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Harvey Industries was founded in 1946 primarily as a supplier of carbon monoxide exhaust hose, tubing, adapters and accessories for the automotive aftermarket. The demand for complete, custom designed exhaust systems for the rapidly growing number of car dealerships and service garages being constructed, prompted Harvey Industries to research, develop and manufacture various products for both underground and overhead carbon monoxide exhaust systems.

Currently, Harvey Industries is represented in all fifty states and Canada. Our expanded product line includes systems for all possible applications of carbon monoxide and fume removal, as well as all accessories necessary to fill every need. Custom designing is a daily occurrence for our engineering department and we are proud that all Harvey products and components are manufactured "In the U.S.A.".

Harvey systems have been installed throughout the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Korea.

We take pride in providing personalized service and assistance to engineers, architects and customers. Our engineering and customer service departments are ready to assist you with product application questions, design and installation inquiries, or matters related to shipment.

Strict quality control standards are maintained and we stand behind every product sold. Most products are inventoried and can be shipped from stock.

Thank you for considering Harvey Industries in your specifications, and please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Overhead Exhaust Rail & Telescopic Systems  

The Harvey model #TS-30 is “TELESCOPICALLY®" designed to simplify and improve upon existing overhead exhaust drops currently available. The #TS-30 consists of three lengths of lightweight, flexible tubing that slide one into another and give the appearance of only one 6' length of tubing attached to the overhead duct.

The tubing and tailpipe adapter that connect to the vehicle are non-crush, neoprene rubber. Drive over it! The tubing and adapter cannot be crushed or damaged. Pull-up sets are not required with the #TS-30 and #TS-40 drops.

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The HRX-812's elliptically shaped aluminum rail allows for efficient airflow and sleek styling. The easy-glide trolley assembly allows drops to be shared among bays (check state and local codes). It also features pinned joints to guarantee easy alignment of rail sections and our “Positive Pull" nut and bolt joining system with gasketed seams to ensure a simple, trouble-free installation.

Trolley assembly can be fitted with the standard #TS-30 drop or the #3-Skyhook balancing pull-up configuration or any of the RHR series hose reels. The heavy duty trolley assembly is fitted with eight ball bearing wheels for smooth operation.

Rail systems also available for heavy duty transit truck/bus or industrial applications.

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An overhead system is easily installed in an existing or new building. A single drop is normally located at the side of the stall approximately 1' behind the rear vehicle bumper. The ductwork should be at an elevation of 15' to 16' A.F.F., which would then allow the standard 20' hose drop to attach to either right or left side mounted tailpipes.

An overhead drop is installed by slipping the overhead coupler over the appropriate size stub or airflow “T" of the ductwork. The overhead coupler is held in place with a bolt through the assembly.

For dual exhaust vehicles, a “Y" harness should be used in conjunction with the overhead drop.

Various types of pull-up sets are available to retract hose drops when not in use, such as Harvey's No. 1, 2, 3, or 4 Skyhooks.

System Options and Components

  • OH-30/40 Drop Assembly

  • Diesel Exhaust Systems

  • Pull-Up Sets for Overhead Systems

  • Balancer for Overhead Systems

  • Heavy Duty Pull Up Reel

  • Specialty Exhaust Hose

  • High Temperature Exhaust Hose

  • Welding Hose

  • Welding Exhaust Hood

  • Welding Hood

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The Harvey Automatic Retractable Hose Reel offers one of the most convenient methods available for extracting harmful exhaust fumes and gases from all types of service areas. The carbon spring-operated hose reel is designed for years of trouble-free service and can be adapted for use with ALL types of vehicles.

The exhaust hose supplied with the reel is fabricated of Silicone Fiberglass with an internal wire helix and rubber coated. It is high heat resistant to 600 degrees and meets U.S. military and commercial specifications as well as United States Air Force requirement for high temperature stability.

