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We are a Veteran owned manufacturing company based in Pocatello, Idaho.

We provide a new way to beautify and update your home or business while making it much more comfortable, energy efficient, and fire retardant in a fast and simpler way.

Our prefabricated insulated building products are manufactured in a controlled environment which enables installation in an uncontrolled environment.

Which means, NO MORE scaffolding that needs to be tented and heated in order to apply stucco. Therefore, you can buy your pre-finished stucco wall panels and accessories and install them in any weather condition!

With our patented and convenient process, installation is a breeze, saving you time and money.  If you are a licensed contractor or a do-it-yourselfer, you can install our Insulated Building Products. If you can read a tape measure and operate a saw, even a hand saw, and a drill then you can install our products.  If you need a boost of confidence in how to install our products. No worries!  We can come install for you or we offer a workshop that teaches and informs you all about how to install our products and the amazing benefits our products provide for your home or business.

We also have how-to videos being added to our YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Instagram, and TikTok for your viewing pleasure.

Our Insulated Wall Panels and accessories can be purchased to go on any structure, old or new, commercial or residential, modular homes, and even storage buildings!

If you can think of it, we can design and create it for you!

We also offer themed products such as custom signs, kiosks, to one of a kind architectural displays and concession stands. Contact us today for your custom sign and themed projects and let us help you create your fun design for your business or event.    


The DONE Wall  

Pre-Fabricated Finished Wall System

The DONE Wall, is a revolutionary new insulated wall system that simplifies the construction process and makes it faster and easier than ever before. With The DONE Wall, you can get your projects done with less time and effort.

Our products are designed with innovative features to maximize energy efficiency, installation speed, and durability.

We are especially proud of our DONE Wall system, which is an insulated panel system that allows for quick and easy installation. This system is ideal for any project that requires a fast turnaround and superior insulation.


  • Finished exterior wall

  • R-27 versus R-21

  • Increase R-Value without increasing wall thickness

  • Saves on labor time

  • Saves money on materials

  • Cuts exterior wall installation time by 80%

  • Meets and exceeds all energy codes

  • Install in any weather condition

  • Shipped right to your job site

  • Easy to install

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Stem Walls  

At SnapTight Products, we provide high-quality insulated building products that are designed to stand the test of time. We understand the importance of having a reliable foundation for any structure, and that's why we've developed a range of products that are easy to install, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient. Our products include insulated concrete forms, insulated panels, and more. With SnapTight Products, you can be sure that your structure is built to last.

Many structures (including buildings, walls, barriers, fountains, pools, statues, installations, and other structures) have foundations. Some such structures—particularly buildings—include a stem wall as part of the foundation or to help anchor the structure to the foundation. Stem walls can help transmit the load of the structure to the foundation (e.g., to one or more footings of the foundation). Stem walls can also raise or lower all or part of a base of the structure, which can protect the structure from flooding or other environmental hazards, help the structure be level when built on uneven ground, and increase the aesthetic value of the structure.

At SnapTight Products, we understand the importance of having an insulated building structure. That's why our team of experts has designed and developed a range of innovative products that provide a reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective solution to insulation problems. We specialize in helping our clients improve the thermal performance of their buildings and combat problems faced by existing stem walls. Our products are engineered to deliver optimal results and provide long-lasting solutions.

Our Stem Wall insulation products are designed and crafted to provide the ultimate protection from extreme weather, wind, water and moisture, while also insulating your building interior. Made from high-grade materials, our products offer maximum durability and strength for the toughest construction projects. Trust in our products to keep your building secure and energy-efficient.

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Insulated Stucco Wall Panels  

Our Insulated Stucco Wall Panels come in 2 different designs

  • Board & Batten Panels

  • Stucco Siding Panels

They can be ordered in any color you need

 Our patent installation process starts with a wall cleat that has a hook design. This design matches the corresponding groove cut into the back of the wall panel. Once the wall panel is pressed and "snapped" onto the cleat it locks the wall panels in place.

Typically, the outside of a home's finishing stucco process has been one of the most time-consuming, labor-intensive, weather-permitting steps in the building process. From assembling the scaffolding, applying foam, applying fiberglass mesh, mixing and troweling, tenting and heating, that process can take four to six weeks with a six- person crew on an average sized home. With SnapTight Products pre-fabricated stucco wall panel system, this time is condensed to four or five days with a 2-person crew, start to finish.

