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The SJ Morse Company is a full-service manufacturer of premier quality, custom architectural wood veneer panels. We are certified to Premium Grade by AWI's Quality Certification Program. We work with architectural woodworkers on projects that range from high-end residential to commercial, governmental and institutional. Give us a call and take advantage of our experience and expertise on your next project.

  • We have extensive experience with projects that present serious challenges, both in complexity and scale.
  • FSC certified and AWI QCP certified. Highest quality panels and solutions for LEED requirements.
  • We are equipped to handle jobs of all sizes from a single office or conference table to large projects that span an entire city block.
  • Call us to find out how we can help you take your project to the highest level of workmanship and visual elegance.


{{}} {{this.hide}} SONIC/CORE Acoustic Panels

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SONIC/CORE Acoustic Panels

SONIC/CORE's unique patent-pending multi-ply core provides a 100% sound absorptive panel interior, unlike drilled core acoustic panels that only have 30% on their surface area able to functionally absorb sound energy. Different sound frequencies are absorbed by materials of different densities and thicknesses. SONIC/CORE's mutli-ply core is engineered to take advantage of this property of sound waves. That is why our absorption curve starts out higher and has minimal drop off after reaching its maximum absorption. This creates a panel that is well suited to a wide variety of acoustic solutions.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Veneer Project Development / Services

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Veneer Selection

We can quickly find the right veneer for your project. The veneer may be pre-selected by an architect or need to match existing veneer, or the species has been determined but you need a log that will fit the exact parameters of your project. We can find the perfect fit for the panels you need.
Core Selection image

Core Selection

We provide a wide selection of substrate options in a variety of thicknesses and match your projects needs.

  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) MDF & Particleboard
  • NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) MDF & Particleboard
  • Fire-Rated MDF & Particleboard (Available in FSC & NAUF)
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Light Weight
  • Flexible (Kerfed)
  • Flexible (2-Ply, Fleece, Paper)

Finish Samples image

Finish Samples

Need to get finish samples approved? We got you covered. Our finishers are AWI QCP approved and can match any control sample. We provide a set a finish samples, at no charge, for committed projects.

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We can help solve complex veneer leaf alignments, panel construction, and CAD drawings for CNC operations.
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Veneer Panel Options

We specialize in Architectural Blueprint Matched panels. We are AWI QCP certified and produce the finest quality panels. Panels can be ordered oversized, cut-to-size and edge banded, or ready to hang with AWI Premium finish.

We are FSC certified and can help you achieve LEED points for your project.
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Veneer Panels

We provide a range of veneer panels including:

  • Over-sized Panels (Typical 1" Over-size)
  • Cut-to-Size and Edgebanded
  • Finished Panels (Ready to Hang)
  • Miter Folded and Finished (Ready to Hang)
  • Flexible Veneer Panels
  • Radius Panels

Lumber Banding image

Lumber Banding

We can apply internal or external lumber banding.
We can apply internal lumber plants and route reveals.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Doors and More

Doors and More image

Doors and More

Doors (sequenced with panels)
Sketch-faced panels
Conference Tables
Veneered Solids

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