A Harvey Hose Reel is shipped prewound and complete with the following components:

  • Retracting hose reel with automatic recoil, lock, and latch

  • SF exhaust hose

  • 4' x 6" duct connecting exhaust tube with clamps

  • Tailpipe adapter

  • Stop collar with clamps

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Underground Concealed Exhaust Systems  

The body of the PS Floor Fitting is plastic molded from high-temperature resistant polyethylene. The top flange and lid of the PS Fitting is cast aluminum with the 5/16" thick lid having a tensile strength of 35,000 pounds. The lid is attached to the flange with a heavy-gauge, all stainless steel piano hinge for easy maintenance.

When in the open position, the lid rests solidly on the floor. The molded plastic Floor Fitting offers reduced costs and is impervious to all the elements for years of trouble-free service. The base is designed to fit the Harvey Molded Plastic Pipe Saddle, which allows for approximately 4" height adjustment.

System Options and Components

  • Harvey Underground Concealed Exhaust System

  • Harvey Underground Plug-In Type Exhaust Systems (Non-Disappearing)

  • Harvey Dynamometer, Truck, and Heavy Equipment Floor Fitting

  • Harvey Diesel Cane

  • Harvey Recover

  • Two Bay Wall Mount Garage Kit

  • Portable Exhaust Kits

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Carbon Monoxide and Toxic Fume Exhaust Blowers  

Housings, wheels, and frames are welded providing heavy construction and assuring solid, rattle-free units. Wheels are supported by heavy cast iron hubs and are static and dynamically balanced. Belt drive units are equipped with variable speed drives.

Clockwise rotation wheel and bottom horizontal discharge housing is standard. Discharge may be changed to any one of eight directions at job site or specified on order. Direct drive, BD-7 and BD-8 belt drive blowers are either forward curve or radial blade. All other belt drive blowers are backward curve. All blowers comply with AMCA Standard 210 and bear the AMCA Seal.

Various types of installations may require accessories for the blower such as:

  • All-Weather Cover

  • Back Draft Damper

  • Vibration Pads

  • Belt Guard

  • Acid-Resistant Coating of Air Stream

  • Spark-proof Construction

  • Inlet and Outlet Flexible Connections

  • Blower Platforms


Blower Limited Warranty
Should any failure due to defective workmanship or material occur within 12 months from date of shipment, replacement of defective part only will be made promptly without charge. This warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, abuse, misuse, overloading, altered products, or materials not of seller's manufacture.

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Thru Door & Wall Exhaust Systems  

The Harvey Thru-The-Door System is designed for service stations and garages where the door is directly behind the vehicle. Harvey Door Ports are all cast aluminum for years of trouble-free service. They are supplied with all hardware necessary for installation.

Thru-Wall Exhaust Systems are offered for installations requiring wall ports in place of door ports. Stainless steel wall tube assemblies are available for this application.

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Rubber Exhaust Hose and Tailpipe Adapters  

Harvey “Twist-Lock" Non-Crush Rubber Exhaust Hose

Harvey “Twist-Lock" hose represents the latest advancements in technology and fabrication of rubber hose for our industry. Under normal service conditions, the hose is heat resistant in excess of 550℉. The “Twist-Lock" feature enables an individual to connect several lengths of hose together without the use of couplers.

Note: rubber hose is not recommended for Dynamometers.

Tailpipe Adapters
To avoid continual replacement of exhaust hose, tailpipe adapters should be used. Harvey tailpipe adapters are available for all sizes of hose and tubing and are manufactured in rubber and stainless steel.

Offerings Also Include
Harness “Y" Harness
Replacement Hose Assemblies for Underground Systems
Accordion Flex Hose Measured Extended

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Heavy Duty Exhaust  

Harvey Industries designs and build a complete line of exhaust extraction equipment for any heavy duty applications.

Please contact the factory or your local rep for assistance in the design of any custom configuration.

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Components & Accessories  

AR Series Rubber Stack/Tailpipe Adapter
A-Smooth bore mounting base for use with smooth bore hose.

For use on vehicles with flush mount or recessed tailpipes. The wire form is installed in the tailpipe adapter and the flexible metal bar is inserted into the tailpipe to hold the hose and tailpipe adapter in place.

