Synthetic Roof and Wall Underlayments



A certified Veteran Owned Small Business, Underlayment Specialties Plus, USP, has made service, response and quality roofing products its top priority. We are not just a division of some large corporation; rather, we pride ourselves in providing the roofing industry our experience, expertise and performance-based water protection materials, including synthetic roofing underlayment.


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RoofTopGuard II Premium Synthetic Underlayment image

RoofTopGuard II Premium Synthetic Underlayment

RoofTopGuard II Premium synthetic roofing underlayment was carefully engineered to be the safest, best-performing synthetic roofing underlayment in the world, making it the premium brand synthetic roofing underlayment available on the market today. RoofTopGuard II Premium synthetic roofing underlayment can be used under all roof claddings and is a superior alternate to #15 and #30 paper felt.

RoofTopGuard SA Ice & Water Protector

RoofTopGuard SA is a High-Temperature Self-Adhered Ice & Water Protector that raises the performance bar for all Ice & Water Shields. RoofTopGuard SA is a synthetic based Ice & Water Protector that incorporates the basic structure of the best performing Synthetic Underlayment in the market; RoofTopGuard II. By engineering RoofTopGuard II with a custom formulation of adhesive, RoofTopGuard SA Ice & Water Protector introduces to the building and roofing market the superior solution for a waterproof membrane.

Roofers Choice II Synfelt image

Roofers Choice II Synfelt

Roofers Choice II Synfelt is the synthetic roofing underlayment engineered for safety and value that makes no compromises in construction and performance. The best value in the synthetic roofing underlayment market, Roofers Choice II Synfelt synthetic roofing underlayment is conceived and engineered by industry experts who developed the safest and highest-performing products in the industry.  

Infused with the same principles that put a premium synthetic roofing underlayment on traction and handling, you get so much for the price - added safety, additional security and better performance.  The Traction Ink Technology, weight and roll width of Roofers Choice II Synfelt synthetic roofing underlayment are features usually found only in premium synthetic roofing underlayment products. But Roofers Choice II Synfelt synthetic roofing underlayment offers their features at a fraction of the price of premium synthetic roofing underlayment products-nothing similar is available for the price.  

Roofers Choice II Synfelt synthetic roofing underlayment is the Made in the USA synthetic roofing underlayment.

Petex 15 Contractor Grade Synthetic Underlayment

Petex-15 is a Contractor Grade Synthetic Underlayment. Petex-15 is a direct replacement for #15 conventional roofing felt that provides greater installation efficiency and is tear resistant.  Unlike other #15 conventional felt replacements that are manufactured in China or India, Petex-15 is proudly Made In the USA.  Petex-15 Contractor Grade Synthetic Underlayment provides the best solution for shingle applications that require an highly efficient application and a job that is price paramount.  

AirOutshield™ SA 280 image

AirOutshield™ SA 280

Fully Self-Adhered, Breathable Underlayment for Rain Screen Walls and Sloped Roofing Systems

AirOutshield™ SA 280 is a fully self-adhered, triple layer polypropylene micro-porous film laminate with a proprietary full coverage  vapor permeable adhesive. AirOutshield™ SA 280 can be installed on walls and sloped roofs behind the primary water shedding surface, and functions as the secondary drainage plane and air barrier.


AirOutshield™ Roof image

AirOutshield™ Roof

 AirOutshield™ Roof is a breathable roofing underlayment that is composed of a multi-layer, spun bonded polypropylene.  AirOutshield™ Roof is used as a secondary drainage plane under the roofing systems including metal, copper, zinc, slate, cedar, clay tile and other systems that require an underlayment. 

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AirOutshield™ Wall image

AirOutshield™ Wall

AirOutshield™ Wall is a breathable underlayment  for Rain Screen Wall Systems.  AirOutshield™ Wall is a triple layer, spun bonded polypropylene, water resistant breathable underlayment that is used as as secondary drainage plane.  Used as a Weather Resistive Barrier (WRB) behind rainscreen wall cladding systems including siding (vinyl, wood, fibre cement, metal and brick) and shingles (metal, copper, zinc, and cedar).  Installed in open joint cladding systems including Eternit, Superpanel, Trespa Meteon, Prodema, 

AirOutshield™ UV image

AirOutshield™ UV

AirOutshield™ UV Breathable Underlayment for Open Joint, Rain Screen Wall Systems

A double layer, coated polyester, water and ultra violet light (UV) resistant, breathable underlayment for open joint rain screen wall systems. 

As a secondary drainage plane, sheathing membrane or air barrier behind rain screen wall cladding systems including siding (wood, fibre cement, metal, brick) and shingles (metal, copper, zinc, cedar). Especially suited for use in cladding systems where the membrane will be visible and resistance to long term UV exposure is needed.

Last Update: 2019-10-11