Our Insulated Wall Panels are Energy Efficient, Fire Retardant impregnated, and mold resistant. They are impervious to the elements. You will also be adding an additional insulation R-Value of 4.4 per inch to the outside of your walls and no need to wait for the weather to break to install our insulated wall panels.

Our insulated stucco wall panels give you added protection and peace of mind for your home and/or business.

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Insulated Roof Panels  

Our Patent- Pending Insulated Roof Panels are light weight, extremely durable, impact resistant, hail proof, fire retardant, slip resistant, waterproof, provides zero heat transfer, mold resistant, inhibits mold growth, and provides an R-value of 16 to 20 which not only makes the attic conditional space but also starts your energy savings from the roof down.  

Styles currently available include:

  • Slate Panel

  • S-style Panel

  • Metal Panel 

With our insulated roof panels you no longer need the load bearing time and extra expense of weight bearing trusses to accommodate an elegant tiled roof. No need for cleats to attach tile, no masonry cutting, no crane needed to stucco stuck roof, and no metal used in valleys. Our Roof Panels SnapTight together front & back, side to side and can go over your existing roof. Made from recyclable materials and Made in the U.S.A.  Our insulated roof system also comes with a 50 year warranty. 

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Gutter System  

Our innovative patent pending gutter system is the world's first leak-proof rain gutter. Not only does the gutter provide an incredible solution to excessive weather, but it also adds extra support to the entire roof system. The roof panel design incorporates our cleat grove to interlock the roof panel into the drip edge of the gutter providing more stability. 

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Faux Wood Beams  

Faux wood beams are a simple, budget-friendly way to revitalize a room's decor. Ceiling beams can accentuate ceilings in interior spaces, giving rooms a warm, cozy feeling. They provide the exact look of traditional wood beams, without the extra weight and expense.

How realistic are they? You won't believe it until you see the actual decorative beam, and the detail of the texture and grain. Because they're made of durable, weather-resistant material from expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) coated in polyurea for durability then hand painted to look just like real wood beams. Because they're made with EPS foam, they won't warp, rot, split or twist like genuine wood can, thus providing a maintenance-free long lasting durable life.

They are a decorative and lightweight accessory for residential or commercial buildings that are impervious to the elements. They're much lighter in weight than actual wood, so cranes and heavy equipment aren't needed to lift them.

These faux wood beams are easy to install with screws and by covering your current 2X4 with our faux beam that has a cut out groove on the backside.

With our beams, you still get the beauty and look of natural wood, without the hassle.

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Gable Vents  

SnapTight Products Gable Vents Are Made Of Durable, Weather Resistant Material From (EPS)Expanded Polystyrene Foam, Coated In Polyurea and Stucco.

Provides the stylish look you want with the functionality, durability, and practical ventilation to your attic space.

  • Low-maintenance

  • Lightweight and easy to install

  • Screened openings for excellent ventilation without the bugs

  • Architectural styles and sizes for virtually any application

  • Impervious to the elements

  • Can be repainted any color anytime


 Easy To Install With Our Patent Installation Process That Starts With A Metal Cleat That Matches The Corresponding Groove Cut Into The Back Of The Gable Vent, Once The Gable Vent Is Pressed And "Snapped" Onto The Metal Cleat It Is Permanently Attached.

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Light and Outlet Mounting Blocks  

Transform your home's exterior seamlessly with our EPS Stucco Light and Outlet Mounting Blocks. Elevate aesthetics with sleek design integration, crafted from durable EPS, stucco, and polyurea. Enjoy versatile mounting options for lights and outlets, with easy DIY installation and weather resistance. Enhance outdoor living spaces with our functional and stylish solutions. Explore our collection today for maintenance-free surfaces that boost curb appeal and ambiance.

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Address Plaques & Mailbox  

SnapTight Products' EPS Stucco Address Plaques: Elevate your home's exterior with elegance, durability, and customization. Our plaques offer unmatched visual appeal and weather resistance, crafted from high-quality materials. Easy installation and customization options ensure a seamless fit for your home's aesthetic. Increase your home's value effortlessly. Order today and transform your home with SnapTight Products.