Stainless Steel Tapered Adapter With Spring Closing Cover
Specifically for rubber, silicone fiberglass, or metal tubing.

Hose Couplers
Cast aluminum hose coupler used to connect various lengths of rubber hose when “Twist Lock" feature not available.

Hose Guides
Standard with all Harvey underground units. The hose guide serves two purposes: to guide the rubber hose easily through the underground system and to prevent rags, etc. from being sucked into the system. Also available for metal tubing.

H-3422 Floor Fitting (2 ½" Hose)
Old style floor fitting, replacement units available.

Cast Aluminum “Y" Fittings
For use in “Y" harnesses.

Energy Saving Dampers
Mounted in the hose drop of an overhead system to cut off the majority of air flow when not in use.

Elbow for Lifting Overhead Drops
Cast aluminum elbow joins two hose lengths and eliminates kinking of hose when pulled up out of the way. Used in place of damper.

Overhead Duct Couplers
Harvey Overhead Duct Couplers simplify installation of overhead rubber drops. One end of the cast aluminum coupler threads into the rubber hose and the other end slips over stub of the duct work. A bolt through the assembly completes installation of the overhead drop.

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Harvey Industries is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing exhaust systems for a variety of industries. Our heavy duty exhaust systems are ideal solutions for facilities working with diesel vehicles or vehicles with large horizontal tailpipes like heavy duty trucks.

Service bays and garages dealing with heavy duty trucks have different requirements from regular car repair facilities, and our exhaust systems can meet those requirements!

While standard car repair shops and garages typically work with cars with four-inch tailpipes, the trucking industry typically works with tailpipes that are longer than four inches, meaning a different exhaust system is needed. We can work with you to design a custom system to meet your needs.

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Vehicle exhaust fumes are just a small fraction of the hazards involved in the public transportation industry. Keeping workshops safe and well organized helps maintain a positive workplace for your employees, and that starts with a proper exhaust system to filter out harmful gases and vapors.

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Harvey Industries is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing exhaust systems for a variety of industries. Our overhead exhaust systems are ideal solutions for automotive facilities such as body and repair shops, as well as service departments at car dealerships.

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Many power plants are powered by coal and oil—materials that give off harmful toxins when burned. It's important to keep your workers safe and keep your plant up to code, and an exhaust system from Harvey Industries will help you accomplish both.

Many energy companies in the U.S. produce energy using fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal. When fossil fuels are burned, harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide are released into the air. Even clean energy sources such as nuclear power are associated with toxic or radioactive discharge. These harmful emissions can wreak havoc on your employees' health, which is why it's imperative to have a proper exhaust system in place.

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There are so many benefits to recycling, but we often don't think about the unsanitary part of the recycling industry. What many people don't realize is that recycled materials have the potential to let off toxic gases and fumes.

Recyclable items may consist of solid waste and other types of unsanitary debris. These materials are typically mixed with water, which can then lead to toxification. In addition, processes like hot-melt granulation of waste plastics emit fumes and potentially dangerous chemicals and emissions such as hydrochloric acid, sulfur dioxide, dioxins, furans, heavy metals, and particulates. These emissions are known to cause respiratory problems and can potentially cause cancer—things that no employer wants for their employees down the line.

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Does your shop or facility follow OSHA regulations for fume extraction? According to the OSHA, welding and metalworking fumes can cause serious health issues in workers. Short term exposure can cause nausea, dizziness, and irritation to the nose and throat, while long term exposure can lead to cancer, nervous system damage, kidney damage, and more. The success of your business hinges on the performance of your employees, so it's important that you maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

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The process industries, while all very diverse, have one thing in common: around the clock, continuous production. These demanding production schedules get a lot accomplished, but they also create a continuous need for proper ventilation and exhaust.

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The material handling industry plays a vital role in the transportation, storage and distribution of various materials and goods. Operating material handling machinery and equipment such as forklifts and tow tractors in a confined warehouse or factory creates harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide. If you do not have a proper exhaust or ventilation system in place to filter out these emissions, they can cause an array of complications for your employees.

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