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Northern Facades Ltd, is a leading fabricator of architectural metal panel, Laminam ceramic panel, and unitized glazing systems. Our expertise consists of design assist, engineering, custom systems design, drafting, manufacturing, testing, value engineering, and project management. We work with the building envelope community to deliver designed, code-compliant fabricated systems to building owners, who can enjoy beautiful facades that last for many generations.


We are a unique custom systems fabricator, bringing architectural design to reality.


We are a combination of creative and practical souls. We are Engineers, Drafts people, Estimators, Research and Development Scientists, Machinists, Craftspeople and Business Development personnel ready to help you.


Our primary 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility is equipped with top of the line glazing and CNC production lines.  We are located near Toronto Ontario's main highways and airport for optimal transport logistics.  We also service our clients across North America from regional production facilities across Canada.



Architectural Panel Systems  

The ISO Clip is a thermal barrier separating the interior of the building from the exterior framing components. Unique design features reduce the thermal transfer from the interior to the exterior. Thermal performance of the clip has been verified by the industry leaders, Morrison Hershfield.


The ISO Clip is engineered to perform on all substrates; including concrete, concrete block, steel studs or wood. One ISO Clip can accommodate a variety of insulation thicknesses or wall depths, eliminating the need for shims or multiple clips sizes. The ISO Clip installed in the same orientation is suited to accept either vertical or horizontal sub-girts. Versatility and ease of use combined with the effective use of insulation makes the ISO Clip the product to specify.


Iso Clip Calculator is designed to help you balance wind load and thermal requirements to achieve the best performance and economical costs on your project. It provides a guided path through the extensive collection of load tables that have been prepared by Morrison Hershfield, who have analyzed roughly 90,000 combinations of wall assembly, cladding, clip spacings and other factors.



ISO CLIP Calculator 

ISO Clip Website

ISO Clip 2.0″ Technical Data Sheet

ISO Clip 3.25″ Technical Data Sheet

ISO Clip 4.75″ Technical Data Sheet

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ACCUMET panel system is comprised of flat 4-mm aluminum composite plank that is available in a variety of colours and finishes - even stainless steel, copper, granite or marble.




ACCUMET is fully engineered for virtually any application. Accumet is a rear-ventilated rain-screen system and can be provided with gaskets for AMMA compliance. Whether making a corporate ‘branding' statement or simply re-cladding your existing facility, the Accumet 2000 system may be for you! Owners and designers also use this system on the interior as a feature wall or protective wall covering.


ACCUMET Technical Data Sheet


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Laminam Ceramic supplied by Stone Tile International and made from a blend of fine-grain clays and other minerals to produce a very dense body, which makes it highly resistant to moisture, staining and wear. It will withstand years of heavy weathering in exterior faCade applications while maintaining its color and beauty.



Ceramic panel rain-screen faCade system available in the full range of Laminam Ceramic finishes and textures.


STX Technical Data Sheet

Laminam Website

Laminam Product Book


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AXIOM panels are fabricated from tension leveled, architectural grade aluminum plate, complete with shop installed stiffening ribs (if required). Panel corners are welded on 3mm panels to provide a seamless finish. On 2mm panel corners are non-welded providing a sharper return edge.

In aluminum, the 3mm lightweight panels are factory painted, in an controlled environment, after forming, which allows for limitless applications and the ultimate in design flexibility. 2mm prepainted panels are also available as well as other non-ferrous materials such as zinc and stainless steel.



AXIOM is a solid metal plate wall system uniquely designed and tested as a pressure equalized rainscreen. The Axiom System meets all of the requirements of the latest edition of the National Building Code for non-combustible construction and is considered a true dry-joint “Rainscreen Principle" system. This system should be considered when codes prevent the use of composite panel.


AXIOM Technical Data Sheet


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Performance Value

6450HP is an innovative and versatile unitized curtain wall system designed to curb a building's energy appetite and protect against the effects of today's harsh climate. 6450HP is designed to be assembled and glazed in a controlled environment for increased quality assurance of critical seals and components. Fully engineered and completed unitized frames are shipped directly to the jobsite permitting rapid installation. 6450HP's adaptability to fulfill most Architectural needs lends itself to being one of the most versatile and leading curtain wall systems in today's market. 6450HP can easily be customized to seamlessly interface with market leading window and door systems.


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  • Curtain wall accessory
  • Stand-alone vent
  • Zero sightline and colour matched
  • NAFS and CSA A440 tested


Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews


Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews