops offer the benefit of neat appearance with maximum flexibility. Available in 3" and 4" sizes.
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Hose Reels

The Harvey Automatic Retractable Hose Reel offers one of the most convenient methods available for extracting harmful exhaust fumes and gases for all types of service areas. The carbon spring operated hose reel is designed for years of trouble free service and can be adapted for use with ALL TYPES of vehicles. The exhaust hose supplied with the reel is fabricated of Silicone Fiberglass with an internal wire helix and rubber coated. It is high heat resistant to 600° and meet US Military and commercial specifications as well as United States Air Force requirements for high temperature stability.

Available 3", 4", 5" and 6" hose sizes. Accessories include motorized reels, micro switch to control remote motor starter or other accessories, individual attached blower motor.

Unit supplied with reel, hose, stack adapter, stop collar and flex tube duct connector with stainless steel straps
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Rail Systems

A smooth singular extruded aluminum rail traverses the shop providing mobility and quiet efficient exhaust extraction.

Bearing Mounted carriage moves to the point of need, eliminating the "jungle" of hanging hoses.

Systems include hose, Adapter fitting to vehicle and rolling adapter, ductwork.

This clean aesthetically pleasing design has been adopted by the shop designers as the ideal combination of functionality and clean appearance.
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Fume Extraction

Fume extraction covers a very wide scope. As small as a welding booth in a small shop to large, complex systems. Give us a call and let us discuss your needs with you.
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Harvey Industries exhaust blowers provide the power and durability that a system will perform at maximum efficiency and minimal maintenance for many years. Housings, wheels and frames are welded providing heavy construction and assuring solid, rattle free units. Wheels are supported by heavy cast iron hubs and are static and dynamically balanced. Belt drive units are equipped with variable speed sheaves. Direct Drive and up to 1HP belt drive utilize forward curve or radial blade. Larger belt drive units utilize backward curve wheels for maximum performance. From 1/3 HP-405CFM thru 7 1/2 HP-8200CFM, we have a blower that will perform for you in your specific application.
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{{}} {{this.hide}} Two-Bay System

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Two-Bay System

This system, originally developed for the two bay service station has found new favor in energy efficient automobile dealerships. Mounted on the bay line, this system will serve two bays and allow the technician to turn on the system as it is needed. No longer are large horsepower motors running in the background, creating noise, consuming energy, pumping air out of the building.

These smaller systems efficiently extract the exhaust fumes yet have minor impact on the sizing of makeup air systems.

Available in 1/3 and 1 Horsepower sizes. The units can be equipped with twin 3" hoses, twin 4" or long singular hoses. Designed for use with Passenger cars, SUV's, Light Trucks and School buses
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