Our Mailbox is a unique and stylish way to update the look of your home's exterior. Made with EPS foam and coated in polyurea and stucco, this mailbox is heavy-duty and extremely durable, it can withstand even the harshest conditions. We've made installation easy, just set up a 2x4 steel stud in concrete, apply construction adhesive to the steel stud and slide the mailbox over the steel stud.

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Window and Door Trims  

Discover elegance for your home with SnapTight Products' window and door trims. Crafted for style and durability, our trims offer easy installation, diverse designs, and weather resistance. Enhance energy efficiency while enjoying customization options. Elevate your curb appeal with SnapTight Products' trims – redefine extraordinary.

Transform your home's exterior with SnapTight Products' window and door trims. Elevate your curb appeal, enjoy lasting durability, and make a statement that reflects your style. Choose SnapTight Products for trims that go beyond ordinary – they redefine extraordinary.

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EPS Foam Beads  

Introducing our groundbreaking EPS beads, engineered to redefine insulation standards. Experience unparalleled thermal performance and energy efficiency for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Our lightweight beads ensure hassle-free handling, while their versatility spans from insulation to creative projects and packaging needs. Committed to sustainability, our recyclable beads offer a greener alternative without compromising quality. 

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Crown Moldings  

SnapTight Products' exquisite collection of crown moldings is designed to elevate the aesthetics of your living spaces. Crafted with precision and timeless charm, our crown moldings offer unmatched elegance for every room in your home.

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Custom Foam  

Custom molds & Designs
From elegant crown moldings, columns or charming fireplace accents, our team at SnapTight specializes in delivering unique designs that add character to your space. Whether you're renovating your home or enhancing commercial areas, our custom foam molds offer versatility and aesthetic appeal. We understand that every project is unique, and we're dedicated to providing personalized solutions that reflect your individual style.

Theatrical designs
Elevate your stage with custom foam theater props, backgrounds, and architectural designs, handcrafted to your vision. These bespoke creations are limited only by your imagination and skillfully hand-painted to perfection. From whimsical backdrops to intricate structural elements, each piece adds depth and visual richness to your production, ensuring an unforgettable theatrical experience for your audience.

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Looking for a versatile and durable material to create stunning visual displays? Our foam sculptures and letters are the answer. Made from high-quality materials, these sculptures are both lightweight and durable, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to create the perfect display or decoration for your space.

Our custom lettering is made for special events. Make your weddings, Birthdays, grand openings and graduations stand out with our Foam lettering. 

Our custom products are creatively hand-painted and made with EPS Foam by CNC machining into the results or theme you specify.  You can count on our quality, accuracy, and efficiency with your idea. SnapTight Products customized products are unique, durable, and fun for everyone to interact with.

Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews
Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews

Residential Projects  

SnapTight Products is committed to providing top-quality insulated building products to create comfortable, energy-efficient homes. Our projects showcase the many residential homes that were built with our products to improve insulation and reduce energy bills. Explore our projects below and see why our products are the trusted choice for contractors, builders, and homeowners alike.

We are proud of the work we've done with our insulated building products, which have been installed on many residential homes all over the country. Our outlet & light mounting blocks, gable vents, custom stucco, and insulated wall panels in a few different styles have all contributed to the success of these beautiful homes. See for yourself what a difference our products can make.

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Commercial Projects  

At SnapTight Products, we're proud of the high-end insulated building products that we've developed and brought to market. Our products have been installed on a wide range of commercial buildings, offering excellent performance and beautiful curb appeal. Take a closer look at some of the projects we've completed below.

Our innovative patent application and patent pending insulated stucco building products are changing the game in the construction industry. We pride ourselves on delivering fast, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to build your dream project. Our commitment to quality, strength, and curb appeal is unmatched. Try our products today and experience the difference.

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Upper Cutter  

Our patent pending Upper Cutter is an innovative and versatile tool to add to your workspace. The Upper Cutter is strategically designed to make optimal use of all cutting implements more efficient and convenient, while also elongating the life of your expensive tools and getting the most life out of the Upper Cutter itself.

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